the new normal // September Wrap-up

I love September because it represents so much potential. You can always turn over a new leaf, set new goals, start a new school year etc… For some reason, I totally consider September the “January” of my life. Even if school was pretty challenging this month I did some pretty exciting stuff, and read some pretty good books that I can’t wait to tell you guys about!


  • This month turned out to be a pretty good month in terms of books! I read a total of 9 books. I managed to read not one, but THREE five star book, and considering the fact that I am a very picky reader, THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS!
  • The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (4 books) | 5 FREAKING STARS – As I’m currently writing this, I’m trying to hold back my tears because I am listening to a The Raven Cycle playlist and man, do I love this series. This was the one series that I never seemed to finish for no reason, and now that I have it’s like there’s two different versions of me. Amena before The Raven Cycle and Amena after The Raven Cycle. Okay, maybe I’m a being a bit dramatic but I am so attached too the characters it’s not healthy. Everything just went so well together! If you haven’t read this series PLEASE read it!
  • The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi | 5 stars – I was blown away from the book and I will never stop talking about freaking awesome it is. The worldbuilding, the friendships, the plot, the characters, Hypnos, everything was wonderful. I actually did a review on how great it is and I also did a character edit on Laila on my tumblr!
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black | 5 stars – Maybe the reason I love this book so much is because Jude literally HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME (November 13, Scorpio gang RISE UP) and we both need constant validation in our lives, but wow this book pulled me in! This was a re-read because I have the worst memory when it comes too books and I don’t remember loving it as much as I do now which is crazy because I’m in the process of building a shrine for my manz Cardan rn.
  • The Wicked King by Holly Black| 4 STARS – I finished this one day and started Queen of Nothing a day later because I could not put it down! I’m just in awe because GOSH THAT BOOK WAS EVERYTHING!
  • The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black |4 stars – Once again I started this right after I finished The Wicked King, and this did not disappoint. Honestly, this series was so freaking good.
  • Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed | 3 stars – I really loved the premise of this book, but not really how it was executed so it was kind of a let down. Also Khayyams character was a bit annoying for me, and the author tried to make the male interest so desirable, and good looking too the point where it was kind of cringey. But I loved the writing and the chapters written in Laila’s P.O.V, the writing was gorgeous!

tbr for October

  • Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles – I heard so many good things about this book, and I know it has been compared to Caraval, and The Night Circus. If you have read it please let me know how it went! This is probably my most anticipated books for this month.
  • Jade City by Fonda Lee – This was pretty hyped up like two years ago think, and people are still raving about it on Twitter (which is basically where I get all my book recommendations from nowadays) and it is centered on Asian badasses which is my favorite thing ever.

Only two books because I actually don’t know what to read and also because I’m not trying to put a bunch of pressure to finish books because of school. Until I get a sensible schedule down and have sort of a weekly routine then I won’t really have time to read.


  • In terms of blogging, I didn’t really get to post as much as I wanted too mostly because school is taking up so much of my time as well as other extracurriculars, but I did manage to post!
  • My favorite post this month was about how romance in ya can be a bit harmful.
  • I also posted about three star ratings, and did a book review on The Gilded Wolves.

In the beginning of the month I was pretty good at bloghopping, and reading stuff from my Reader, but by then end I barely interacted with people which sucks! But I silently read a couple of posts and here are some of my favorite!


  • School has started for me! – Can you believe I said on my last monthly wrap up that I was excited for school?? Just what was I on because school is so time consuming, and so stressful. I have assignments due almost everyday and I’m working on them all the time. I don’t even have to to procrastinate! But slowly and surely I have been adjusting too school life. I know once I get the hang of things I’ll be able to handle school.
  • I joined a whole bunch of cool organizations – So one of them is called Diversify Our Narratives, which fights against anti-racist texts in the US school curriculum. I’m an organizer which means I get to do cool things like design graphics for our Instagram page, and email/meet up with school board administrators too add more books by BIPOC. It would mean a lot of you guys signed the petition. The other one is called 1000Girls 1000Futures which is where I get too be mentored by female STEM professors and talk to other girls from around the world who are passionate about STEM. Everyone is so sweet and kind its like a sisterhood ❤️❤️
  • honestly out of all the sections this is the hardest to write because what the hell I even say??? This whole month has been Spain but the s is silent. I’m sorry I’ve been on tiktok too much LMAOAO.

next month

let’s do a bit of a recap of last months goals

  • Interact with more people – Kinda accomplished?? I did blog hop and went around my reader and commented on a few blogs, but then I stopped once school started LOL.
  • Write more book reviews – Yeaaaaah nope. I only published one, but writing book reviews take forever and I just didn’t have the time.
  • Finish up blog re-design!— Well I did start it… there’s still a couple of things too do but it’s almost done!

    this month
  • Make a sensible schedule and get more organized for school
  • Finish this months TBR
  • Post consistently
  • Post at least two book reviews!

