How Book Blogging Changes The Way I Read // A Very *Late* Post

Okay, okay, okay sooo on April 10th, 2018 marked my second year of blogging, and I totally forgot about it?? Like, I didn’t get the notification, and I only found out because I was planning out my week, and there was a star next to April 10. BUT THERE WAS JUST A STAR, SO MY STUPID BRAIN PROBABLY IGNORED IT, UGHHHHH!!

So yeah, that’s literally my life in one paragraph.

Since, I couldn’t write a whole proper, sappy post about how important this is too me I’m just going to make up for it by writing a less, sappy post  about how blogging changed me.

It’s not a lie when I say that blogging has made a huge impact on me. Not just my social life (i don’t need friends anymore), but in one of the most important things too me. The way I read.

I could launch a whole separate post of what reading means to me, but since that is not the point of this post we’re not going to that. Instead, I’m going to talk about how blogging changed my way of reading.

changing the way i review books

I have joined goodreads way back in 2012 way before I even knew what a blog was, mainly because I wanted to find out good books to read. It was a wonderful platform, and when I found out you can make your own reviews I freaked out, and proceeded to write a whole bunch of reviews.

Except they were reviews that only consisted of “I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH JKDSFLIJWEEREWIWEAJIEHNWOEO” or “wow this book was amazing lajfksjljoeroaur, read it aohdlsajdla”. And tbh, I still sort of review like that, but back then I considered this professional.

me @ my past self

Now, however, I put a lot of effort into my reviews. I make sure they make sense, try to make them funny, and most importantly make my opinion clear. This is because when I’m reading, I keep track of things I would want to use in my review. Things I would’ve never noticed or pay attention too. It made me a very critical reader which also helped me in real life.

help me discover important issues (ex: diversity)

I’ll be really honest, and I hope this isn’t considered a problematic statement, but I never did notice the lack of diversity in books until I actually started blogging. And then I realized how important this topic is, and I started to buy more books that have diverse reps in them.

And then I noticed a blog post a few days ago talking about World War II and how it affected her family. I took an interest in it, and now I’m reading The Book Thief (again), and looking at it with a different perspective.

help me discover evn more books + genres

What’s the one thing that’s better than books? MORE BOOKS!!

I was, and still am a HUGE fantasy reader. And I didn’t really like contemporary because I felt like they were pretty pointless. But then Kasie West book The Fill In Boyfriend was suuuper hyped, and I checked it out. And I was hooked. I started to read other contemporary authors like Sarah Dessen, Jeniffer Brody, Emery Lord, and soon contemporary novels are something I read regularly.

me but less cuter lol

It’s crazy too think back, and see that I, disliked YA contempt. because now I can’t stop reading it.

And I figured out some really good book recs! There are so many great bloggers out there who hit me with they’re book reccs, and it’s so amzing?? Seriously, I’m tearing up rn.

Connecting with other people!

Sometimes I feel like that I’m the only one who actually touched a book in the past month when I’m with my friends. A lot of my friends don’t read books as obsessively, or happily as I do. And reading is literally, a great part of my life, and I don’t know where I’d be without it, so I don’t have a place to fangirl. But blogging of course, changed that.

me everytime i find someone who likes books

I know 50+ people online who have read the same books as me, and could fangirl with me, and that’s amazing!! Now when I’m reading, I look for books that me, and my other book blogging friends would enjoy.


Happy late two years to Nerd In New York!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! How does blogging affect you? Has it changed your life in a way?






9 thoughts on “How Book Blogging Changes The Way I Read // A Very *Late* Post

  1. Happy 2-year blogiversary! I definitely agree with you about how blogging changes the way I review. Before blogging, I used to just try my best to explain to people how much I liked a book, usually with a lot of ‘OMG’s and various sound effects to get my message across haha 😀
    And I’ve discovered so many new books through recommendations and blog posts.
    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to reading more posts from you 🙂


  2. That’s great! I’m glad blogging has gone well for you. I get the professionalism thing – when I first started blogging, I followed anyone and everyone that said they did book reviews. I’ve since unfollowed most of those first blogs, because some felt so unprofessional and spam-tastic that I instantly deleted the the notification. By unprofessional, I mean using a dozen exclamation points after every sentence, and having a site so cluttered and obscenely colorful it felt like a site you shouldn’t be on (like you accidentally clicked on one of those “meet single people in your area” ads.

    But, I’ve also found some amazing blogs (like yours) that have given me great recommendations, other blogs to follow, and other ways of seeing the books I read – like diversity. It’s not something I noticed until I started looking for it. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on 2 years! I agree with all the ways blogging has changed my life. It definitely opened up doors in the reading world I never would have discovered otherwise. Lately I’ve been thinking about being a more critical reader can be a double edged sword however. Sometimes I feel that when I read prior to blogging, I enjoyed what I was reading more because i wasn’t picking it apart during reading. Now, it feels like I’m constantly thinking of what I’m going to refer to in my review. It’s both a good thing, and maybe not such a good thing.


  4. Happy 2 year blogsivesary! (did I spell that right??) Ok, my early goodreads reviews are terrible, because I had no idea what I was doing. (Do I have any idea now? Probably not) But my reading style has changed form just, OMG, let me read this book! To now, I actually think about how I’m going to talk about and review it while I’m reading it. Makes me read a tiny bit slower and more thoughtfully.
    And I’ve also picked up so many diverse books because of goodreads and blogging. I’ve been introduced to new genres and styles, and grown so much as a reader. I love how we can all grow together in the book blogging world. 🙂


  5. Aww, happy 2 years, Amena!! I’m so happy for you, and so glad I found you and became friends. 💖 And omg I relate so much to discovering a lack of diversity when I started getting more into the bookish community?? I of course had been reading for a long time, but had never questioned the fact that everyone was white and straight (and cis and abled and neurotypical and lean). I guess it was just normal to see those kinds of characters in all the books I read. 🙄


  6. Happy anniversary! On to many more years 💕 I relate to your old reviews so much omg. When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, and I didn’t even review books in separate posts – I just reviewed all of them at the end of the month, so of course I didn’t remember everything. Though even if I did it was still ‘WOW I LOVED THIS BOOK IT’S SO GOOD YOU SHOULD READ IT EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT GIVING YOU ANY OTHER REASON APART FROM ME LOVING IT’ 😂


  7. omg i agree, blogging has changed the way I read SO MUCHHH????????? the diversity is definitely one thing I never really looked for? while reading, I just kind of enjoyed it where I found it, but now I actively seek out diverse books and feel disappointed when a book has none. it’s for sure a “whole new world’ moment c: c:
    anddd the genres!!!!!!! before I started blogging, I basically refused to read fantasy bc i read the Hobbit and said, “oh well this book is horrible so surely /////THE ENTIRE GENRE//// must suck as well”
    *bc my logic was mature af
    (I have grown as a person so much sldkfjlsdkjflsjk)


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