made you up book review // *sobs aggressively in the distance*

17661416Title: Made You Up

Author: Francesca Zappia

Blurb (GR): Reality, it turns out, is often not what you perceive it to be—sometimes, there really is someone out to get you. Made You Up tells the story of Alex, a high school senior unable to tell the difference between real life and delusion. This is a compelling and provoking literary debut that will appeal to fans of Wes Anderson, Silver Linings Playbook and Liar.

Alex fights a daily battle to figure out the difference between reality and delusion. Armed with a take-no-prisoners attitude, her camera, a Magic 8-Ball, and her only ally (her little sister), Alex wages a war against her schizophrenia, determined to stay sane long enough to get into college. She’s pretty optimistic about her chances until classes begin, and she runs into Miles. Didn’t she imagine him? Before she knows it, Alex is making friends, going to parties, falling in love, and experiencing all the usual rites of passage for teenagers. But Alex is used to being crazy. She’s not prepared for normal.

Funny, provoking, and ultimately moving, this debut novel featuring the quintessential unreliable narrator will have readers turning the pages and trying to figure out what is real and what is made up.


***i’m not writing in my usual bullet style, because i have a lot too talk about, and i don’t want it too seem really big, chunky, blocks of text***


I am in love with this book. from the cover, to all the pages, and even every last word of the acknowledgment page because this was just so. damn. good.

the plot was not like your ordinary sunshine, and rainbows kinda contemporary. it features a MC with paranoid schizophrenia, who moves to a new public school, and struggles too see beyond what her eyes are showing her. literally, she can’t really trust herself.

Although, this book did have an unreliable narrator, it wasn’t as complicated as A World Without You (a must read btw), and didn’t leave me confused out of my brain.  Alex was written as a “normal” character who is a major history nerd, rides a bike from Egypt. This book wasn’t solely on Alex and her struggles of being a patient with schizophrenia, it was also about her trying to make friends (which is hard regardless), and trying to figure out a way to help someone in need.


i loved the growing relationship between Miles, and Alex. hate-to-love relationships fill my k-drama addict-self. but i also loved how they genuinely cared about each other, and their relationship was just filled with up’s, and downs, but they just seemed to fit. it was a slow burning romance sort of, and i just loved it!!

the friendships between Alex, and Tucker was just awesome. it was really easy going, and sweet, but the best part is there wasn’t any love triangle. thought there would be one, and it would get super complicated, but like almost every aspect in life i was wrong. though, this is the first time i’m glad i’m wrong. this just goes to show, that a boy and girl can have a platonic friendship. no romance needed.

aND THE PLOT TWISTS! you’d think that you’ll see things from a mile away, but nope. i was shook to my core, and some parts made want to curl up, and sob for eternity.

me when i was reading this book


the only thing that i did have a problem with was the weird sub-plots. and to be honest, i didn’t mind it that much because it was pretty interesting, but definitely not needed.


Alex – Alex has such a refreshing, and unique voice, i fell in love with her story instantly. she can be pretty bitchy, but it wasn’t like she acted like she was perfect as well. she was flawed, and she accepted that. another great aspect that i liked about her was, how she was able too see the good in people. it was almost like she refused too judge people. she liked to question them, and see why they did it. if they  had an actual reason. i thought that, that was a trait a real-life human should acquire. i related with Alex, and i loved her.


Miles – i’m not saying that this was a super well-written secondary main character, but this was a super well-written secondary main character. miles was just so complex. he is considered a huge jerk at school. but he was actually just a boy who is suffering from the hands of his abusive father. doing anything, and everything to get his mother who was (falsely) accused of being crazy, out of a mental hospital. please someone give him a huge hug. miles just stabbed me in the face with all these feelings, yet i loved it???? yes, that’s how you know i’m crazy.


this was a really good written book (as stated above). i wasn’t really confused, and lost in the plot. everything was structured, and always manged to suck me in the story. it was just so emotionally engaging, and gave me fresh outlook on things.





 Were you planning on reading this book? Will you give it a try (please do, and tell me what you think)? Was this review even helpful? 



why negative reviews are so scary + how to not fail at writing them

reviewing is just part of a book blogging life.

reviewing is based on your opinion, and how you feel about the certain something. while stating your feelings sounds so easy, i came to realize that it’s not. it’s waaaay more complicated than that. especially if it’s negative, or a negative review amidst the sea of super popular ones.

why writing negative reviews can be scarier than taking a chem final

i lied nothings scarier than taking a chem final you didn’t study for 

  1. scared of backlash – when i was writing a review for when dimple met rishi, it involved important topics like sex, and diversity. i read that review 10x to make sure i wasn’t writing anything that can offend anyone. i rewrote every line that remotely looked like i was trying to say something bad. why? because i was scared. i was scared of being seen as someone who doesn’t support such an important thing, and someone who is percieved of being racist. it’s embarassing, and sad to be thought of someone like that.
  2. being the black sheep – confession time: way, way, way, back when i first started blogging (like i used to use blogger instead of wordpress) and i read hyped up books that let me down i changed my rating on goodreads so it could seem like i “fit in” with all the other positive reviews.  i didn’t write a whole review because anyone with a brain could’ve seen how fake i was. i don’t do this anymore, and i won’t do it anymore especially if a book is representing something in a very problematic storyline.
  3. being sued – okay this sounds of a bit of a stretch, but believe me when i say, i was super scared of writing anything negative about a product, or ANYTHING after i found out you can be sued. i read a blog post about someone getting sued 350,000 for writing a bad review, and lord help me, i don’t need to be so broke that i end up in the negative values. 
  4. authors can be scary?? – please read this, as well as this to figure out what i’m talking about.