So that’s about it for September! I’m really excite for October because spooky szn 😈😈 and also I think I have a couple of days from school in the future THANK GOD! How was your September? How many books have you guys read? What was memorable about this month for you? If you started school are you able to balance school and blogging (pls send advice)

What Makes a Good Romance… A Good Romance? // ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

actually SFW, I just really like the lenny face, lol 

I’m an absolute sucker for those cute, fluffy, innocent, and well written romance. Almost all the YA books I have ever read, they have some type of romance. So today I’m pretending that I have a love life (I don’t), and discussing things about the charestics of a good romance.

Character Dynamics

I think this actually given, but just to get this out of the way I’m writing this. The characters, they actually have to have chemistry. The author have to write them in such a way, that it won’t seem awkward or boring.

I know that a lot of people (namely, me) love the whole opposites attract thing, and I think it’s because of the way they’re personalities work together, and fit in a beautiful way, despite expecting them to clash. I love the dynamics of a snappy, sassy heroine, and the sort of aloof hero.

My favorites character tropes/dynamics

  • Enemies to lovers!! – I love these so much because it’s so fun watching/reading the characters realtionship go from hatred to dislike to tolerable to BAM! Lovers. It’s so cute.
  • Oppisites attract – Relationships where person A is super bright, perky, while Person B is mostly remote, and quiet are my favorite thing ever! And I know it’s so cliche, but it isn’t it so heartwarming (I’m trying to find synonyms for cute, lol).

My not so favorites

  • Best friends to lovers – I’m pretty sure that I’m on the minority for this one, but ehhh. I don’t know, I guess I don’t find it incredibile realistic, and would make a boring realtionship?? Like, they know everything about each other, what would make it more intresting or something?

Healthy!! Relationships!!

It’s 2018, and if I see yet, another problematic relationship I will erupt, and destroy everything in my path. Some (not all) books have this relationship where one character practically forces their S/O to do whatever they want. Or basically mentally or physically abuse them, and some people call it “love” or “cute”. It honestly disgusts me, and I hate reading book like that, and end up giving them a one star *cough* *cough* When Dimple Met Rishi *cough* *cough*.

I liek seeing realtionships that cute, and healthy. Where thye both have each other backs, support each other, and get each toher despite differences. Those are the ones that make my heart warm, and make me smile, and go like




Just overall, a healthy, caring relationship in which, both parties are genuinley happy with each other!

Conflict to get things interesting.

Also known as ANGST!! I just love reading books that have heart wrenching, tear inducing angst. I honestly don’t know why I’m like this, but I can’t be the only one?? I feel like it’s here where the romance becomes interesting, and not just some senseless romance.

Some of my favorites are when:

  • the characters get into an aurgument because of a misunderstanding, and it’s up to one of them too reconcile the other.
  • The cheesy kdrama story line in which, the parents of the character A tries to tell Character B that they can’t be with each other because of social classes or something.
  • They are actually enemies on the oppisite side, and not meant to be in love (ahflkjafhas I absolutely LOOOVE THESE)
  • Character A convinces themselves that they can’t be with Character B because they are worried they will hurt them.

My non-favorites 

  • Love Triangles!! – Most people don’t like this either, and I totally agree with them. I find them so boring, and pointless, and sooo predictable. And also I suffer from second-lead syndrome  

I like angst when it’s temporary, like there will be a happy ending. Because if it doesn’t lmfao goodbye my heart.   

Impactful Relationships

This doesn’t even have to be about a romantic relationship. I like reading about friends or people who changed person A’s life somehow. It makes the whole romance seem more important, and not senseless.

Lot’s of fluffy moments!!

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just a relationship filled with backhugs, forehead kisses, hand holding, blushing, and dID I MENTION FOREHEAD KISSES?? And it doesn’t even have to be just touching. But heart-to-heart conversations late at night looking up at the stars… Just overall, sweet things.




  • The Art of Feeling by Laura Tims – I’m telling you this is such an underrated book, and the cover is so plain, and it’s nothing like the actual pages! I loved this book so much, I gave it five stars!! Eliot, and Samantha are just such a good couple, and not only that they make good friends too. Eliot has a condition where he can’t feel any pain, and has very self-destructive tendencies. Samantha is recovering from an accident, to which she lost her mother too. Samantha is such a caring person!
  • Made You Up by Francesca Zappia – This book wasn’t as highly hyped up as the authors other book (Eliza and her Monsters),but I actually liked this better than her other book. Miles has a similar personality too Eliot from The Art of Feeling, and Alex has a mental illness ( schizophrenia). Their romance is something that I will remeber for a long time because I seriously LOVED THIS.
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson – Honestly, anything by Morgan Matson is pure gold, but I really loved this book becasue of the character development. And not to mention the awesome friendships! Andi, and Clark had such a meet-cute moment.



