The Unlikelies Book Review // A Summer Read that Was Sweet & Sour

Title: The Unlikelies

Author: Carrie Firestone

Rating: 3 Stars


P R O S ✨

  • Interesting Story – The thing that attracted me more to this book (other than the delicous cover) was the the blurb, and the story line. Sadie’s life changes when she saves a baby, and risks her life while doing it. After the incident Sadie gets invited to a luncheon for being a hero, and meets four students who were also being awarded for doing good things. Jean, Gordie, Alice, and Val become her friends for the rest of the summer, and start a chain of good deeds, staring an anonymous group called “The Unlikelies”

It was fun, and interesting to see the group take on bullies, and even drug addicts. It wasn’t really lighthearted because there were some heavy topics in the book, and I felt like that fit the book perfectly.

  • Friendships – Really the chemistry between Sadie, and her friends were really sweet. Even though the characters didn’t really know each other, they were there for each other in the darkest of times (Alice’s drug addict best friends, Val’s boyfriend, and Jean’s loss of his father). It felt like they knew each other for their whole life, and the way they acted was sweet, and supportive <3.
  • Family relationships – Sadie’s parents were wonderful, and kind to each other, and Sadie. They weren’t pushy, and let Sadie basically do whatever she wants. But of course, they do look out for her, and encourage her to hang out with her new friends.

C O N S  ✨

  • Too Unreal – Some events in the book were to far fetched. For example: Mr.Upton choosing Sadie to give THOUSAND OF DOLLARS worth of DIAMONDS of all the people. There wasn’t really an exact reason for this, other than Mr. Upton saying Sadie “is the one I’ve been waiting for all these years”. Which, is proved wrong by Mr. Upton’s caretaker, Sissy. Sissy said that Mr. Upton has been “doing this for years”.  That was just crazy 🙄
  • Romance – I didn’t quite enjoy the romance between Sadie, and Gordie because it was just bland, and boring. There was a lot of physical, and less sweeter moments which made me cringe. I think the author didn’t improve on her romance skills, because I didn’t enjoy it in her last novel, The Loose Ends List either.



Sadie – Overall, she was a good character. Sadie has a big heart, she wasn’t and idiot, and she was a great friend. But the thing was, I felt like she had no personality. After reading a 336 page book, narrated by her, I couldn’t gauge simple facts about her. Other than the fact she likes making care packages, but that’s it.

Alice – Comapred to Sadi’es bland personality, Alice was like bright sunlight. To be honest, I liked  her the  best because she knows her priorites, and how to be a great friend. Her best friend Izzy is doing drugs, and no matter what Izzy gets up to, Alice always bails her out. At first, I was really aggravated at her because I thought she was being nice to Izzy for no reason. But I understood, because having a a BFF meant you stick with them thick, and thin.

Val – Val was also my one of my favorites from the group. She is friendly, and shy. I resonated with at times, because she was such a likeable character. I did have one problem with her. Her situation with her boyfriend was quite pathetic, and I found myself really annoyed with her for going back to him

Jean – Jean is an artist who went through a lot of things. But I like the fact, that despite this he still is able to crack a joke, or smile.  But he is not too laid back, and I’m glad he stayed mad at Sadie for saying what she said.



The writing style wasn’t memorable, but like Sadie’s voice was bland. At times, I was dozing off, and skipping some pages because some parts were pointless.



3 stars, I do recommend it in the short run. But in the long run, not really because it can get pretty boring.


I’m glad I got it on sale, and didn’t spend a full 10.00 on this book. How about you? Did you read it yet? Do you plan on to? Do you plan to? If you did read it,  what did you think of it? Who were your favorite characters? Who was you least favorite character? 


4 thoughts on “The Unlikelies Book Review // A Summer Read that Was Sweet & Sour

  1. I hadn’t heard of this, but I think that if I do buy it, it will be at a sale as well. A shame that it gets pretty boring and that Sadie’s voice is so bland, as the premise is really interesting! Great review 🙂

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