so while we have that side let’s look on the side where it’s important to posting a negative review, and we shouldn’t be scared of it

  1. to start off, there may be people who actually agree with you. and may think you’re helpful because you just saved them a lot of time, by crossing of that book of their TBR.
  2. some authors will take the criticism in a good way, and hopefully use it later on to improve on their later books
  3. it’s part of book blogging. reviews are pretty much the heart, and soul of a book blog. it’s the second (after goodreads) people look up to for a review on a book. you wouldn’t want to spread false statements on your book reviews.
  4. fourth, and most important it’s your opinion., everyone has a different outlook on books, or things in general. so why should a negative opinion be considered in valid?

tips on writing negative reviews

  • try to relay your opinion in a calm, and polite way

unless it’s extremely problematic you don’t want to immediately start bashing on an author. blood, sweat, and tears (bts reference!!!) have gone into these books, and the author will probably be upset, and a little pissed off to be bombarded with deragatory words.

DON’T: this book was just soo stupid, i don’t even know how the publisher allowed this to be published! my eyes were literally burning with each sentence. the author made very character sound so stupid. how was this even the final draft??? my grandmother could’ve wrote better than this, and she didn’t even go to school!! 

i think i went a bit overboard

DO: to start off, the characters were more or less developed, and i found them doing something that should really need some looking-over. there were a lot of grammer mistakes, that didn’t help with the already, broken writing 

  • look at other peoples unpopular opinions

if you are unable or unsure of how to express your opinion (or if you don’t even know your opinion), you could look at the other reviews to help you out a bit. some people might see this as copying. that’s not the case. if you are quoting someone then of course credit them.

DON’T: *looks at famous blogger* *starts to write the same exact way, WITHOUT crediting them* 

DO: as another reviewer, ________ said, “lot of  plot holes, and dumb characters”. and i totally agree with that… 

  • try to be sassy!!

if you try sugar-coating, but you sound like a 40 year old professor, try to make you reviews more entertaining! i love reading, may’s, julianna, or cait’s reviews because they manage to tell if something is not wroth the time, but still make me laugh. i try (key word try) to be funny, but no. i am not.

DON’T: everything about this was so stupid. for example in page 131 paragraph, 6…. 

DO: i have no idea how to be sassy, but if you want awesome exampled read Cait from Paper Fury’s review of Warcross or Em @ softlykaz’s reviews  

  • balance it out

if you calm down enough, you might find something that was remotely good about the certain book. i remember when writing  When Dimple Met Rishi, i was so engrossed in writing away all the bad things about the book (which were a lot surprisingly) i forgot to focus on the one good aspect. which was the diversity, because it was so spot on.

I like to think that made me seem less like a angry, rambling, crazy, bitch, and made my conscience feel a bit better.


and one final reminder: it’s okay to post a negative review. you are your own person so by that logic, you have your own DIFFERENT opinions. so what your favorite types of review? were these tips helpful? what are some other tips you can add on? are you comfortable sharing  negative review online? let me know!


january wrap-up // i’m super productive!!

usually every wrap-up i begin with, “x month has passed by soo fast!” well that’s not the case now! january seemed forever to pass along, and i’m happy to start febuary! but i’ll admit the first month of 2018 wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be.


  • i started watching supernatural, and riverdale – so i took a break from watching k-drama’s, and anime to focus on these popular american shows! and i have to say it’s going pretty well!!! i love the plot of supernatural, and riverdale is okay.
  • MY HUBBIES ARE GETTING ATTENTION INTERNATIONALLY !! – SOOO If you haven’t heard already BTS is gaining a lot of attention in the U.S, and i couldn’t be more prouder. i have been with them since debut, and when they almost disbanded because they were soo broke, and look at them now!! I HAVE MOST OF THEIR ALBUMS, so yeah you can say I am a major ARMY!
if you haven’t checked them out, please do!!
  • my!! grades!! are!! fabulous – while blogging somewhat good content, but still managing to be in the top 1% in school is an AMAZING FEELING, GUYS I’M SO HAPPY!! asdfghjkl remember school is more important than blogging, so don’t be guilty if you leave for like 5 months to focus on studies!! tenor


  • i reached 600 followers! – so somehow while i was on a long hiatus (from most of september to december) i fained 600 followers. the count is actually 630 something. and yay, i’m really happy!! welcome new frennns! i don’t know how i reached these many followers, but i’m so grateful
  • i “try” to give my blog a makeover (for the hundreth time) – buuuuuut it backfires, and i end up reverting back to my old design. i’m okay with the design i had since summer, but sometimes i look at other blogs, and then all of a sudden i feel like changing up mine.
  • i slowly emerge from my hiatus – like i said ever since school started, i haven’t really gave any thought/attention to my blog (there are comments from august still waiting for a reply. oops), but every since the beginning of this month, i have been slowly posting more, and more, and getting my stats back up. i still haven’t got my schedule set in stone, but honestly i need to work at my entirely slow pace.

zodiac signs as bibliophiles


top five authors i discovered in 2017  


i have read 8 books this month, which is suprising because ever since i got a new phone, i haven’t been reading much. but i still read a lot, and i’m happy because reading is LIIIIIFE!

  • Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng – wooow. this book was so heavy, and sent me on an emotional rollacoaster. i loved this book, but it did have it’s downsides (like being extremely slow at times). i also loved the writing style it just sucked you right in | 3.5 -> 4 stars
  • Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes – cute, cute. this book was soo cute. first an accurate representation of PSTD. second, girl!! friendships!! are!! everything!!. third, the romance was sooo cute. i loved this book a lot, and really reccomend to anyone | 4.5 -> 4 STARS 
  • If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout – I love JLA book so much! so of course i was expecting another great book from her, but sadly no. i didn’t hate this book but i didn’t like it either. i just felt that the main character is just like EVERY OTHER MAIN CHARACTER from JLA books. | 3.5 -> 3 stars 
  • Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia – THIS WAS SOOOO CUTE!! I loved the blossoming romance between the characters, and the drawings were wonderful. And another accurate representation of mental illness, wooow | 4 stars check out my aesthetic
  • Renegades by Marissa Meyer –  I was super excited to read another Marissa Meyer book, but no it was kinda really annoying. check out my aesthetic! | 3 stars 
  • When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon – I hate to say this soo early in the year, but this might be the biggest let-down ever. Great representation, but everything else was horrible. Abusive, femal characters, horrible romance, and a weird plot. Definitely, check out my review for further explanation. | 2 stars 
  • Seven Days of You – Stupidest book ever. This was like watching those dumb reality shows on tv, where everything is fake, and pathetic. I was really hyped up when I found out the setting was in Japan. I was so ready for my anime-binging skills to come in, but the setting wasn’t even important. This could’ve been in New York, New Jersey, and NOTHING WOULD’VE CHANGED | 2 stars 
  • A Week of Mondays – At first I was really hatin this book, but then gradually I really, really, really liked it! My full review will be posted sometime this week or next week! |4 stars


  • Enter Title Here by Rahul Kanakia – This is my current read, and it has an Indian rep! I didn’t here about this a lot, but the plot is pretty interesting.
  • Made You Up by Francesca Zappia – Yup, the same author who wrote Eliza and Her Monsters. I loved that book so much I couldn’t help myself when it came to this one.
  • Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman – Heard a lot of things about this book from good to super bad, but I wanted to give this out a chance.

not that much planned for this month!


some my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers!


  • A Week of Mondays Review
  • Self-Care tips
  • How to write negative reviews
  • how to spot problematic book


so that was it for my month, how was yours?? I haven’t been around the blogosphere as much as I wanted to be, hence the small posts :), but i plan on getting to know some new blogs this month!! How many book did you read, and that was your most favorite one? I need new recs for books, and tv shows! !


When Dimple Met Rishi Book Review // HUGE rant on how everything about this book sucked, except for the rep

28458598Title: When Dimple Met Rishi

Author: Sandhya Menon

Rating: 1 star

Blurb (GR): Dimple Shah has it all figured out. With graduation behind her, she’s more than ready for a break from her family, from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level, though. If they truly believed she needed a husband right now, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers…right?

Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic. So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him—wherein he’ll have to woo her—he’s totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi wants to be arranged, believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himself.

The Shahs and Patels didn’t mean to start turning the wheels on this “suggested arrangement” so early in their children’s lives, but when they noticed them both gravitate toward the same summer program, they figured, Why not?

Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected ways.

extreme rant ahead, and minor spoiler



  • really great rep – i lived for the all the Indian culture references. like Shah Rukh Khan, Dance Pe Chance (!!), all the Indian phrases/sayings, the clothing, and the FOOD! rishi had a lot of Indian food in the story, and it made me so hungry. the author did a wonderful job with Dimple, and Rishi as Indian protagonists.  i’m not Indian, but i am really familiar with it’s culture, and every time there was an Indian reference i just laughed manically, because that was some good rep.
  • FAMILY DYNAMICS – i was really happy with the parents in this book. they weren’t tiger-strict like parents are portrayed in almost every book with an Asian rep. yes, rishi, and his dad had different opinions about what rishi wanted to pursue for his future, but they talked it out peacefully, and there wasn’t any disowning, or dissapointed stares, or anything. rishi’s parents were so nice <3, and dimple’s parents were so sweet, but Dimple’s mom did kind of get on my nerves.
  • friend dynamics – as annoying as dimple was (which i will get onto later), i can admit that she is a great friend. she supported, and welcomed celia with open arms, even after she decided to treat dimple like poop. and overall, it was just a wonderful, and cozy friendship.


  • was there even a plot?? – so i was really excited when i learnedabout dimple being in a STEM major, because yay diverse females in STEM!!! and then there was an app contest, and all sounded pretty good. but then there was a talent show, that seemed like it was more important than the competition???? it had way more screen time than the competition, which dimple’s family payed thousand of dollars for. it was more of just a filler for rishi’s, and dimple’s “love” to blossom or whatever
  • romance was just…ugh – there were cute moments, but honestly dimple, and rishi weren’t super cute. i felt like there romance was just super rushed, and rishi had a severe case of insta-love. and a big thing that really irked me was the sex. it wasn’t graphic, and the author sorts of fades out while things get really going., but i don’t think it was needed, and it was pretty unrealistic. rishi brings up the whole “sex before marriage taboo”, and i think it implies that he’s a virgin, but he’s not in the least nervous?? i’m not saying that if you’re a virgin, you have to be nervous about your first time. i’m saying that i did just read 200+ pages about him, and about half of them rishi is just blushing every time dimple is within 2 feet radius, it would be a bit more realistic if he was a bit nervous.