  •  The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli – CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!! I think mostly everyone has read or at least heard of this insanely, good book. And if you haven’t stop living under a rock. This book has it all: diversity, excellent romance, and cameos from Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda!
  • Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – Okay, so this whole post was low-key inspired by Love, Simon. Which btw, sounds so cute, and wonderful, and too bad I’m too broke to go to the theatres. But this book was like the gay version of The Upside of Unrequited. And it is insanely good. I devoured the whole book in one whole sitting.
  • P.S I LIKE YOU by Kasie West – Kasie West is my go-to author for cute, original love stories, and P.S I Like You is, in my opinion one of her best works!! The concept of this book is actually really intresting, because it aslo focuses on family, not just romance.


So that’s it for this post! I’m planning on updating two times a week, and it’s going well so far!! But anyways, what do you think makes a good romance? Do you focus more on the plot or the characters? What are some good YA romance books you have read in the past?? 


Blogging Under a Pseudonym: Harmful or Helpful? // I reveal my “secret identity” (PLEASE READ WHOLE POST)

When I first started Nerd in New York, I really had to sit down, and think about a lot of things. Blogging sounds much easier said than done. There are a whole bunch of factors that I grew to learn about during my first month of blogging. And one of them was blogging with my real name or not.

If you can’t already tell, I obviously chose to blog under a pseudonym because of… various reasons (which I get into later on), but now as my 2 year blogiverasry is approaching I’m sort of regretting that decision. And they’re many reasons for that.

P R O ‘ S

  • Honestly, the whole reason why I chose too make a pseudenoym in the first place was because of I didn’t want anyone to find out about this blog anyway. It’s a little ashaming to say, but I was pretty embarrassed.  There were so many reasons to judge me because of this blog because it didn’t seem like naything a regular teenager would do. So having a fake name was like a security blanket. No one would associate this blog to me.
  • Whole new me! – Creating a new name was like creating a new person – for me- anyway. Balie is supposed to be a confident, funny, smart, and above all, a good blogger. And after a while, it worked. I loved this online persona I made, and I guess 769 other people did too
  • I am a shy smol bean – Gosh, I’m so shyyyy I have about 8 friends total. I’m not lying when I say I’m a HUGE introvert. So when I made this blog revealing my name was out of the question. It would freak me out to know that people on the internet read, and commented about my opinons online

C O N ‘ S

  • So much pressure!! – Blogging under a pseudonym meant I have to create two versions of almost EVERYTHING. Creating a new email, new social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Tumblr etc…) , and then making sure that I don’t accidentally mix the two up. One time my IRL friend asked me why my instagram name was Balie, and I freaked out. I realized that I followed her under my bookstagram because I’m dumb , and forgot to switch accounts.


  • I’m really proud of what I had accomplished so far… – Getting books BEFORE they even come out, having a large following, able to communicate with people, discuss about major things. Those are just a few golden sides too blog blogging. I’m so proud of what I have accomplished so far, and I literally want to climb on top of the mountain and scream it to everyone. Did ya see that development right there? I went from being embarrassed about my blog, to being super prideful about it
  • Blogging under a fake name takes away some credibility for what I have done so far, because people will automatically thing that it’s not me, but someone else. I don’t want that too happen. I want my IRL friends too see this, and think “damn my friend is a genius” (because coding is super hard okay).
  • Creating a whole new image – So I know I listed this as a pro as well, but it can also be a con. After a while, I was tired of Balie. It didn’t really feel… me. I didn’t feel authentic. Balie wasn’t me, which I guess was the point of creating a fake blogging name. Over time, I didn’t like this name for me, it sounded so generic, and boring. And I was favoring my real name more. And this led me too this new decision:

I have decided to actually reveal my actual identity! 

I mean it’s super obvious from the actual title that I would do this but whatever.

Hi, I’m the main blogger behind Nerd In New York! My name is Amena!! 

actual image of me

So from now on when any of you guys tag me, comment, or address me please make sure to use my real name!

I understand that it might be a bit weird, but hopefully we could get used to it.

Here are some facts about me

  • I’m Bengali (a country almost right next to India, but NOT IN INDIA)
  • I’m a Muslim teen (turning 15 soon enough)
  • I’m really scared of dogs (I was traumatized when a German Shepard tried to bite ,y hand off)
  • I have a weird shaped birthmark near my elbow which looks like a crescent moon
  • I have an unhealthy addiction to drama (lol)
  • I also listen to kpop, and watch kdrama’s (if you want me to listen/watch anything comment down below!!)


Ahem… so I get that could get really weird. I’m literally changing MY WHOLE FREAKING NAME! But like it’s okay, I guess. So what are your thoughts on using a pseudonym in the blogging community? Have you ever used one? Would you ever use one? 


Monthly Wrap-up: March 2018 // HAHAHAHA I’M STILL ALIVE…

So somewhere along the month of March I just disappeared (again), but hey I have… absolutely no excuse except for the fact of school, and I have zero motivation. March proved yet, to be another flop because I had so many high expectations for myself for blogging, but obviously, it didn’t work out 😦 ! BUT I SWEAR ON MY TBR THAT I WILL SUCEED THIS APRIL, NO MATTER WHAT!


