Blogs I Follow

Welcome to my blog follow roll! This is basically a list of blogs I follow, and their buttons. Some of them may have swapped with me, or not, but it doesn’t matter because THEY’RE ALL SPECIAL! If you want to be added, just tell me in the comments below.  Make sure to take my button.


Forever and Everly
a paper reverie
The Talk With Moi
Blots of Ink and Words



28 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow

      1. It’s on the footer! Scroll down to the bottom of the page on my new blog and it should be there? You just copy and paste the HTML given to the HTML editor of the page and HOPEFULLY it all goes swimmingly well?

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      1. AHHH I’m not sure why I never replied to this. I haven’t put your button up on my page yet, woops. I’ll put it up right away! hope to see my button up there soon 😉 and thanks! :))

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