Dimple- get ready for a huge-ass rant rn

reasons why dimple made me want to scream in the void 

  • this all started in the beginning of the book when she threw, a perfectly good ice coffee at rishi’s face when they first met because rishi said “hello future wife”
  • and the reasoning for that statement was “she’d been accosted by a predator” (page 29)
  • let’s take a minute to see what a predator, and accosted meant in her contextCapture


  • did rishi say/do anything that makes it seem like wants to do this?? did he try to initiate anything?? did rishi even act aggressive??? the big answer is no he didn’t, and therefore, dimple had no right no accuse rishi of being a predator, and/or throw ice coffee at him. any normal person would’ve probably ignore him by walking away/ or ask him if he’s good.
  • second she was a pretty abusive person. she still kept on hitting rishi, even after rishi showed signs, and out rightly showed that it was hurting him. and she doesn’t let rishi do anything during the talent show, or ask him about HIS idea for the app. she seemed pretty controlling
  • third she was just so damn annoying. i normally find determination a very appealing quality in a protagonist. but dimple only used it mostly to show that she wasn’t “like other girls”. she was just so negative about almost everyone, and everything. another indian guy in the book told her the way he wants his name to be pronounced (which was sort of like the american version), but dimple has the audacity to say “but it’s not is it?”
  • like what is that supposed to mean?? maybe he doesn’t like people confusing up his name so he settled for something simpler??? idk, but if a person wants her/his name to be pronounced in a certain way for their own personal reasons, you don’t have a right to object.

so all in all, i hated dimple shah, and thought she was more annoying than dumb teenagers eating tide pods on pizza.

Rishi – pure ball of fluff, and he was a really strong character, and i did relate too him about the pressure obtained from some South Asian parents. but i did think he was pretty such a suck-up to dimple.


i’m just going to say this: 5th grade me could’ve done better.

plot eader


this book honestly reminds me of my grades. very disappointing. this was such a let down for a book hat has been so hyped up. what did you think of this book? have you read this book yet? did you agree/disagree with my review?? 

Zodiac Signs as Bibliophiles // i try to be an “astrologist”


So this was totally random! I used to be a huge fan of astrology, and zodiac signs (I’m a scorpio!!) back when I was younger. I remember going on Pintrest as typing in “scorpio traits”, and gasp at everything that was true, and everything else that wasn’t true would just go over my head.

Now that I’ve grown out of my little phase, I thought it would be fun to make a little post about the signs, cause I have been on tumblr way too much.

NONE OF THIS IS ACCURATE SO PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!! i probably got like everything wrong because my research was all over the place, please don’t yell at me if anything (which it probably is) is wrong, asdfghjkl i’m sorryyy 


  • that one person whose nose is literally stuck in a book
  • seems like a super nice, shy, cutie
  • but when they fangirl/boy
  • cue excited squeals, hand shaking, yelling, and maybe some spontaneous punching
  • likes to read books about badass female characters, and diversity
  • they can get pretty mad if you insult them about their favorite fandom
  • gets super feisty and sassy
  • “Your opinion is equivalent to that garbage can outside”
  • Not afraid to venture out, and read new books
  • willing to give a try to all the books rated 3 stars or below
  • DNF, never heard of it


  • awww such a cute smol bean
  • likes oversized sweaters, and a large paperback with their favorite drink
  • snorts at punny jokes from the book
  • likes contemporary romance more than any other genre
  • is pretty patient with annoying characters
  • likes classics
  • sucker for cute romance
  • blushes at the fluffy scenes
  • but has a straight face when reading… ya know…  PG13
  • really emotional over books
  • ugly cries
  • when something is funny they don’t just laugh, they literally GUFFAW
  • most likely to fall in a reading slump
  • likes reading books with their favorite playlist in the background


  • these people are mostly known for their dual personalities, so it’s a little easy to choose their next book
  • reads whatever they want
  • likes fantasy + sci-fi the most
  • if they review a book, their reviews are so eloquent, and so smooth
  • but also very witty
  • almost everyone knows them, because they are just so good at communicating with someone
  • very popular in the book/blogging world
  • that one user who has read almost every single book
  • literally
  • i feel like i’m describing cait @ paperfury
  • is she a gemini?


  • like at one point, all bibliophiles have this phase where they bonkers over their book, and like a wolf protecting its cubs
  • but cancer is on a whole other level
  • has a paper that says every single book on their bookshelf
  • but doesn’t really need it because their super smart, and have it all filed in their head
  • angry devil when one of their books are gone
  • really sympathetic with characters over books
  • thinks characters are a super important part of books
  • likes to relate to characters emotionally, and spiritually
  • cried after reading they both die at the end by adam silvera
  • has a whole list of book boyfriends/girlfriends
  • that one blogger WHO USES CAPS ALL THE TIIIIME!!
  • and exclamation points!!
  • !!