  • I joined track, and am planning to join more sport teams!! – So rip my poor calves because track is killing me. And it’s just week 1, but it was an amazing opportunity to make even more friends, and I get to stalk the cute boys playing basketball (lol jk). But I’m even more excited to join the volleyball team after spring break, my own gym teacher said I show promise!! Agh, I feel so hyped up just thinking about it!!
  • I’m on break – and I have absolutely zero plans. Except for reading, and try to find my motivation to blog, oh and studying (midterms for the second term are right after the break, and my pimples are raging)
  • I started binge-watching new shows!! – So you know all that time I planned to work on this blog??? I actually wasted it by watching a whole bunch of new shows! Like 90210, That Man Oh Soo, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (re-watch), Go Back Couple, and of course Supernatural, and Modern Family.



  • I’m struggling to find motivation – I don’t know these days it’s so hard to start writing a discussion post, or any post in genearl. That’s sorta one of the reasons why this wrap-up is kinda late. I didn’t really want to push myself soo hard that I end up detesting blogging, which I don’t want to happen. And watching my stats plummel wasn’t really helping, but I understand that the reason behind that is my fault. I’m still going to continue, but it won’t exactly be as frequent.
  • I’m getting better at making aesthetics, and gif edits for my favorite edits – Usually after finishing a book I create an aesthetic (something that is visually pleasing to the eye) for the book, and then I post it at my tumblr. I have been getting more notes, and I’m really happy to show these out in the world.
  • AUTHORS RETWEET/LIKE SOME OF MY TWEETS – So this started happening around last month, but I posted an aesthetic of Starfish, and the author liked, and retweeted my post. So did other authors like April G. Tucholke (author of Wink Poppy Midnight) , and S.K Ali (author of Saints, and Misfits) lie, and retweet the aesthetics I made! AND I WAS BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS ASDFGHJKL.






P O P U L A R   P O S T S

my blog 

how to spot a problematic book, and what to do with it


Around the Blogoshphere 



The books I read were meh this month, and lets just give me a pat on the back for being able to read 7, okay.

  • The Art of Feeling Laura Tims – Okay, talk about the most underrated book EVERRR! Like this book was so good, the writing style was super, the plot, the romance, EVERYTHING WAS JUST FANTASTIC!! Eliot is the perfect cinammon roll, and ugh my heart | 5 stars!!  
  • The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia – This took me forever to read because I was reading in ebook format, and ugh I hate ebook guys. Like they  are prety handy to use, but holding the actual physical book is wayyy better. Anyways, this was… okay?? Like it was intresting, but Marco really got on my nerves. | 3 stars 
  • The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Rueter Hapgood –  This was such a good, aesthetic-y, and well-written novel! Maybe one of the best I’ve read so far, but the main character was pretty damn annoying, and selfish. Also, it was super confusing, at times?? | 3.5 stars -> 4  
  • Wink Poppy Midnight – This book was slightly crazy, but it’s dark fantasy reminded me a bit of Cruel Prince, but not as good. But the plotline was pretty intresting, and Leaf sounds hot. | 4 Stars 
  • The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord – Ooooooh this was cute, but was it great?? Not really, I could relate with the MC a bit, but the plot wasn’t that great. Or original. | 4 stars 
  • The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee – UGH NO THIS WAS NOT FOR ME AT ALL. There was incest, so much girl  hate, and unintresting plot line |1 star 


  • Love, Hate, and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed – I have high expectations for this book, as it does touch upon a subject that is really important to me, and includes some diversity. I am currently liking it, but so far it’s pretty confusing???
  • Saints and Misfits by S.K Ali – Another highly anticipated book, and I readsome of it online through my library, and I’m not sure if I really like it?? Like the writing style is really rocky.
  • Off the Page by Jodi Picoult, and Samantha van Leer – Randomly picked this up, and it seems really cute. Also Jodi Picoult is a pretty popular author so I couldn’t resist.
  • The Rest of Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – Patrick Ness is a really good author, and this book sounds sooo intriguing, and it also got good reviews online! I am excited for this book.
  • Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler – This was just picked up randomly, and the blurb sounds really weird, but interesting enough. It also got pretty good reviews, so it better be worth it because this book is like 300+ pages long.


  • a whole bunch of mini reviews
  • endings – which type of endings are best for which type of books?
  • family relationships in books
  • blogging under a pseudonym – good or bad??


last months 

  • read all the books on this month’s tbr ✔ – I only had two books on my TBR, but I managed to read those, and read 5 more
  • KEEP ON DRINKING WATER ❌- nope nope nope nope.
  • do really good on the last of my exams (the pressure is on people) ✔ – YASSSSS YA GURL PASSED
  • post consistently (at least on discussion, and book review a week❌- NOPE I AM A FAILURE LOL

this month 

  • read at least 7 books this April
  • Write reviews for at least 3 of said books
  • Drink more water (plsss)
  • Post more often


So that was it for my slightly boring March. How was your month? How many books did you read? What do you have coming up? What were some of your favorite reads?? Any recommendations?? 







