Things I Do Instead of Reviewing Books // Guilty Pleasures of Bibliophiles Everywhere

Nowadays, I hardly find time to read books. And then when I do (I finished like 6 books this month) I almost NEVER REVIEW THEM!! It really aggravates me because I feel like book reviewing is the heart of book blogging. It’s also kind of the reason why I started this blog anyway, so if I’m not reviewing it defeats the purpose. I notice that when I do have time to review, I do something else.

Listening To K-POP

Here’s a little fun fact about me: I love watching korean dramas, listening to korean music, watching anime, and listening to J-POP.  A lot. I’m actually listening to it right now (Playing With Fire by Blackpink is one my faves). You are probably thinking why I can’t I just listen to music, and review books. I can’t because

  • I’m usually trying to find other songs to listen to next
  • I’m always belting out the lyrics in my horrible voice, and I need the video for that
  • I just want to, don’t judge okay?
  • Watching people dance in the MV’S are just much better.

Going on Social Media

I am ADDICTED to social media! Now, I’m going on instagram a lot, but before I was on pinterest, tumblr, and before that it was twitter. I don’t have any friends, but I usually stalk k-pop singers. I also spend a lot of time creating aesthetics on tumblr, and maybe I’m getting better at it?


I’m in my senior year at my school, so I have regents, tests (I have one tomorrow, about MATH!), homework, and,community service to take care of. Aaaaand then I have younger siblings to help with their tests, homework. I’m a pretty busy person at home, and I also manage to remain social with my friends. Instead of taking out a YA book, I usually spend my time with a calculus textbook.

Writing Other Posts

I’m supposed to be writing a review for one series (5 books), and 3 books. That’s eight books I have to take care of. Instead, I’m writing a post about why I’m  not doing things I’m  not supposed too. I get a lot of discussion post  ideas, and sometimes it gets really good that I end up erasing what I have for a review, and begin on that instead.

What I’m Doing To Encourage Myself

  • Setting up a playlist – I’ll make a playlist with all my favorite k-pop songs, and listen too that while I’m reviewing.  
  • Take me phone way and force myself not to visit social media for a limited tim 
  • Get a planner
  • Set a schedule for myself


So have you ever done something like this? What was your solution? Is this relatable? Do you know where to get a planner???