  • is that reader is open to all books, whether it’s horror, or romance. has homosexuality, or mental illness.
  • very generous person
  • is very unpredictable with what books they’ll read
  • after reading a super scary horror book, they might go onto some fluffy romance
  • or something like that idk
  • like i said, very unpredictable
  • they rarely update their blog, but has such great content
  • and has over 600+ followers
  • really well known in the blogosphere
  • doesn’t take that long to find out if they are going to like the book or not
  • so it saves them a lot of time
  • has no emotion whatsoever
  • doesn’t cry, laugh, or make a sound when reading
  • they could disappear without contact for days
  • and when you’re super worried you find out they’ve been hiding out in their room
  • with a book
  • obviously


  • the really forgetful reader
  • “what page was i on??”
  • “where’s my book?”
  • “who is this??”
  • if a book is too long, they’ll forget about it
  • scared of books 300+ long
  • hardly blogs
  • but super popular because of the great content
  • really analyzes books, and could figure out what all the confusing methaphors mean
  • favorite book is probably The Outsiders
  • REALLY really really shy, and very cute
  • but loves, loves, loves, talking about books


  • the very aesthetic™ bibliophile
  • very easygoing, and sociable
  • the only person who has their bookshelves organized
  • has a super cute bookmark
  • has fairy lights, fuzzy carpets, and fuzzy socks, with a drink from starbucks
  • oversized sweaters!!!
  • likes reading books about adventure, and romance mostly
  • has a very nice blog design,
  • probably made it theirselves
  • because they are so aesthetic
  • experiences the most feelings when reading books
  • once they start reading, they get very immersed in a book
  • so be careful trying to get them out


  • hates love triangles
  • hates anyone trying to talk to them while reading
  • loves fantasy
  • lives for any kind of diverse rep
  • really, extreme fangirl
  • likes to eat while reading
  • likes the villain the most
  • like huge 500+ angsty, fantasy books
  • could literally read anywhere
  • likes puns
  • has a case of resting bitch face when reading
  • especially the signed ones
  • is a expert in solving mysteries in books
  • (although when it comes to real life, they are completely lost, i know that from personal experience)
  • has a really minimalist, clean, and sleek blog
  • looks really intimidating when reading


  • loves funny books
  • generally a nice person to approach
  • but not when they are reading
  • has a love/hate relationship with love triangles
  • and also a lot of crying when the guy/girl they wanted didn’t end up with who they wanted
  • very straightforward when it comes to books
  • if you are reading book, and they would like it they would probably spoil everything.
  • “ugh, that book was so dumb because in the ending…”
  • never keeps a straight face when reading
  • won’t be to afraid to cry in the middle of the street because of their book
  • always keeps a pack of tissues (lol)
  • really humorous, and jolly
  • really, really, really EXTREME FANGIRL
  • i’m not kidding
  • they will get TrIgGeRed if they hear their favorite fandom
  • will also argue back if you are calling the fandom trash
  • maybe even fight you
  • sniffles at the mention of harry potter
  • super outgoing, and popular in the blogging world
  • woooow, i wrote so much for Sagittarius and that’s not even my sign???


  • jesus this is so looong
  • anyway capricorns are super soft
  • they have such a pure, and smol heart
  • so they pretty much cry at every sad book they come across
  • or if like a cat die
  • i would cry too because heLLO THAT’S A CAT, AND CATS ARE IMPORTANT, ‘KAY
  • but they love, love, love books with soft, and happy endings
  • likes to read fairy tale retelling the most
  • hates plot twists
  • especially the bad ones
  • like where Snape was actually good, and ended up dying
  • probably the only one who doesn’t read late into the night
  • because capricorns need their beauty sleep ya’ll
  • but this could change if a book is REALLY GOOD
  • doesn’t have really high expectations for books
  • unless it’s really hyped
  • can be pessimistic at times, but likes to be proven wrong (because like i said, they love happy endings)


  • loyal to their fandom
  • and ship
  • have no choice to fight you if you disagree
  • gets really attached to fake boys/girls in books but who doesn’t? 
  • has really high expectations for books (and people)
  • 5 stars doesn’t exists to them
  • or 4.5
  • reads books in class, but has top-notch grades
  • can’t deal with dumb main characters, and will change the book
  • also very attached too books
  • very dangerous to lend books
  • if they really liked it, they won’t let it go, and proceed to yell it at everyone’s face
  • if they don’t, than R.I.P that book
  • as well as the rest of the fandom
  • not easily fooled
  • can see plot twists from a mile away
  • reads books super fast
  • doesn’t review books, because it takes too long


  • last one!!!
  • loves, loves, loves fantasy books
  • really compassionate, and cries whenever something remotely sad happens
  • likes too listen to music while reading
  • and candles
  • very aesthetic
  • reads books to ignore the horrible responsibilities of the world
  • master procrastinator
  • over-analyzes EVERYTHING
  • likes murder mysteries
  • probably liked reading Nancy Drew when they were little
  • really sarcastic in their posts
  • cries about a death in a book, but won’t be afraid to shove humans.
  • has very little favorite books
  • will love a book to the end, no matter how much it destroyed them
  • will knock you out with a book if you bother them
  • and will have 0 regrets


so that took forever, and resulted in a post that’s all over the place, and is 1k+ words!!! wooow 1K that’s more than all the words i have ever said in my life, combined.  SO DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, PLEASE!! i am just a broke student, not an astrologist. it’s just for fun, and whatever. Soo how do you like this post? which sign are you? which sign fits you the most??

Renegades Book Review // Secret Identities, Epic Fights, and Not-so-good Romance


check out more aesthetics by me 

28421168Title: Renegades

Author: Marissa Meyer

Rating: 3 stars

Blurb (GR): Secret Identities. Extraordinary Powers. She wants vengeance. He wants justice.

The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies—humans with extraordinary abilities—who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone…except the villains they once overthrew.

Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a Renegade boy who believes in justice—and in Nova. But Nova’s allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them both.


✨Pro’s ✨

  • World Building/Setting – I think one of the hardest job for a fantasy writer is creating a whole new world, with completely different lifestyles all from scratch.  I admired the world Marissa Meyer created in Renegades. It was structured carefully, and there wasn’t anything really confusing about it either. It fueled my unrealistic dream of having super powers. The comic book side of me was squealing because the world was so gosh darn amazing! Another plus was that there wasn’t any  INFORMATION DUMPS as it does happen in other fantasy books!
  • Action-scenes were 💯💯- Honestly, I think the action scenes were pretty much awesome. It was so fast-paced, and everything was just so unexpected. But in a good way, ya know.  One thing I learned about Marissa Meyer is that she must really like plot.
  • Super cool powers – There were hardly any “cliche” superpowers in here. In fact, it was quite unique, and clever. Nova has a power that can put people to sleep, Adrian can draw things to life, Ruby can bleed out rubies, one dude can absorb super powers. All in all, it was just really fun reading about these powers.
  • Diverse!! Characters!! – There are people with disabilities, Adrian is black with two dads, and Nova is biracial (Filipino, and I think Italian)

✨ Cons ✨ 

  • Slow, slow, slow pacing – I think a large number of pages in this book were not needed because it had just nothing to do with the plot in general. Towards the last hundred pages I found myself debating whether I should continue or not because the plot was just taking soooo long. It was really good at the beginning, but sort of drifted off into boring-ness towards the end??
  • Cliche plot – So basically Nova is a villain who wants to take down the Renegades, but has second thoughts. Oh, she also fell in love with a boy too. And now she is confused???? (like me 99.9% of the time) So I’m guessing in the next books she doesn’t kill the Renegades off?? But I thought something like that in Heartless too, and I was a sobbing mess by the end of that book. So I’m not sure??
  • Romance was so boring – Tbh, I didn’t see any “real chemistry” between Nova, and Adrian. I just felt like it  was just super awkward. Especially towards the end of the book. And it was also super slow, just like the plot.

plot Nova –  Nova was super annoying, and she went through 0 character development. And was really rude to Ruby, Oscar, and Adrian. It just made me pretty mad because no one wasn’t calling her out or anything. Also, I don’t really think she was a real villain at all. She just sounded like she has big identity crisis or something.

Adrian – A really cliche, and boring character. I just didn’t connect with Adrian. Even though I read 500+ pages about him, I still can’t name any standing out characteristics. He was really passionate about justice, but so is every other YA superhero.


The writing style was something that kept me engrossed in the book, but honestly, it wasn’t anything special. I felt like it was a little bit bland, and could use a little bit of work.



Definitely had big expectations for this book, and it didn’t really come to par with my expectations. I’m not really sure I will pick up the next book in the series. Hopefully it won’t be as long.


 Were you planning on reading this book? Will you give it a try (please do, and tell me what you think)? Was this review even helpful? 


top five authors i discovered in 2017

honestly, 2017 was equivalent to a thousand punches to the face.

there were a lot of ups and downs, for everyone, but i know i’m looking forward for this year to be over. however,  in 2017, i am grateful for the good things that happened to me, and i’m going to discuss one of them in this blog post. here are the top five authors that i discovered in 2017.

1. j.k rowling

so 2017 was the year i finally got around to reading Harry Potter, and boy am i glad for that! i love, loved, this series, it utterly destroyed me, but i still love it.

part of the reasons i loved it was the writing. people aren’t wrong when they say j.k rowling is the queen of writing! i also loved this author because she is just so insprirational! i have found out some powerful facts like

  • she was clinically diagnosed with depression
  • she is a strong feminist – which is shown in her characters like ginny, hermione, professor mcgonagall
  • she is an advocate for equality.

  • she showed that determination and faith is the recipe to achieve your dreams
  • she makes such a great impact with her fame, like donating charities, and also being an advocate for self-love

there is no one else who i look up too then j.k rowling

2. angie thomas

okay, i loved, loved THUG by angie thomas. this book got a 5 out of 5 rating from me! i loved angie thomas’s intake on the racial discrimination that sadly exist in our society today. this is definitely a topic not talked about enough.  i also didn’t know a lot about the racial injustices against african-americans. and this book had such great, and real characters.

i look foward to On the Come Up another book by angie thomas!

3. becky albertalli

The Upside of Unrequited was pretty hyped up this year, so in addition to that, i also picked up simon vs the homosapiens agenda this year! and both books deserve EVERY BIT OF HYPE! i love becky albertalli’s funny, quirky, diverse, characters!! her writing structure was a+, and i can’t wait too read even more books by her

 4. leigh bardugo

i also decided to read six of crows duo-logy, AND GUESS WHO IS HOOKED! short review: her  book made feel so much emotions i didn’t even know i had! i loved the structure, and world building of these books. it takes a lot of talent to build a world as good as the one crafted by leigh bardugo, in six of crows!

5. holly black

so over the summer i went on a holly black book binge read. and i just loved her books like crazy! my favorites were the darkest part of the forest, and the coldest girl in coldtown.  some of my favorite parts about holly black’s books is the writing style! it just flows together, and is so structured and it just flows.


this post was like 11 days late, but  happy (super late) new year everyone! school has just killed me, so i couldn’t really post! these were some of my new favorite authors that discovered in 2017. how about you? who were your favorite authors? what are some good book you read by them? and i need some book recs, please??




