Book Blogging Related Problems We All Have! (Pt.3) // Can You Relate?

Long, long, long ago when I was blogging, but sounded really cringey I wrote a post called Thing Only Book Bloggers Can Relate Too.  Then I wrote another post revolving around the same topic, only I didn’t realize it, naming it Struggles We Go Through As Book Bloggers Because Life Is Cruel . I guess it pretty much shows that I’m pretty unoriginal.

Anyway, it has been a year since I wrote those (very cringey) posts, so new year, new problems!


  •  Reviewing Books – Sometimes after I’m done reading a book, and I have to review it the words flow through me like water.  Sometimes, I don’t even know how to write.   I usually find books that I give 3 stars, or 5 stars really hard to write about because, I can’t explain my thoughts right.
  •  Getting a hyped up book… only to hate it – UGH I hate it when this happens, because I had such high expectations, but then the book just shattered everything. Sometimes, books are so bad that my belief in series wavers a bit. Like I can’t even.


  • Waiting on a sequel that comes 50 years later… – I especially dislike this because I REALLY NEED THAT BOOK. And then sometimes, my interest in said book goes away. AND then when I pick up the next book, I forgot everything that happened in the previous book.
  • Doing other things while you’re supposed to write up a post for your blog – This happens to me a lot, and I end up stalking Korean celebrities or something.
  • When WordPress decides to change it’s post formats – I might be a late, but WordPress changed the place where you write your posty thingy. I was a bit confused where everything went, and a bit annoyed.
  • Worrying obsessively about peoples opinions – When I’m writing a post I’m constantly thinking “Will people like this?”  “ Do I sound stupid? I sound stupid, maybe I should not write this…” I always try too make posts sound better with these questions in mind, but it can get pretty anoyying listening to those voices.
  • Not finding the right gif – Ugh. A gif makes a blog post look wayyy better. But sometimes freaking google doesn’t comply with your needs.


  • Redesigning OBSESSIVELY – This happened to me a lot. I would just stare at my blog, and start detesting the design. I would think that it’s too old, and not me, and start over from scratch to make a new design. OR I would look at other people’s blog, and turn green with envy.
  • Not knowing what to write about – This can be soo frustrating, especially when you need to write up a quick post for the next day.



Can you relate too these problems? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Can you add-on to our overgrowing list of problems?


16 thoughts on “Book Blogging Related Problems We All Have! (Pt.3) // Can You Relate?

  1. OMG THIS LIST IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. If only I could make my OWN gifs. Then life would be better. And I FEEL LIKE GETTING A NEW DESIGN SOO MANY TIMES. 😄 A disappointing book is the WORST, as well as waiting for sequels. But the definite worst is when the SEQUEL IS OUT BUT YOU’RE #BROKE AND CAN’T BUY IT, AND YOUR LIBRARY IS SLOW AND WON’T GET IT UNTIL FIFTEEN BILLION YEARS. *wails*

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  2. Everything on this list is legit. I have days where I’ll write up three or five posts, and then I’ll go weeks without. Luckily, I’ve scheduled weekly posts until about mid-August of this year. Some call it overachieving, I call it having a lot of free time at work. XD

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  3. I totally relate! For gifs, I really suggest you check out, you type in what you’re feeling and you’d get an endless list of gifs that suit your mood. And trying to write a book review when you don’t feel like writing one is absolutely nerve-racking. You’re not alone 😂 Best of luck 💘

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  4. I can totally relate to some of these! There’s this book I’d love to review but…how I felt about it is hard to put into words. And yeah, I hear you on doing other things. I’ve had the “oh wait, my last post was WEEKS ago”-moments several times already…

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  5. Reviewing Books IS JUST SO HARD. Do I make sense or do I not? HOW DO I SUM UP THIS AWESOMENESS? WIll I offend anyone? HOW DO I WRITE? WHAT ARE WORDS? OMG, That character’s name? SOMEONE TELL ME THE NAME OF THE BOOK! Literally, MY thought process whilst writing my reviews. Yes, WordPress are obsessed with re-designing their website as we are!
    I KNOW —> some GIFS just DON’T Summarise what you visualise and it’s so annoying!I actually have TOO much to write about. Whenever I get an idea I write it down and now I have a LONG list of post ideas.

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    1. OMG, I FEEL THE PAIN! And some people expect us to REVIEW EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the speed if light. GIFS are super important for posts, and when you can’t find the right one it ruins your mojo. Don’t get me started on WordPress recent designs. Everything got so modern, and I’m like “what is even technology??”

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      1. I KNOW. it takes me a A MONTH to upload my review after reading. I KNOW – and some of the changes don’t even make sense and are so annoying. Like the ALL the images in the post showing up in the reader- stop spoiling the post!

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  6. Haha I can definitely relate to ALL of these problems, especially the design thing. I get weird obsessions and blogging envy about designs all the time – thank God I don’t change it every single time, otherwise my blog would never ever look the same way haha.
    And reviewing books is such a hard thing to do. WHY did no one warn me about this?!! Haha.

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