how to spot a problematic book, and what to do with it

the bookish community is considered golden in my eyes. it’s such a strong community that binds people of all race, sexuality, and gender through just books. and the bookish community is most definitely not afraid to voice out opinions on something problematic.

but i’m sure it has crossed all our minds once or twice, what makes a problematic book so problematic? whats the difference between books that are just bad, and books that should definitely be avoided? i had my fair share of books being problematic, especially concerning diversity.  and since there was so much discussion about the realistic representation in books, of course problematic books were mentioned.

signs of a PB 

  • using a diverse character as a plot device – this is basically when a diverse character is just placed in the book too just further the plot. and not in a more impact/important way. it’s like they’re just there to provide help to a protagonist quest/journey. and they usually die early on. this is absolute BS because why make the diverse character seem so irrelevant, and unworthy.  this can sort of be seen in most movies today using a black person as the one with sass, and attitude.
  • cultural appropriation – the act of using one cultures, and representing it in a way that does not show or respect said culture in anyway. like say, a white girl with dreads, or having a character named Jin, but does not fit the charestics of a jin (*looks at Rebel of the Sands*)
  • stereotypes –  might be the easiest one to look for. a book that has stereotypes like “all Asians are smart”, and “all Asians have tiger-strict parents”, as well as “the gay best friend”. these irk me to no end, because they’re not true!! i think i’d prefer a non-diverse book than a book that has diverse characters, but representing them inaccurately.
  • “____ is Asian” – 

me every single time i read “____ was asian,” 

allow me to bring up a map of Asia.


i even pulled up the kids version

how am i supposed to know how this character looks like if there are more than 40 countries in Asia. Are they Bengali, Indian, Korean, Japanese? most people typically believe that the largest continent is made up of THREE COUNTRIES.


  • “____ is pretty for a ___” – what is that supposed to mean? they’re pretty regardless of their race/ethnic group. they are pretty PERIOD.
  • using wrong pronouns – stop. when it comes to transgender, gender-fluid, or non-binary YOU MUST RESPECT THE PRONOUNS THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH. don’t simpily choose it based on the genitals they were born with. this is so, so, so important because of the lack of representation concerning LGBT community.  if you haven’t already noticed the recurring theme in this post, it’s to REPRESENT ACCURATELY.  
  • degrading ethnic group/race/sexuality – big red alert here! this can be anything from the use of slurs (which should never be used), to using them as villains in a book (Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth)
  • _______ is suffering from [insert disability] – i honestly never likes that term because of the word suffering. it makes it seem like disability is such a bad, and “weird” thing. authors should write other alternatives such as “______ has been diagnosed with [insert disability] when she was X years old”.
  • adjectives such as “exotic” to describe people – an example of this is when people describe Asian woman exotic. factually, this is wrong considering, that Asia has 48 countries. there are more of Asians than white’s, so technically, white people are the exotic one. and also, why exotic?? we are not some rare fruit, or spice. we are people!!
  • ” ______ is Desi” – it’s almost like point 4, but i just want to point out that Desi is a  political term that not everyone from South Asia refers themselves to. Desi doesn’t mean South Asian, it’s not interchangeable and so people should say South Asian if that’s what they mean.

how to deal with it

Spread the word, but provide backup – first put you review up on twitter, or goodreads, and then add evidence of how this book was being problematic. you can add direct quotes from the book, and explain why that was so problematic. paste your review in almost every platform available.  And do not recommend this book at all.

IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR DO YOUR RESEARCH – there are plenty of resources available. the library,  schools, other people! try not to spread messages of of sexism, racism etc…, and closely evaluate your work. this might be a taboo opinon, but i feel like if you’re (meaning the authors) not sure about your topic, and don’t feel like you have done adequate research, i don’t recommend to include it in your story. this is better than hurting, and misrepresenting other people. but as long as you have researched well enough, it’s okay!!  *shields myself from rocks*



so that my frend is how you spot a PB book! what are some problematic books you have read in the past? what are some other sings you can spot in a problematic book? also what are some good dark fantasy reads, because i just finished the cruel prince, and it jUST SET ME IN A MOOD 


February wrap-up // a.k.a the month of the worst blogging slump ever.

Compared to last month, February flew by like the blink of an eye.  Like we’re already almost onto the third month of 2018, and that means I’m growing older, and like no. I want to stay a young, flailing child forever.