How To Stop Procrastination // For Bloggers and Students

we all have the one moment where we say “10 minutes later I’ll do that homework, which is worth about 85% of my graaaade”

I have them too, and I had them a bit too much, to the point where it was affecting my grades harshly¹If you haven’t figured it out already that’s called procrastination, my dudes² . And it’s bad, so I (a.k.a the Queen of Mastering Procrastination, acronym is QMP)  will give you tips, and tricks ON HOW TO SLAY THIS DRAGON!!

¹and by that i mean by like, two points. ya gurl ain’t stupid
² a term i stole from the wonderful Queen of Mangoes. Please don’t sue me, May!!


use forest

If technology got you in that situation in the first place, use it too get it out.  Recently, I used Forest as a way to help me concentrate on my studies, and as well as my blogging. I get really sidetracked on things like tumblr, snapchat, and instagram. Basically, Forest give you a tree (that’s digital, duh), and if you work hard, the tree will grow, and eventually be a forest! However, if you leave the app you are a horrible person cause you just killed a whole bunch of trees.  It really helps because I don’t wanna kill that tree!!

clean up surrounding areas

Before you get started, clean out your desk³. This will create a better surroundings that will get you in the zone. Remove anything that will distract you, and only lay out the basics. I usually keep only my binder, planner, and my pencil case anywhere I can have easier access too. For blogging, I usually just clean my desk area. And why not include a small plant, as they do produce a little bit of productivity.

Some people prefer motivational quotes near them while they study. I mostly like aesthetic pictures near me because I feel a bit more cooler, and tumblr-y???? I don’t know how to explain it other than it makes me feel/concentrate more better.
3and your room if you wanna be extra

listen to music

A very common tip, but a super helpful one. Although, studies have shown classical music best helps you, I think it’s just best to go with what you like. But make sure it helps you! If you don’t know what to listen too know that there are many options. Nature music, piano music, or instrumentals of songs you like. I generally listen to a lot of lo-fi, a genre I recently disovered. A good youtuber I reccomend is R L I  F E.  There are also tons of study/focus playlists too choose from!

do not multi-task

Multi-tasking is a huge mistake! Yeah sure, you can get some stuff done, but do you know what it’s doing to your brain??? It’s basically overloading it, which is something you do not what. Listening to an audiobook, while simotaneously blogging will lead to you either concentrating more about the book than the post, or the other way around. IT DOESN’T WORK!


Basically, beautify is an aesthetic term for “making your stuff look pretty4“.  In terms of blogging, change up your blog design to something that makes you feel good, and productive.  Speaking from a personal point of view, I would get hyped to post something after redesigning my blog. It would bring attention to my blog design, and I just published a something!!

In studying/student terms, spice up your notes! Use colorful pens, and fonts too make your notes look pretty. I recently got into this, and it’s helping me want to do more. I usually rewrite my class notes at home. This is a win-win situation, because your notes are so pretty, and your reviewing them at the same time!


start a studygram/studyblr

my photos are trash, sorry 

This worked for me!! So I hope it will work for you! This is also aimed to students who are struggling to get their stuff done. A studyblr is basically, a online communtiy on tumblr, where a whole bunch of smart people give tips on how to slay school, as well as share awesome pictures that will inspire you! Over the summer break, I have been getting into these, and my chemistry grade can prove that this has been helping me out!!

There are a bunch of posts to help you get started/tips :

Also check out mine @studywithlavender. And a tumblr made for Nerd In New York 



So that is my insufferably long post on how to make procrastination your slave. 700+ words! My goal is too reach 400!! Anyway, do these tips help you? What was the most helpful/favorite tip? What are other ways you think can help you avoid this? Why do I sound like a boring English teacher??

October Wrap-Up, Book Haul + Aesthetic // I get Neck Deep In the Laini Taylor Fandom

Hello everyone!


Soooo I have been inactive for a excessively long time, like wow I didn’t even know it was this possible for me too stay away from the internet so long while. But I do have a valid excuse, *opens mouth* *closes mouth*… I got nothing.

I actually don’t have a valid excuse. I could say I was busy, but I don’t think just watching k-dramas, and reading manga really count as “busy”. But one of November’s goal is too stop being inactive , and believe me, for once, I have a plan.

Anyway, October just flew by me. Like one month I was chilling up in my homeland, and then BAM, everyone has pumpkin spice latte in their hands, and wearing cozy fall stuff. And I’m like ???


sorry i’m going through a meme phase

But while I still noticed October was here, I HAD A VERY EXCITING MONTH, and I cannot wait to share with whatever is left of my followers.


B O O K S   R E AD

I DISCOVERED THE POWER OF HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARIES!!! SO. MANY. BOOKS. And I got to read a lot, so hiatus = more boooooooks!

