4 Unique Tropes I Need To See More of!


A few weeks ago I wrote a post talking about 5 tropes that I was tired of. Now I decided to the opposite (with a little twist). Today I’m going to talk about tropes that are underrated, and need to see more of.

1) Change of Heart

I love this type of romance, because it’s so cute! It’s so amusing to see our hero and heroine go from hating each other guts, to falling in love. The journey is usually filled with so much laughs, and cute scenes!

I really haven’t seen or read too many books revolving around this trope. I heardย When Dimple Met Rishi,ย but like most hyped books I haven’t gotten around to read it yet. Do you guys have any recs with this trope?

2.) Villanoius Crush

This would be a such a cool, and exciting romance story if a villain, and a hero fell in love. But in the world they are it’s like very shameful, and then they have a child, and OMG I think I have good book idea right now…

But seriously, it would be awesome to see this in a YA fantasy novel/series. I only heard of these in like fan-fictions.

3.) Healthy Sibling Relationships

Name at least 5 or more books (that are YA) that have a super goals worthy sibling relationship.


This trope is so under-used, and barely visible in the bookish community. But why? I honestly don’t know, because it’s not even that hard to write about. It’s basically a brother or sister who is supportive to our protagonist. I have seen so many books with so many healthy friend relationships, it’s time ย for siblings to steal the limelight. ๐Ÿ™Š

4.) Characters That Have a Personality

Have you ever read a book in which the plot is super amazing, and awesome, but then you realize you know nothing about the character?


I think it happened to me one to many times. That’s why characters that have an interest, or a personality are super important when it comes to a story. ย Lately, I think authors are working on this. I can never forget the PJO series because of their unique characters.



I have been on hiatus lately because So what do you think of my list? What tropes do you want to see more of in books? And what tropes would you want to see less? Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree?ย 


27 thoughts on “4 Unique Tropes I Need To See More of!

  1. It’s good to read one of you blog posts again ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these tropes and we definitley need more of these in books. Especially the supportive siblings one: why aren’t there more siblings LOVING each other and caring for each other and everything? The only book I can think of right now is the Lara Jean series where silings are adorable. Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I LOVE THE HATE-TO-LOVE TROPE!!! WHY ISN’T THERE MORE OF IT??? I think it’s super super cute and while sometimes it can be overdone, I still love it! And WOO HOO for sibling relationships! YA doesn’t have enough family and we NEED it. I just read I’ll Give You the Sun and while the twins in it grow apart, they find their way back together and it’s so so sweet. โค Great post! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Oh, I sooo much want these too!. Especially number 2 and 3. I love anything which contains siblings and villainous crush sounds so freaking perfect and angsty and I love that! I hope we get to see them more in the future. Love this post! โค

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  4. I love, love books with great sibling relationships! I mean, most sibling get at least bugged, but aren’t there any out there who actually love each other? My sisters and I are super close and it’s the best thing. I love to write sibling relationships.
    This was such a nice twist on your other post, I really enjoyed it:)

    ~ Pip

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  5. I’ve read (tried to read) several novels where the MC is also an author, like that’s supposed to be their entire personality. I finished a book this weekend where I knew nothing about the main character. I forgot her name half the time – but she spent so much time complaining about the same things, that I realized, while writing up the review for my blog, that I didn’t know anything about her other than her apparent profession, which didn’t even play a part of the story.

    I love a character whose background and profession is played into the story! Everything about a character and a story should be laced together, not thrown together in some conglomeration.

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    1. Authors can also get a source of conflict from other places, such as friends, or relationship partner. But you are right, siblings can be an obvious source for fighting, but I feel like fighting is just part of the sibling package! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I want more of all of these! Right now I can only think of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Upside of Unrequited when it comes to great siblings. I know I’ve read a few more, but there are definitely not enoug books with great siblings

    Also I love the idea of hero x villain ships too, why is this only a thing in fan fics?? There are probably books like this out there, but they’re so underrated that we don’t even know they exist haha

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    1. Yes the hero x villain sounds wonderful, and angst-y, and just perfect! To All The Boys Iโ€™ve Loved Before and The Upside of Unrequited ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS! I think it is the sibling relationship in these books that make them stand out more ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. I love the hate-to-love trope and I’d definitely like to see more sibling relationships. I feel like YA protagonists are either an only child or their sibling is dead and now they’re grieving, which is kind of sad really.

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