  • I’m starting to get more active on twitter – (i finally remembered my password, lol)I don’t tweet consistently, and if I did it would be about nothing, because my life is boring. But I do post aesthetics about the latest books I have read, and I’m also free to talk about anything, and everything! So message me please!!
  • I did fabulous on my exams!! – I’m sooo happy I have been doing SUPER WELL in class!! And still managing to read a good number of books, and keeping up on twitter, this blog, and my two tumblr blogs!!! I find that amazing because I’m a slacker at heart, lol. I think having a studyblr really helped.
  • um that’s it, i have no life.

literally me 24/7


  • I changed up my blogging design, and style – Again. I did it again. I’m pretty sure whatever is left of my followers is like what the actual hell, because this is the 1-th time I changed it, and we’re not close to being halfway through 2018. But I can’t help it because… idk actually. I also started using punctuation, and correct grammer. Before I used to type with lowercases, but I can’t take it anymore!!! The perfectionist in me is COMING OUT!
  • I’m soo close to 700 followers – As of right now I have 660 something, but if I got too 700 followers by the end of March, I have a super fun giveaway coming up!
  • I hit a huge blogging slump – A slump is like the worst feeling ever. I don’t exactly know why I hit it. I had a lot of ideas, and everything, but I just was so unmotivated, and my drafts all sound like trash. I’m really hoping March will be wayy better.

P O P U L A R    P O S T S

My blog

I legit posted like two things on this blog, but they did do well in terms of stats so.


why negative reviews are so scary + how to not fail at writing them


made you up book review // *sobs aggressively in the distance*

Other blogs 

I haven’t been around the blogosphere around a lot, but here are 3 favorites


  • The Roles of Women in books
  • How To Spot Problematic Books
  • Turtles All The Way Down book review
  • Warcross Book Review

B O O K S   R E A D 

  • Turtles All The Way Down by John Green| 3.5 stars
  • Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh | 4 stars
  • Made You Up by Francesca Zappia | 4.5 stars 
  • What To Say Next by Julie Baxbum | 2 stars
  • Scythe by Neal Shusterman | 3 stars
  • Warcross by Marie Lu | 4.5 stars (ADHKJSFHSAKLDFJASH I LOOOOVED THIS BOOOK) 


I didn’t get that much books to read but I did get:



  • The New Guy (and other senior distractions) by Amy Spalding – Just something that I picked up along the way. I don’t have the most high expectations, but it sounds cute!!


  • read all the books on this month’s tbr
  • do really good on the last of my exams (the pressure is on people)
  • post consistently (at least on discussion, and book review a week


How was your month? How many books did you read? What do you have coming up? What were some of your favorite reads?? Any recommendations?? 

How To Stop Procrastination // For Bloggers and Students

we all have the one moment where we say “10 minutes later I’ll do that homework, which is worth about 85% of my graaaade”

I have them too, and I had them a bit too much, to the point where it was affecting my grades harshly¹If you haven’t figured it out already that’s called procrastination, my dudes² . And it’s bad, so I (a.k.a the Queen of Mastering Procrastination, acronym is QMP)  will give you tips, and tricks ON HOW TO SLAY THIS DRAGON!!

¹and by that i mean by like, two points. ya gurl ain’t stupid
² a term i stole from the wonderful Queen of Mangoes. Please don’t sue me, May!!


use forest

If technology got you in that situation in the first place, use it too get it out.  Recently, I used Forest as a way to help me concentrate on my studies, and as well as my blogging. I get really sidetracked on things like tumblr, snapchat, and instagram. Basically, Forest give you a tree (that’s digital, duh), and if you work hard, the tree will grow, and eventually be a forest! However, if you leave the app you are a horrible person cause you just killed a whole bunch of trees.  It really helps because I don’t wanna kill that tree!!

clean up surrounding areas

Before you get started, clean out your desk³. This will create a better surroundings that will get you in the zone. Remove anything that will distract you, and only lay out the basics. I usually keep only my binder, planner, and my pencil case anywhere I can have easier access too. For blogging, I usually just clean my desk area. And why not include a small plant, as they do produce a little bit of productivity.

Some people prefer motivational quotes near them while they study. I mostly like aesthetic pictures near me because I feel a bit more cooler, and tumblr-y???? I don’t know how to explain it other than it makes me feel/concentrate more better.
3and your room if you wanna be extra

listen to music

A very common tip, but a super helpful one. Although, studies have shown classical music best helps you, I think it’s just best to go with what you like. But make sure it helps you! If you don’t know what to listen too know that there are many options. Nature music, piano music, or instrumentals of songs you like. I generally listen to a lot of lo-fi, a genre I recently disovered. A good youtuber I reccomend is R L I  F E.  There are also tons of study/focus playlists too choose from!

do not multi-task

Multi-tasking is a huge mistake! Yeah sure, you can get some stuff done, but do you know what it’s doing to your brain??? It’s basically overloading it, which is something you do not what. Listening to an audiobook, while simotaneously blogging will lead to you either concentrating more about the book than the post, or the other way around. IT DOESN’T WORK!


Basically, beautify is an aesthetic term for “making your stuff look pretty4“.  In terms of blogging, change up your blog design to something that makes you feel good, and productive.  Speaking from a personal point of view, I would get hyped to post something after redesigning my blog. It would bring attention to my blog design, and I just published a something!!