  • Stranger The Dreamer by Laini Taylor – No lie, this is probably the best book I’ve read all in 2017. Whyyy haven’t I read this sooner?? Oh wait, I’m completely broke. But I loved, loved, loved Lazlo. He was so freaking shy, and innocent, and asdfghjkl why isn’t he reeeeal??? My full review is currently in it’s editing stage, but I can’t wait to share it. | 5 stars 
  • Once and For All by Sarah Dessen – When I saw this on goodreads for the first time, I freaked out. Sarah Dessen (a.k.a one of my favorite authors. EVERRR!) wrote a new boook, about weddings!! I actually loved this book, but I had a problem with the main character, who was a major prick. | 4 stars 
  • Frostblood by Elly Blake – Loved the cover, but the story??? Ehhhhh. I mean I did think the plot was weak, and LIKE EVERY SINGLE FANTASY BOOK OUT THERE. The romance was not needed. At all. | 3 stars 
  • The Serpent King by Jeff Zetner – I went into the book thinking it was a fantasy novel, because I didn’t read the blurb. So I was really confused when no evil snakes came in??? After I got over my state of confusion, I really got bored of it. The pacing was sloooow. |3 stars 
  • Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza – Once again, love the cover, but story was really boring. I did enjoy it too some extent. I guess. | 3 stars 
  • Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard – UM OKAY WHAT IS UP WITH THIS BOOK, WOW OKAY. | 3 stars 
  • Tell Me Three Things – It has been pretty long since I read SUCH A CUTE BOOK, ASDFGHJKL WOW | 4 stars 


  • Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman – THIS BOOK WAS LIT | 4 STARS 


b l o g g i n g

So um, this section is preeety small, as I have been too lazy too go on the internet.

  • I have started my bookstagram – So it has been on hiatus for a suuper long time, and I have opened it up again. I got a new phone, and before that I had too share with my older sister. As it is with siblings, she hardly let me use it. But now, I can use instagram to upload some pictures!
  • Nerd In New York has it’s own tumblr!! – So awhile ago, I did make a tumblr, but that turned into a studyblr (which has helped me out a lot in school). Now I made one specifically for Nerd In New York! This will include pictures, updates, and exclusive posts, and other things I will figure out. So check it out if you want to!! 
  • New!! Feature!! Out!! Soon!! – I have a jumbled details in my head, but I know I want it out!!

Around the blogosphere 

n e w    b o o k s

So yeah, there is a wonderful thing called school libraries, and I love it!! It’s much easier to go here than my public library (so. far. awayyyy), and I actually remember to return books 😀 I think I went overboard with this list though, but #YOLO

  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde – FANDOMSSSSSSS
  • Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin – Second book in the Wolf by Wolf series! The first book left me in such a cliffhanger!
  • Gem and Dixie by Sara Zarr – This the story of a broken family, and two sisters. I love any story about family, especially sisters because I am able to relate so much!

u p c o m i n g

I don’t have that much posts (as of now), but here is what I’m planning for the future month of November (a.k.a MY B-DAYYYY month)

  • Strange the Dreamer aesthetic + review
  • Empress of a Thousand Skies review
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • libraries vs bookstores



So that was my month for October! I’m really hypes up for November because I have plans on making my blog better, as well as balancing my studies, and clubs. A marking period just ended, and I’m striving hard to do better! Fighting!! But how was your month? How many books did you read? How many posts did you publish (if it’s more than 1, I’m jealous)? What was your highlight for October? What’s coming up for November?? Please let me know!

Types of Bookworms // Which One Are You???


We, bookworms are very strange creatures.

I men c’mon we would probably give up paying our rent, and bills for that gorgeous hardcover version  of Stranger the Dreamer (which is my current read as of now, and help I’m slowly dying because this book is sooo huge). But like there are different levels of strangeness, and today I will explain those levels of strangeness. Because we are strange.

(ugh, save yourself from this cringey introdutiocn, but im running low on sleep)

The Stone-Hearted Bibliophile

  • Does not CRY at anything
  • Not even in Snape’s “always” *wipes away a tear*
  • Does not even laugh at the funniest books (Like Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl)
  • No feelings whatsoever
  • Heart is made of ice
  • Literally reads with this face on 


The “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Reader

  • Legit has an identity crisis when they are reading
  • “Do I even like this book?”
  • “Do I like reading?”
  • “What am I?”
  • “Where am I”
  • “Who am I”
  • Wow that escalated quickly
  • Still ends up reading, somehow

The “Unpopular Opinion” Reader

  • Have a favorite book? This reader will probably spoil everything good about it.
  • Has expecations the height of The Empire State Building
  • 5 stars don’t exist in their book
  • Is suuuper honest. Will explain everything sooo thoroughly.
  • Not essentially a hater, but not much of a… well… “liker” either
  • Favorite word is garbage
  • Likes proving everyone wrong

The Broke-As-Hell Reader

  • Literally every bibliophile in the whole universe
  • Has a love-hate relationship with libraries. (cause free books! But then they have to return them)
  • Loves used bookstores/2nd hand bookshops
  • Can’t afford essential textbooks, but has enough money to but 3 Coleen Hoover books + bookish merch.
  • “If I cover this stain with a marker, I could save on laundry, and buy a new book!”

The Obsessive Fangirl

  • Say their favorite book, and they get TRIGGERED
  • Initiate squealing
  • Exsessive hand flapping, and jumping
  • Starts shaking you till your no more
  • Needs to come with a warning label
  • Merchandise everywhere

The Productive Bibliophile

  • The least insane out of everyone, tbh
  • But still insane
  • Reads about 10 books a week
  • Has a review for every single book
  • Every. Single. One
  • DNF doesn’t exist in their vocabulary
  • An absolute monster if you disturb them, while their reading
  • *goes back to reading, like they did not just threaten to knock someone unconscious* cause books hurt, people




So what kind of bookworm are you? I think I’m sort of a mix of the Obsessive Fangirl, and the Broke-as-Hell reader. I had a lot of fun writing this post!!