Zodiac Signs as Bibliophiles // i try to be an “astrologist”


So this was totally random! I used to be a huge fan of astrology, and zodiac signs (I’m a scorpio!!) back when I was younger. I remember going on Pintrest as typing in “scorpio traits”, and gasp at everything that was true, and everything else that wasn’t true would just go over my head.

Now that I’ve grown out of my little phase, I thought it would be fun to make a little post about the signs, cause I have been on tumblr way too much.

NONE OF THIS IS ACCURATE SO PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!! i probably got like everything wrong because my research was all over the place, please don’t yell at me if anything (which it probably is) is wrong, asdfghjkl i’m sorryyy 


  • that one person whose nose is literally stuck in a book
  • seems like a super nice, shy, cutie
  • but when they fangirl/boy
  • cue excited squeals, hand shaking, yelling, and maybe some spontaneous punching
  • likes to read books about badass female characters, and diversity
  • they can get pretty mad if you insult them about their favorite fandom
  • gets super feisty and sassy
  • “Your opinion is equivalent to that garbage can outside”
  • Not afraid to venture out, and read new books
  • willing to give a try to all the books rated 3 stars or below
  • DNF, never heard of it


  • awww such a cute smol bean
  • likes oversized sweaters, and a large paperback with their favorite drink
  • snorts at punny jokes from the book
  • likes contemporary romance more than any other genre
  • is pretty patient with annoying characters
  • likes classics
  • sucker for cute romance
  • blushes at the fluffy scenes
  • but has a straight face when reading… ya know…  PG13
  • really emotional over books
  • ugly cries
  • when something is funny they don’t just laugh, they literally GUFFAW
  • most likely to fall in a reading slump
  • likes reading books with their favorite playlist in the background


  • these people are mostly known for their dual personalities, so it’s a little easy to choose their next book
  • reads whatever they want
  • likes fantasy + sci-fi the most
  • if they review a book, their reviews are so eloquent, and so smooth
  • but also very witty
  • almost everyone knows them, because they are just so good at communicating with someone
  • very popular in the book/blogging world
  • that one user who has read almost every single book
  • literally
  • i feel like i’m describing cait @ paperfury
  • is she a gemini?


  • like at one point, all bibliophiles have this phase where they bonkers over their book, and like a wolf protecting its cubs
  • but cancer is on a whole other level
  • has a paper that says every single book on their bookshelf
  • but doesn’t really need it because their super smart, and have it all filed in their head
  • angry devil when one of their books are gone
  • really sympathetic with characters over books
  • thinks characters are a super important part of books
  • likes to relate to characters emotionally, and spiritually
  • cried after reading they both die at the end by adam silvera
  • has a whole list of book boyfriends/girlfriends
  • that one blogger WHO USES CAPS ALL THE TIIIIME!!
  • and exclamation points!!
  • !!


  • is that reader is open to all books, whether it’s horror, or romance. has homosexuality, or mental illness.
  • very generous person
  • is very unpredictable with what books they’ll read
  • after reading a super scary horror book, they might go onto some fluffy romance
  • or something like that idk
  • like i said, very unpredictable
  • they rarely update their blog, but has such great content
  • and has over 600+ followers
  • really well known in the blogosphere
  • doesn’t take that long to find out if they are going to like the book or not
  • so it saves them a lot of time
  • has no emotion whatsoever
  • doesn’t cry, laugh, or make a sound when reading
  • they could disappear without contact for days
  • and when you’re super worried you find out they’ve been hiding out in their room
  • with a book
  • obviously


  • the really forgetful reader
  • “what page was i on??”
  • “where’s my book?”
  • “who is this??”
  • if a book is too long, they’ll forget about it
  • scared of books 300+ long
  • hardly blogs
  • but super popular because of the great content
  • really analyzes books, and could figure out what all the confusing methaphors mean
  • favorite book is probably The Outsiders
  • REALLY really really shy, and very cute
  • but loves, loves, loves, talking about books


  • the very aesthetic™ bibliophile
  • very easygoing, and sociable
  • the only person who has their bookshelves organized
  • has a super cute bookmark
  • has fairy lights, fuzzy carpets, and fuzzy socks, with a drink from starbucks
  • oversized sweaters!!!
  • likes reading books about adventure, and romance mostly
  • has a very nice blog design,
  • probably made it theirselves
  • because they are so aesthetic
  • experiences the most feelings when reading books
  • once they start reading, they get very immersed in a book
  • so be careful trying to get them out


  • hates love triangles
  • hates anyone trying to talk to them while reading
  • loves fantasy
  • lives for any kind of diverse rep
  • really, extreme fangirl
  • likes to eat while reading
  • likes the villain the most
  • like huge 500+ angsty, fantasy books
  • could literally read anywhere
  • likes puns
  • has a case of resting bitch face when reading
  • especially the signed ones
  • is a expert in solving mysteries in books
  • (although when it comes to real life, they are completely lost, i know that from personal experience)
  • has a really minimalist, clean, and sleek blog
  • looks really intimidating when reading


  • loves funny books
  • generally a nice person to approach
  • but not when they are reading
  • has a love/hate relationship with love triangles
  • and also a lot of crying when the guy/girl they wanted didn’t end up with who they wanted
  • very straightforward when it comes to books
  • if you are reading book, and they would like it they would probably spoil everything.
  • “ugh, that book was so dumb because in the ending…”
  • never keeps a straight face when reading
  • won’t be to afraid to cry in the middle of the street because of their book
  • always keeps a pack of tissues (lol)
  • really humorous, and jolly
  • really, really, really EXTREME FANGIRL
  • i’m not kidding
  • they will get TrIgGeRed if they hear their favorite fandom
  • will also argue back if you are calling the fandom trash
  • maybe even fight you
  • sniffles at the mention of harry potter
  • super outgoing, and popular in the blogging world
  • woooow, i wrote so much for Sagittarius and that’s not even my sign???