In studying/student terms, spice up your notes! Use colorful pens, and fonts too make your notes look pretty. I recently got into this, and it’s helping me want to do more. I usually rewrite my class notes at home. This is a win-win situation, because your notes are so pretty, and your reviewing them at the same time!


start a studygram/studyblr

my photos are trash, sorry 

This worked for me!! So I hope it will work for you! This is also aimed to students who are struggling to get their stuff done. A studyblr is basically, a online communtiy on tumblr, where a whole bunch of smart people give tips on how to slay school, as well as share awesome pictures that will inspire you! Over the summer break, I have been getting into these, and my chemistry grade can prove that this has been helping me out!!

There are a bunch of posts to help you get started/tips :

Also check out mine @studywithlavender. And a tumblr made for Nerd In New York 



So that is my insufferably long post on how to make procrastination your slave. 700+ words! My goal is too reach 400!! Anyway, do these tips help you? What was the most helpful/favorite tip? What are other ways you think can help you avoid this? Why do I sound like a boring English teacher??

October Wrap-Up, Book Haul + Aesthetic // I get Neck Deep In the Laini Taylor Fandom

Hello everyone!


Soooo I have been inactive for a excessively long time, like wow I didn’t even know it was this possible for me too stay away from the internet so long while. But I do have a valid excuse, *opens mouth* *closes mouth*… I got nothing.

I actually don’t have a valid excuse. I could say I was busy, but I don’t think just watching k-dramas, and reading manga really count as “busy”. But one of November’s goal is too stop being inactive , and believe me, for once, I have a plan.

Anyway, October just flew by me. Like one month I was chilling up in my homeland, and then BAM, everyone has pumpkin spice latte in their hands, and wearing cozy fall stuff. And I’m like ???


sorry i’m going through a meme phase

But while I still noticed October was here, I HAD A VERY EXCITING MONTH, and I cannot wait to share with whatever is left of my followers.


B O O K S   R E AD

I DISCOVERED THE POWER OF HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARIES!!! SO. MANY. BOOKS. And I got to read a lot, so hiatus = more boooooooks!

  • Stranger The Dreamer by Laini Taylor – No lie, this is probably the best book I’ve read all in 2017. Whyyy haven’t I read this sooner?? Oh wait, I’m completely broke. But I loved, loved, loved Lazlo. He was so freaking shy, and innocent, and asdfghjkl why isn’t he reeeeal??? My full review is currently in it’s editing stage, but I can’t wait to share it. | 5 stars 
  • Once and For All by Sarah Dessen – When I saw this on goodreads for the first time, I freaked out. Sarah Dessen (a.k.a one of my favorite authors. EVERRR!) wrote a new boook, about weddings!! I actually loved this book, but I had a problem with the main character, who was a major prick. | 4 stars 
  • Frostblood by Elly Blake – Loved the cover, but the story??? Ehhhhh. I mean I did think the plot was weak, and LIKE EVERY SINGLE FANTASY BOOK OUT THERE. The romance was not needed. At all. | 3 stars 
  • The Serpent King by Jeff Zetner – I went into the book thinking it was a fantasy novel, because I didn’t read the blurb. So I was really confused when no evil snakes came in??? After I got over my state of confusion, I really got bored of it. The pacing was sloooow. |3 stars 
  • Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza – Once again, love the cover, but story was really boring. I did enjoy it too some extent. I guess. | 3 stars 
  • Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard – UM OKAY WHAT IS UP WITH THIS BOOK, WOW OKAY. | 3 stars 
  • Tell Me Three Things – It has been pretty long since I read SUCH A CUTE BOOK, ASDFGHJKL WOW | 4 stars 


  • Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman – THIS BOOK WAS LIT | 4 STARS 


b l o g g i n g

So um, this section is preeety small, as I have been too lazy too go on the internet.

  • I have started my bookstagram – So it has been on hiatus for a suuper long time, and I have opened it up again. I got a new phone, and before that I had too share with my older sister. As it is with siblings, she hardly let me use it. But now, I can use instagram to upload some pictures!
  • Nerd In New York has it’s own tumblr!! – So awhile ago, I did make a tumblr, but that turned into a studyblr (which has helped me out a lot in school). Now I made one specifically for Nerd In New York! This will include pictures, updates, and exclusive posts, and other things I will figure out. So check it out if you want to!! 
  • New!! Feature!! Out!! Soon!! – I have a jumbled details in my head, but I know I want it out!!

Around the blogosphere 

n e w    b o o k s

So yeah, there is a wonderful thing called school libraries, and I love it!! It’s much easier to go here than my public library (so. far. awayyyy), and I actually remember to return books 😀 I think I went overboard with this list though, but #YOLO

  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde – FANDOMSSSSSSS
  • Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin – Second book in the Wolf by Wolf series! The first book left me in such a cliffhanger!
  • Gem and Dixie by Sara Zarr – This the story of a broken family, and two sisters. I love any story about family, especially sisters because I am able to relate so much!

u p c o m i n g

I don’t have that much posts (as of now), but here is what I’m planning for the future month of November (a.k.a MY B-DAYYYY month)

  • Strange the Dreamer aesthetic + review
  • Empress of a Thousand Skies review
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • libraries vs bookstores



So that was my month for October! I’m really hypes up for November because I have plans on making my blog better, as well as balancing my studies, and clubs. A marking period just ended, and I’m striving hard to do better! Fighting!! But how was your month? How many books did you read? How many posts did you publish (if it’s more than 1, I’m jealous)? What was your highlight for October? What’s coming up for November?? Please let me know!

