About Me

{A.R.M.Y, EXO-L, Slytherin, Book nerd} 

a b o u t    m e 🎈
i’m balie, and i like reading hard-core fantasy novels, with a sweet small (but not too small) does of romance.

When I’m not reading you can see me doing the following things: blogging (about books), talking (about books). I also listen to k-pop, and try singing along, but I end up sounding like a donkey with a sore throat. I also watch anime. And k-dramas. With romance, and angst.

r a t i n g     s y s t e m ♠
★ –
i will throw this into the pits of hell, and not even look back.
★★- only 10% of the book was good, the rest needs to get eaten by a titan (AoT reference!!)
★★★ – it was mehhhhh, it had both good, and bad. Maybe leaning towards the bad.
★★★★ – this book was full of awesomeness. it had almost everything.
★★★★★ – come here aND LET ME THROW THIS TOO YOUR FACE, AND SAY,  SHOUT HOW GOOD THIS BOOK IS!! I would marry it if I weren’t committed to my laptop.

✨F A V E   B O O K S – harry potter, six of crows, throne of glass, a darker shade of magic

✨ F A V E   S H O W S – attack on titan, naruto, seraph of the ends, sword art online, the 100,

✨ my preciousssssss – kaz brekker, jungkook, jisoo, eren, harry potter, rhysand, sakura haruno

🦄C O N T A C T – my blogtwitter, and instagram


57 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,

    I’ve recently started following your blog and I’d like to say it’s such a pleasant place to surf on! it’s full of positive vibes! Great job and keep it up



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  2. Just stopping by to say hi!! Found your blog through Marie’s SFATW feature. Your blog design is really cute – I love all the flowers! And Harry Potter is also one of my all time favorite series as well. Followed!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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