5 Tropes I’m Tired Of Seeing


I love books, you love books, we all love books (and if you don’t you love them, you do now), but there are some tropes in a book that I can’t stand! When I read about them I kind of want to this.


So today, I’m going to talk about 5 tropes that is so repetitive, and annoying, and tiring that show up in YA novels. These are mostly from a mix of the fantasy, and contemporary genre.


1.) The Broken Family Trope

I read many books in which there is a “broken family” trope. This is basically when there is an absent parent, or there is a step-parent that makes hell for the main character. This shows up in a lot of books to the point where it’s becoming unrealistic, and tiring. I know there are a range of different types of families, but I feel like the best books have great supportive parents. Because there is such thing as that.

2.) Love Triangles

I really dislike this plot-device, and I know many other people too. There is even a blog name that has a name called “Love Is Not A Triangle” (fab blog, btw). And there is soo many reasons why this is so annoying.

  • It drags out the story hella long, and it makes you feel like banging your head against the wall
  • Super annoying when the heroine/hero can’t choose between each one of the characters, when it’s kind of obvious who she should pick.
  • When it’s really obvious who the main character should pick, even though a love triangle is not supposed to that.
  • Making any of the guys/girls possessive of the girl (like Jacob and Edward from Twilight)  

I’m not saying that we should definitely  stop writing love triangles, but it’s becoming more of a cliché, and more annoying. So how about we tone it down a bit?

3.) Chosen-One Trope

A very common trope in fantasy novels. When you hear “chosen one” you probably think Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson, or fantasy novels. At first I really didn’t mid this trope, but it did become really repetitive, and it made me think: what was so great about it in the first place? Why couldn’t the character use hard work, and determination to defeat his/her enemies. Why have the whole future planned out because of this one guy? It makes us not-so-special beans feel a little bit bad about ourselves.

4.) Love Trumps EVERYTHING!

I know the saying “love trumps all” is a very popular saying, but some books are taking it too far.

I find it unrealistic that love can suddenly cure cancer.  I know it provides a happy ending, and all, but I would prefer it if that character would die from the disease. #sorrynotsorry.

5.) Bad-ass Girl

Okay, please hear me out first.

I’m not saying that girls who are strong are bad, and that they shouldn’t be in stories any more. I’m saying that why is she called badass because she can wield a sword. What is so important about that? Because some authors think that this is feminism. She is a woman who can fight, so therefore she is like man, right?


I would rather an MC girl who has brains, someone who can be admired not for something physical. Give us a personality that does not resemble a robot, or a super human. To me, equality between the genders is NOT defined by our strength.  


And that concludes my little rant of the tropes in the bookish world. I was really nervous about writing the last one, and wasn’t sure if what I was saying made sense, lol. But please, tell me your thoughts! What are some tropes that you want to see less of? Do you agree with my points? Do you disagree? 

42 thoughts on “5 Tropes I’m Tired Of Seeing

      1. I think I just kept reading ones that made this obvious “who will she choose” moment carry on for about half the book! And sometimes I read those books and think “really that’s your biggest issue?”


  1. I agree with all of these! The broken family trope especially, I love family oriented stories so that’s always bothered me. Love triangles are the worst and I’m glad the hype for them has died down. As much as I love badass girls with swords, I agree that it shouldn’t be the only definition of feminism in books. We need more female heroes who thrive on intelligence and cunning.

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  2. I agree with all of these! I absolutely HATE love triangles and especially when she’s like “I feel a magnetic pull to Love Interest A. But also Love Interest B is so-and-so.” GAH. She OBVIOUSLY likes someone more, so why doesn’t she just choose??
    Also, I saw a trend with love-triangles where it’s a girl, a “dark and mysterious guy she just met,” and a “guy that has liked her for forever and is cute and gentle” and SHE ALWAYS CHOOSES THE DARK AND MYSTERIOUS GUY.*screams in frustration*

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  3. LOVE TRIANGLES NO. *hides* For the love of me and mangoes DO NOT HAVE LOVE TRIANGLES!!! And I totally love your last point! Women can be strong in other ways than physical strength. While I love me some female fighters — smart gals are awesome too! Also sassy girls and girls who stand up for other girls and ALL sorts of others!

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  4. The reason why so many families are broken is because it’s either easier to get away or there’s more motivation. It is rather overused, but it would be difficult to write a character who’s parents are loving and want you home by ten.

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    1. Hey Tanya! I couldn’t help, but disagree with your comment. If writing about broken families is so easy, why can’t writers take on a challenge, and write a story with a loving, and supportive family?

      I also don’t think it’s even hard. Many authors have attempted, and has been successful in writing with the “good family” trope. The Upside of Unrequited, is a book with two homosexual moms, and 3 kids (which are sperm donor babies). The parents are loving, and caring!

      And in “It Started With Goodbye”, Tatum’s grandma wanted Tatum at twelve, by the earliest.

      Sorry for the super long comment! 😀


  5. OMG I GET THIS POST SO BAD. Love is not a triangle or a square AND IT DOES NOT TRUMP ALL (I find the mis rep for ove curing illnesses IS SO OFFENSIVE AND NO) BAD-ASS girls too! Personally, I LOVE THEM, right? But their ‘sass’ and ‘snark’ IS BECOMING All rubbery and fake and NO, I do not like… AT ALL! Sure, they can be ‘sassy’ or quick witted and fight with a sword and all BUT NOT FOR THE BLIMMIN SAKE OF IT!

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  6. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID… except the love trumps all thing, don’t get me wrong tho i don’t think it CAN cure illnesses or stuff like this but i think that if two people love each other (and death isn’t in the way) then they can be together to matter what the problems are! yeah sorry i’m a sucker for romance 🙂 but you totally got them all right.. i especially agree with the chosen one and the love triangle!

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  7. I agree with all of these – especially the “chosen on” trope. I feel as though, in the beta reader streams, everyone’s got a young adult fantasy novel where some character is the only person that can prevent/save the world from something else because they’re just special. I feel like that’s cheating. I like protagonists that do whatever they do because they decided that they would, not become some wizard told them they were special or some prophecy or something like that.

    I’ve also stumbled on male authors that try to write bad-ass girl characters, and it’s so obvious they’re males. They’re so concerned with the female characters “manly” traits, or showing her in “male” roles. However, those male writers to whom I’ve pointed this out, have no idea that they’re doing it.

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  8. There has rarely been a love triangle that I didn’t mind, usually I just want to go in the book and yell at the MC’s face ‘JUST CHOOSE ALREADY’ If it’s a tiny subplot, okay, but usually it takes over the entire damn book?? No thank you??

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