Making Money From Book Blogging: My Opinions + 3 (Short) Ways To Make $$$


Hello everyone! On today’s discussion post I’m going to be talking about something that is widely known as a bit of a ‘taboo’ topic. I am a bit worried about how people react, but it’s not like I’m having a mini-breakdown *laughs nervously*

Today, I’m going to talk about book bloggers being paid to review book. The reason why this is claimed to be a sensitive topic is because there are a lot of people who are very against this.

Reasons Why Monetizing Book Bloggers Has Strike Dislike In Some People

  • They wouldn’t know whether too trust that person or not. After all, they are getting paid. People might believe that the reviewer is saying great things about a book or anything really) solely because they are getting money out of it.
  • Because the blogger is getting paid, the blogger is only in it for money.
  • Because they are already getting paid. In books. Publishers can give bloggers print advanced copies of a book to review. These ARC’S take time and money to send out, and make. So why should this publisher pay even more for a review??


Personally, I wouldn’t want to get paid to review simpily for the following reasons

  • I don’t want to get my reason for blogging mixed up with money.  I didn’t start blogging for money. Heck, I didn’t even know that one could get paid for blogging, until I came across Pinterest. It never really did cross my mind
  • I don’t really think I need to get paid for blogging, because I might get ARC’S (one day). I think that alone is a huge privilege
  • It wouldn’t work out anyway. As Ashley from NoseGraze explains in this post, we don’t get enough page-views than other different blogger niche’s (like fashion, lifestyle, health, and fitness). So this means sponsored posts wouldn’t pay us enough anyways.

How To Get Paid For Blogging.

Because there are some ambitious folk among you, I have done extensive googling  research on how to get paid for book blogging.  Here are 3 ways to make money

  1. Start a separate business – This business can be anything from beta service, web designing, creating themes, making art stuff.
  2. Amazon Affiliate links – One wouldn’t get much from this, but it’s still a way to make some $$$
  3. Sponsored posts- I mean it makes me feel pretty weird, but it’s still on the table.


What are your thoughts on making money for book blogging? Would you ask publishers to pay you fro reviewing? Or would you make money some other way? It’s totally okay if you disagree! 

27 thoughts on “Making Money From Book Blogging: My Opinions + 3 (Short) Ways To Make $$$

  1. It seems over-complicated to me. I understand why it’s a good option for some, and if I had control over how it worked, I might consider it. But ultimately, my blogging is about my voice, perspective and content. I’d consider some level of advertising, but not taking money for book reviews. I enjoy reading too much, I wouldn’t want to ever feel like I had to read something. Good post, makes you think about your options.

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    1. I have to agree so much. Even with my current health condition and how greatly I could benefit from an extra income, I am not sure I could ever really monetize my blog in a way that would feel true to my personal wants and desires with the blog. Affiliate programs are really the only thing I would be comfortable with I think. However, I will never knock someone for seizing the opportunity if they remain honest and find something that works for them.

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  2. While I’d love to get that $$$ for something I love to do — I’m afraid that one day it’ll just be about the money??? And I’m also afraid that while I love blogging, getting paid to do it would make me feel like that love is less… “real”. Same with reviewing books. And YES GETTING ARCS WOULD BE REWARD ENOUGH IF I CAN WORK UP THE COURAGE TO GET PERMISSION FROM MY MOM. XD

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  3. I’ve been thinking about monetizing my blog lately since I’ve now bought a custom url and as a student my budget it always limited. But I thought I might just used Ko-fi, which allows people to make small donations, so it’s not that I’ll be getting paid for my blogging. I do think though that making money off reviewing is not exactly something I’d be comfortable with, I wouldn’t want it to influence my opinions! Plus, the ARCs itself are reward enough!

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  4. I think making money for your POSITIVE reviews is not okay but if the author asks for you an honest opinion and pays you, then WHY EVER NOT I guess you could just start blogging for the money which would have a great impact on your blog so…you can’t let the power get to your head? Basically, make sure there is a balance.

    I’m getting paid to write an honest review on bookish websites on my blog (i so need to get that) and i kindly accepted. BECAUSE why not? It’s going to be honest, money and it helps others find that website.

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  5. This is such an interesting post – I love hearing other bloggers’ thoughts on this topic. I think that, as many people said, it is hard to make lots of money from book blogging, as we aren’t as big as other kind of bloggers can be. And to be honest, if it would be a dream to be able to blog about books and get paid, I’m also scared that it would just change my way of blogging. It’s supposed to be an escape, something I love to do and I’d be scared that money would change everything.

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  6. I’ve actually been thinking about this! I would love to be paid money, honestly, and I feel like sponsored posts would be fine? AS LONG as I get to keep my voice and the topic or type of post isn’t different from what I normally do…

    (Also, noticed you changed some things on your blog! I love it!)

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