Types of Bookworms // Which One Are You???


We, bookworms are very strange creatures.

I men c’mon we would probably give up paying our rent, and bills for that gorgeous hardcover version  of Stranger the Dreamer (which is my current read as of now, and help I’m slowly dying because this book is sooo huge). But like there are different levels of strangeness, and today I will explain those levels of strangeness. Because we are strange.

(ugh, save yourself from this cringey introdutiocn, but im running low on sleep)

The Stone-Hearted Bibliophile

  • Does not CRY at anything
  • Not even in Snape’s “always” *wipes away a tear*
  • Does not even laugh at the funniest books (Like Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl)
  • No feelings whatsoever
  • Heart is made of ice
  • Literally reads with this face on 


The “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Reader

  • Legit has an identity crisis when they are reading
  • “Do I even like this book?”
  • “Do I like reading?”
  • “What am I?”
  • “Where am I”
  • “Who am I”
  • Wow that escalated quickly
  • Still ends up reading, somehow

The “Unpopular Opinion” Reader

  • Have a favorite book? This reader will probably spoil everything good about it.
  • Has expecations the height of The Empire State Building
  • 5 stars don’t exist in their book
  • Is suuuper honest. Will explain everything sooo thoroughly.
  • Not essentially a hater, but not much of a… well… “liker” either
  • Favorite word is garbage
  • Likes proving everyone wrong

The Broke-As-Hell Reader

  • Literally every bibliophile in the whole universe
  • Has a love-hate relationship with libraries. (cause free books! But then they have to return them)
  • Loves used bookstores/2nd hand bookshops
  • Can’t afford essential textbooks, but has enough money to but 3 Coleen Hoover books + bookish merch.
  • “If I cover this stain with a marker, I could save on laundry, and buy a new book!”

The Obsessive Fangirl

  • Say their favorite book, and they get TRIGGERED
  • Initiate squealing
  • Exsessive hand flapping, and jumping
  • Starts shaking you till your no more
  • Needs to come with a warning label
  • Merchandise everywhere

The Productive Bibliophile

  • The least insane out of everyone, tbh
  • But still insane
  • Reads about 10 books a week
  • Has a review for every single book
  • Every. Single. One
  • DNF doesn’t exist in their vocabulary
  • An absolute monster if you disturb them, while their reading
  • *goes back to reading, like they did not just threaten to knock someone unconscious* cause books hurt, people




So what kind of bookworm are you? I think I’m sort of a mix of the Obsessive Fangirl, and the Broke-as-Hell reader. I had a lot of fun writing this post!!

The Difference Between YA and NA // A Post to Clear Things Up


My blog is all about one big, fat genre: YA (young adult). I read it, I write it, I live it. And I also used to be one of those people who confuse it with another big genre. New Adult. Both have many common elements, but there is overall a HUGE difference. That’s why they are two different genres. 

And in this post, I’m sharing how to distinguish YA from NA.


why do people get them confused?

There could be different reasons for different people, but the common ones are:

  • well there is adult in both of the names
  • there are so many common elements story wise
  • and the voice can be pretty similar at times.


  • Younger character age – YA books are about teenagers who are in the 14-17 age. They are also dependent on someone, like their parents, grandparents, relatives, even the government. The main protagonist is at a point in his/her life where they need someone for support. 
  • Mostly about coming of age – Most YA books are about teenagers trying to become who they are. One of my favorite books Girl Overboard by Justina Chen, is about Syrah trying to get herself, and her life together after a snowboarding accident. She doesn’t know who she is. Some rich mans daughter or snowboarding queen? 
  • Setting – Most of the drama, and action takes place in high school. 
  • Teenage audience – I agree, many adult read YA (and that’s totally fine too!), but it’s main target is teenagers. 
  • Language – The language, and writing style is much different than a New Adult book. There is swearing involved, but it is less then a NA  book. And it definitely more care-free because they are not adults yet. 


  • More mature age – New Adult main characters are aged between 18-25. 
  • More mature setting – You won’t see an NA book near an high school. It will most likely be a college or even a household. 
  • Mostly about being or becoming an adult – The main theme or so, in New Adult is about becoming an adult, or the struggles of an adult, or becoming an adult, but you don’t want to be an adult. Just a lot of adult-ish themes around. 
  • Adult audience – Of course a teenager will pick up an NA (like me), but it’s obviously intended for a bigger audience. 



That’s MY way of distinguishing NA, and YA. I decided to write this post after seeing Paper Princess shelved as “NA”. While it does have graphic themes, and almost rape (it was written by 2  erotic authors), it is most definitely not YA. What are your way of telling yourself “this is a ya/na book”? Which genre do you prefer? Do you agree/disagree?