  • jesus this is so looong
  • anyway capricorns are super soft
  • they have such a pure, and smol heart
  • so they pretty much cry at every sad book they come across
  • or if like a cat die
  • i would cry too because heLLO THAT’S A CAT, AND CATS ARE IMPORTANT, ‘KAY
  • but they love, love, love books with soft, and happy endings
  • likes to read fairy tale retelling the most
  • hates plot twists
  • especially the bad ones
  • like where Snape was actually good, and ended up dying
  • probably the only one who doesn’t read late into the night
  • because capricorns need their beauty sleep ya’ll
  • but this could change if a book is REALLY GOOD
  • doesn’t have really high expectations for books
  • unless it’s really hyped
  • can be pessimistic at times, but likes to be proven wrong (because like i said, they love happy endings)


  • loyal to their fandom
  • and ship
  • have no choice to fight you if you disagree
  • gets really attached to fake boys/girls in books but who doesn’t? 
  • has really high expectations for books (and people)
  • 5 stars doesn’t exists to them
  • or 4.5
  • reads books in class, but has top-notch grades
  • can’t deal with dumb main characters, and will change the book
  • also very attached too books
  • very dangerous to lend books
  • if they really liked it, they won’t let it go, and proceed to yell it at everyone’s face
  • if they don’t, than R.I.P that book
  • as well as the rest of the fandom
  • not easily fooled
  • can see plot twists from a mile away
  • reads books super fast
  • doesn’t review books, because it takes too long


  • last one!!!
  • loves, loves, loves fantasy books
  • really compassionate, and cries whenever something remotely sad happens
  • likes too listen to music while reading
  • and candles
  • very aesthetic
  • reads books to ignore the horrible responsibilities of the world
  • master procrastinator
  • over-analyzes EVERYTHING
  • likes murder mysteries
  • probably liked reading Nancy Drew when they were little
  • really sarcastic in their posts
  • cries about a death in a book, but won’t be afraid to shove humans.
  • has very little favorite books
  • will love a book to the end, no matter how much it destroyed them
  • will knock you out with a book if you bother them
  • and will have 0 regrets


so that took forever, and resulted in a post that’s all over the place, and is 1k+ words!!! wooow 1K that’s more than all the words i have ever said in my life, combined.  SO DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, PLEASE!! i am just a broke student, not an astrologist. it’s just for fun, and whatever. Soo how do you like this post? which sign are you? which sign fits you the most??


42 thoughts on “Zodiac Signs as Bibliophiles // i try to be an “astrologist”

  1. Oh my god I LOVE THIS POST!!! This was SO much fun to read Balie, aaahhh. And omg, so many of the things you said for Scorpio were so true?? I hate love triangles, hate people INTERRUPTING MY READING, love fantasy & diverse rep, very fangirly, love eating & reading, and I LOVE PUNS. I really don’t like 500+ fantasy books tho (500 PAGES IS TOO LONG AND SCARY) and bruh I literally am the worst at solving mysteries. 😂 Anyways, this was such a fun post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. asdfghjk i’m so freaking sorry!! i don’t know a lot of capricorn traits, and while i did research it, i wasn’t sure how to incorporate into the topic i was writing about (which is bibliophiles). once again, i’m really sorry, but thank you for telling me!! if you could tell me how i could fix it that would be SUPER GREAT!


  2. I was reading this and thinking, I’m like so much of all of these? And then I read Aquarius, and I’m like, YES! This is me. Totally me.
    And I’m not looking up my zodiac sign because I really like your description of the Aquarius, so I’m sticking there even if I don’t match that date 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BAHAHA. The one for Leo is only half true for me! I do love books of almost all genres, and I do read contemporary romances after a horror book. 😉 Apart from that, I have MUCH emotions when I read–I cry and laugh and do all those weird noises. Also, I do rarely update my blog (well, not rarely, but I post much less than some other blogs), although I don’t think I’m well-known at all!

    Awesome post, Balie! ❤ (Also, I ADORE your blog name. Very cute.)

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahahaha I absolutely love this post! I’m a gemini so let’s see if you got things right 😛
    I do read whatever I want and I like fantasy the most (sci-fi depends), I hope my reviews are eloquent and smooth 😂 and that I’m witty – definitely trying to achieve that
    I know pretty much all astrological websites and stuff say geminis are supposed to be really social and good at communicating but alas, I am not. And if only I had read every book 😢
    So about half of it is right? 😛 I say that’s really impressive haha

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love this post, its so fun to read! I’m a Sagittarius and so much of this seemed to fit, even though I don’t believe star signs as much as I used to. The only one I can really disagree with is “sniffles at the mention of harry potter” because I haven’t read them, but I definitely know Sagittariuses who it applies to.

    Liked by 1 person

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