July Wrap-Up // I Finally Read More Than 6 Books!

Usually, I’ll say X month has passed away so fast, but to be honest July took forever. Not because I didn’t read a lot of books (because I did, I read soooo much), but because I was looking forward to the exciting prospects of August. I have some important announcements + news during this post! 


P E R S O N A L 

  • i’m going on vacayyyyy – Some people are saying “summer is over blah, blah, blah”, but too me I feel like summer just began. I’m going on vacation from Aug. 7th TO Sep.14! So this is going to be my last wrap-up at the moment. But where I am going, there is bad interenet, and since I don’t want to waste 80$, I won’t have any internet. So I won’t be able to blog, or go on goodreads. Not until Sept. 20.

The reason I won’t be back five days later than my return date, is because I will be going to school, so I will need time to adjust (to school, and timezones)

  • i started a brand new tumblr – So I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do on it, maybe like post random bookish stuff. I’ve been thinking to create aesthetics revolving around my favorite books. I already posted something! It’s called strawberry snow. Do any of you guys have a  tumblr? Link it, so I can visit!
  • I updated my goodreads “About Me” section – I am sooo proud of it because it feels like I FINALLY wrote an about me, that actually feels like ME.

B O O K I S H / B L O G

I READ 23 BOOKS THIS MONTH! I feel honestly so proud of myself, because these past few months I’ve only read 6 books (on average). I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone, or make this post extra long so I only wrote about the memorable books. Here are some of them + my thoughts, and links to reviews (if I did any).

  • The UnlikeliesSadie was such a boring, and bland character. The plot was a bit exciting, but it got really boring at times| 3 STARS 
  • Vassa in the Night | I was excited by the premise of a Russian fairy tale retelling. I even did some research on the fairy tale itself! But this book was a huge disappointment, and honestly I felt like I was played. By a book. | 2 stars 
  • The Darkest Part of The Forest | Wow. THIS BOOK WAS WONDERFUL!! I reallly loved the sub plots, and how everythin just FIT together. The world building, and plot, and even the characters were one of the best parts of the books!| 4.5 STARS
  • The Girl At MidnightThis was also a pretty good fantasy book. I feel like it’s perfect for every hard-core fantasy lover out there!| 4 stars 
  • The Upside of UnrequitedSuch a fantabulous book! I didn’t expect less from Becky Albertalli. I feel like I really need to read Simon V.S now| 4.5 STARS 
  • Noteworthy | I loved this book so freaking much. My heart, and stomach gets the fuzzy feels when thinking about this book, lol. The main character is so diverse, and the plot was hilaroius (the MC dresses up as a guy to join a singing group, and she has to keep her cover throughout the book). | 5 beautiful stars 

To view the rest of my books read in July, see my shelf on Goodreads.

August Book Haul

I only got a  few books because, as I said, I’m going on vacation. These are only to read for the first week until I go, but I’m still excited to read them.

  • A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis – Author of Female of the Species, which I loved soo much! So when I saw this, I had to get this along with…
  • Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis – I feel like I’m turning into trash into her books, because when I see her name, I buy.
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black – Holly Black is the author of The Darkest Part of the Forest, which I loved dearly, so I got this too. IT HAS VAMPIRES!
  • The Shadow Queen – So I already read this (oops!), but I bought it for August, so I guess it stills counts????


Trending on Nerd In New York




Favorite Posts Around the Internet


Since, I’m leaving in the beginning of August there won’t be any posts from me! So here is what’s upcoming for this week:

  • What makes a good book, a good book?
  • Shadow Queen book Review

That’s literally it, i feel like crying.



How was July for you guys? How much books did you read??? What’s up for you guys next month? Let me know! 

14 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up // I Finally Read More Than 6 Books!

  1. Have an amazing vacation, Balie! You deserve it. I feel like summer isn’t over yet, either. I mean, it isn’t technically over until mid September. Girl, that’s a lot of books! I read close to zero this month, but I have been crazy busy, so I have an excuse.

    ~ Pip


  2. Yayayay
    for VayKay!!!
    You have GREAT taste in books. I can’t recommend Simon v. the HSA enough. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to read it during your extra vaykay time. A lot of people had a lukewarm response to Holly Black’s The Darkest Part of the Forest, but I liked it too!


  3. Have fun on your vacay! I’ll miss your posts <£

    OMG TWENTY THREE BOOKS? WAT EVEN. I read like 8+ books a month on average, this month a little more. It takes me at least 4 months to finish that amount. AHEM JEALOUS. Oh, and thanks for linking to my post, makes my day!


  4. Ohhh vacation that’s great! Hope you’ll have fun 🙂 I also recently created a new tumblr haha, for aesthetics only though, but it includes book aesthetics of course! 23 books is amazing 😱 I don’t know how many I read, but if it’s a lot it’s because I read quite a few comics haha. Thank you so much for sharing my post! 🙂


  5. You had such an incredible reading month, 23 books, that’s CRAZY! I’m impressed 🙂
    I hope you’ll have tons of fun during your vacation 🙂 ❤


  6. 23 BOOKS??? ARE YOU SOME WIZARD OR SOMETHING??? *dies* That’s so awesome! I loved The Female of the Species a lot so if I get to Mindy’s other books, I hope I like them (and you too, of course). Ooh, enjoy your vacation! And thank you so much for linking my post! ❤


  7. I had a good July, it’s so weird to think that I’m not going back to school until 2018 (I graduated in May and am having half a gap year before university). I did a lot of writing in July and not enough figuring things out, and lots of reading. I read Replica nad A million Junes and lotsssss of other books and enjoyed most of them. I’ve really liked Sarah Porters other books, but I haven’t read Vassa in the Night yet, but I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Have a great holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. 23 books! Dang…. thats a lot of books! And her I was thinking finally reaching my goal of 20 books read on GoodReads was an accomplishment! Loved the links to other blogs with the funny posts about bookworm struggles (bc I understand!) cute blog! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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