Bookish Hype: Friend or Fiend? // A Discussion


H-Y-P-E, a four letter word that can A) leave you breathless with excitement or B) leave you rolling your eyes.

Being a book blogger means that your in the know of all these books that EVERYONE, is gearing up for. But for some people, hype can be bad thing. Today, I’m going too talk about the pro’s and con’s of bookish hype.



  • Bookish hype can really be worth it – I found out really good books through hype. Six of Crows was (and still is) such a hyped book, and I loved that book all the way to it’s acknowledgement page (yes, I actually read those). And also Throne of Glass, and now I’m planning on reading the Raven Boys. And Caraval! I loved tha book as well.
  • Anticipating more books – So as a book is hyped around social media (like  Insatagram) you just can’t help, but want to read it. This is one of those bibliophile feelings that just can’t be put in words (but I’m trying, and failing lol). You just have to add it on your TRB list, cause it is so hyped. Which leads to you looking forward to more books, which equals happiness.
  • Brings you out of your comfort zone. – Sometimes when I look at a book that was widely talked about, I just read it. And the genre might have nothing to do with what I usually like, but I’ll still read. You get where I’m going with this??


  • Hype is NOT worth it – When you get caught up in a book that was hyped, and give it a ‘meh’ rating  (or worse) it reallky brings you down. You start to not trust books that are super hyped, and some of those books can be pretty good.
  • PRESSURE – I hate pressure, I’m sure you hate pressure, but sometimes you can’t help but get sucked up into it. And most of the time, it doesn’t work out for the best. When everyone is raving about X book, I feel a bit… pressured to read X book as well.

And it get’s even worse when you don’t like the book. You feel out of the loop.



If I were logical, I would be on the negative side for hype, cause hype = bad experiences with books. But I’m not because I’m a rebel. I’m actually neutral because I do find out more books through hype. But sometimes, I don’t even care because if I see a book that’s appealing to me, I read it.


So I’m totally neutral on this, but I know some people who tend to stay away from hype. What about you? Are you for or against hype? What are some hyped books that were worth it? What were some hyped books that you found ‘meh’?

21 thoughts on “Bookish Hype: Friend or Fiend? // A Discussion

  1. I agree with you about being let down when a hyped book turns out to not be as good as I thought and that you feel sucked in to get it as everyone else is reading it so it must be good 😂 I think I’m a bit of both with for/against hype. I read the first mortal instruments book by Cassandra Clare after avoiding the hype of it for at least 3 years after it came out 😂 and I am now a huge fan of her books. A hyped book I was a little disappointed by has to be Fangirl. I did enjoy it but it wasnt hard for me to put it down 😂 and I thought I would be hypnotized by it beforehand

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  2. Ooh, I’m so glad that you liked Caraval! The other day I spotted it £5 in online sale and ordered it as fast as I could. I definitely think that while hype has both good and bad aspects, people feel the bad aspects a lot more when it affects them. I probably haven’t phrased that very well.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that: if I like a hyped book, I don’t feel as greattful to the hype because it’s as though me liking the book is to be expected. However, if I read a raved about book and I end up hating it – I do end up feeling a little let down.

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  3. I pay way too much attention to hype, but I think it exists for a reason: why would everyone be talking about it if it wasn’t fabulous? With that being said, I think you have to read the book before agreeing with the hype–you have to come to your own conclusions…great post!!!

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  4. I don’t mind hype because without it I probably wouldn’t have read a few brilliant books (like The Hate U Give). Having said it, I try not to get too excited because I hate it when a hyped book is a complete let-down.

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  5. I’m literally 100% with you on all of this!!! I love that hype allows me to find new books and to find other people to get excited about books with, but it also stresses me out SO MUCH. I get worried that I won’t like a book everyone is looking forward to and I feel guilty if everyone else wants to read it/loves it and it doesn’t sound interesting to me. So sometimes I wish I could avoid the hype, but I also think I wouldn’t find nearly as many good books if I did!


  6. I definitely agree with you here about book hype and feeling more neutral toward the issue. On one hand, book hype introduces you to books and authors you had never heard of before and could very easily become an all time favorite and who doesn’t like that?? But on the other hand, hype can be extremely frustrating. I hate the hype that Illuminae/Gemina is receiving. I read Illuminae and enjoyed it mostly. Thought it was a bit weird, but still entertaining, but then Gemina did the same exact storyline as its predecessor – hot babe and heroic dude fall in ~luuurve~ and save the day yadda yadda and it really annoys me that I see everyone and their mom praising it for its genius. Sigh. Which makes me think: is hype even worth it???? Should I even read a book that is hyped? But of course curiosity and wins out and I read it and find out for myself whether I like it or not, which is never a bad thing to develop our own opinions on things! Great discussion topic!


  7. This is an awesome discussion! I think I’m also neutral — sometimes I get disappointed by a book and it’s sad, but I’ve loved so many books that were hyped! (It’s funny because I read SoC without knowing it was hyped — I HADN’T STARTED BLOGGING OKAY — and I still loved it! Which makes me wonder if the hype can affect our opinions as well?) So basically I think the hype is cool until you are disappointed — and when there are some underrated books who deserve the hype but don’t get it.

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    1. Wow .girl SoC without the hearing of the hype? Since, I’ve started blogging all I heard was how awesome that book was(which it was). I think, if you loved a book with hype, you will love it even more. So in a way, it kind of does affect our opinion???

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  8. I like hype, most of the time! Sometimes it leads me to a great story! Sometimes I sit there and go: “what? That made no sense?” Or “Damn this book is slow!” I don’t write books off because of hype but unless I am really interested, I won’t make an effort to read it close to release.

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  9. I definitely feel you on this. Hype is great because it means you can find lots of great books, but it happened quite a few times to me that I know I would’ve enjoyed a book if I wouldn’t have had such high expectations thanks to the hype :/

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  10. ANOTHER CON – being left out of the hype and then being late to it and nobody cares anymore and LETS EAT MARSHMALLOWS! Also, TBR’s just die.

    But I totally agree! The Hype of books CAN INTRODUCE You to the best ever. Where I would be without ADSOM or Six Of Crows? Blogging introduced me to dark fantasy AND I AM SO GLAD. Though the pressure can definitely get to you!

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