Thing Only Book Bloggers Can Relate Too


My blog went to Novelers to Nerd in New York. I spent a lot of the weekend finding the right theme and name. So I know this is a big surprise so bear with me. 

As much as I love book blogging, it comes with a lot of con’s. In this post I discuss the the dark side to book blogging. 

1) When You Can’t Say It Right

You ever had a feeling where you want to talk about something, but you don’t know how to say it. That happens a lot to me a lot. I can’t just express how I felt about a certain book because I had mixed feelings about it.  Or I can’t express my love for a book because… I can’t. Oh jeez it’s happening to me right now.

2) Spam

When someone puts down their email to the internet, they put it for a SPECIFIC REASON.. Whether that be to send books, or be sponsered, it doesn’t mean for you to send stupid spam! I hate checking my email and seeing a email about a free ear wax remover! I hate that so much.

3) When You Have No Traffic

No one get’s views that easily. But I was really impatient and wanted followers- fast! After all I work hard for people to see my work and appreciate it.

4) Having Nothing To Talk About

Book Reviews all the time could be boring. But aside from that I can’t think of what else to write or talk about. You just stare at your computer and asking yourself what to write  about, and coming up with nothing can be very frustrating. But at the same time you want to put book reviews, so people don’t think you are quitting from the Book Review blog easily..

5) Blogging or Reading slump

I hate being in a blogging slump. You get on your computer and you want to go on your blog. Than you just don’t want to because… because you just don’t wanna. Same things go for reading. You can’t immerse yourself into a book. This could be because that book sucks, or your in a middle of a reading slump.

6) Comparing Your Blog to Others

Ugh. Sometimes I go to other blogs and marvel about how much followers they have, and how their blog’s theme looks so much better. Then you look at yours, and your like ew. This looks like a ghost time. Yea it could get very annoying and nerving. So I advise not to that. But it will inspire you to make your blog better. DO NOT COPY it’s bad

7) Dealing with Copy Cats

I have never been though this in the blogger world, but in the real world yes. A girl copied MY poem and got it published. I was obviously pissed off and annoyed because hello, IT WAS MY HARD WORK. I’m pretty sure going through online is even worse,and tiring because you could file a lawsuit against them. It happened to J.K Rowling and it could happen to you. If you want something either link back or ask. I think that the world has a big problem with asking. ASK people. If they say no, get over it.

That’s it! If you are a blogger than list some problems YOU have to deal with in the comments below.




7 thoughts on “Thing Only Book Bloggers Can Relate Too

  1. I went through something similar with your first one, not being able to say something right. I was ready to post something on a topic that I thought would have been kind of unique and interesting but when I started typing it out, I realized I didn’t have much to say and/or didn’t know how to express my thoughts! I ended up getting frustrated and just scrapped it altogether! Ugh but who knows, maybe I’ll try IT again one day.


  2. This is such an interesting topic. Would you mind if I considered using this for my Tuesday Talk discussion this week?


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