Blog-Hopping: Is It Worth It? // Pro’s and Con’s of Blog Hopping, and My Opinion

Everyone knows that a best part for a blogger is comments. And what better way is too spread the love, than to comment back?

That’s the basic concept behind blog-hopping. And today, I’m going to discuss the pro’s, and cons of this blogging feature.



  • Shows more appreciation to your followers – Commenting back to other websites helps show that you care about your followers, and their participation in your blog.
  • Encourages more comments – This is basically you maintaining a healthy, blogger-viewer relationship with the people who comment on your blog. If you comment back on their blog, most likely they will come back and comment on another post. Which means you’re happy!
  • Encourages more follows – A lot of people on my post about why I would follow a blog, stated that they will follow a blog where there is communication between blogger, and viewer.
  • Discovery of more blogs – When you are going to comment back on someone’s blog, chances are you will probably like their blog as well. I’m always in constant need of following blogs (I don’t why, but I just like following a lot of people), and blog hopping solves that problem for me.
  • Discovery of more friends – Like I said above, people are most likely going to comment back, if you comment back! This could strengthen the bond between you, and encourage you to make friends of the blog hopping community. I met a lot of people through blog-hopping!


  • Can become a chore – I try to comment on other peoples post. And at first, it was really fun getting to meet other people. But as my blog grew, I was more busier with replying to my own comments, and hardly blog-hopped at all. And that was kinda upsetting, because I loved to this before.
  • Not interested – Blog hopping can be pretty hard because at times the content of one’s website does not interest you. So what can you comment back on? This happens if the blog is not in the same niche as you.

My Opinion

I’m totally in the yes for blog-hopping.  To be honest, I think there are more pro’s, than con’s when it comes to blog hopping. It is such a fun experience.

Tips for blog hopping

  1. Set a date, and time that works for you
  2. Find out more blogs by using twitter (believe me, thousands of blogs will come flying your way)
  3. Or to find about more blogs, start from the people who comment on your own!
  4. Join linkups!



So that’s my (very important) opinion on blog hopping.  I love it! What about you? Are you for or against blog hopping? What are some pro’s, and con’s you can think of? And what are some tips you can give me for blog hopping? 

22 thoughts on “Blog-Hopping: Is It Worth It? // Pro’s and Con’s of Blog Hopping, and My Opinion

  1. I agree with everything you said both pros and cons. Especially when you blog starts to grow and commenting becomes like s chore… and let’s hope you don’t take a break and come back wanting to catch up! That’s what I’m doing now. I think I may try planning a few days where I read and comment. I’m still not sure how I want to do things. Trial and error.
    Great post✨

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  2. I definitely want to start commenting back! For all the reasons above, i feel it would secure that bond between my readers and I. I’d probably do it on specific days but I do find sometimes the blog has content I have no idea what to write in my comments?! So that’s a big problem for me 😀

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  3. I agree with you. Blog hopping is fun! I like to view other people’s blogs – especially the people who decided to follow me. More often than not, their blog will be posting similar interests of mine, which encourages me to comment and then start an ongoing conversation. Tho I won’t comment if their blog isn’t something I’m interested in tbh because then it becomes a comment for the sheer sake of commenting and I’m no longer being genuine. But like you said there are definitely more pros than cons!

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  4. Great post. I actually have a post written on the same topic but haven’t published it yet. I’ve been dealing with the whole “blog hopping as a chore” thing lately. I don’t feel like it’s a chore per say, but I definitely spend more time blog hopping than I spend writing for my own blog which has become a problem!

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  5. I naturally blog hop each day! I basically comment on pretty much all the posts in my Reader (when I can). Sometimes I have the time to comment back, and sometimes I don’t! I really need to have one blog-hopping day, though, for Marie’s #SFATW feature. 😛

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  6. great we can talk about blog hopping, when that’s exactly what i’m doing today! i took part on marie’s #sfatw feature and i finally found some time to stop by at a few blogs and leave my typical long comments.
    i really find blog hopping one of the best parts of blogging. sometimes, i actually enjoy doing it more than writing my own blog post. i find inspiring and relaxing, since i always take a day of my week where i have free time and some great songs in my playlist.
    of course, you won’t feel motivated to leave comments everyday. i also find myself going through blogs that i don’t really relate to, because we have very different reading tastes. but, if i can, i’ll try to find a post that i have something to add on. this tends to be usually monthly recaps, discussions about general bookish themes, etc.
    i’m always happy to leave comments, even if they are the longest comments ever (like this one probably is), just because showing appreciation to someone’s work is always rewarding 🙂

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  7. I agree with all of your pros and cons! However, I feel like I don’t blog hop that much?? I used to be so desperate for finding more blogs, but now I have kind of been offline for a couple days and THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO.

    I love blog hopping, but I feel like I’m really picky with the blogs I like, honestly? More of the blogs that I’m interested in are those with discussion posts and *usually* humorous voices, though not necessarily. But more blogs that I know of are review/tag blogs, and I don’t always like to read those or have much to comment on.

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  8. This is a great post and I am also a yes to blog hopping! I follow many blogs and try to read whatever I can each day! When something grabs my attention, I comment! There is lots of content out there and I think it’s a great way to foster community!

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