Why Having A Good Blogging Schedule Is Important


Heyyy everyone! It’s been soo long, since I have checked in on WordPress, and so many notifications. One of my May goals was too stay on track, with my schedule (post 5 days a week), and I completely failed.

The reason behind my absence was because I was super busy. Graduation, and exams were taking a hold of me, and I needed to relax from blogging. But they are over! And I didn’t do to bad, because I passed all of them. So it’s back to my regualr schedule.

And that is what I’m talking about today! Why it’s important to keep a schedule for your blog. Because they are one of the most important factors in a successful blog.


Reflects on Readers

When I go on a websites (either company or other) I always look at the last time they posted. If it’s been a while (like a month or so) most likely I will think “this is not going to well, I shouldn’t follow’.

Many people from my ‘Reasons Why I Would Follow A Blog’ also said that schedules content is a big factor on following.

Keeps You Organized

Having a blogging schedule keeps you focused on what’s ahead, and can help you:

  • Keep track of your posts
  • Schedule ahead for more posts
  • And keep you relaxed.

All in all, having a schedule leads to a non-stressful blogging experience!

More Stats

Who doesn’t love statistics on their blog? Especially if they are high! Keeping a schedule helps with that, by ensuring your readers that you will be posting on these days. Which leads to more views. Which leads to more stats. Which leads to a happier you!

It is more likely that views are likely to increase on a day with a post, than without a post. Because fresh content generates more views.


Which type of schedule is right for you? 

In this section of the post, I will be explaining the pro’s, and cons of several schedule types. Which one is the best for you?

3 Times a Week



  • Less pressure
  • More time to write up posts
  • More time to do other things (like making friends, for your poor sad self)
  • More thinking time to generate ideas for future posts.



  • Less views than a person who blogs more
  • More time to do things (which you might not wanna do)

5 Times A Week



  • More views, more stats
  • Fresh content


  • Wayy more pressure
  • Always having to think of ideas

7 Times A Week


  • A whole lot more stats
  • So much more content
  • More inspiration


  • Have to keep up with comments
  • Have to keep on thinking of ideas




And that’s why having a blogging schedule is so important. My schedule is posting 5 days a week, and as you can see I’m failing. But it worked in the past, and I feel like it’s me who’s just being lazy.  What is your ideal schedule? Why else do you think having a schedule is important? And here is a bookish question: Who is your favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend! 


21 thoughts on “Why Having A Good Blogging Schedule Is Important

  1. I post 2-3 times a week (every three days) and I’ve been considering changing my schedule to fit certain days a week. But five days a week! Go, you! I don’t think I would have enough time or dedication to do that, honestly, but I’m happy because I get to see more of your posts


  2. Love this post! I also think having a blogging schedule is imperative. I’ve consistently posted everyday since I’ve launched my blog, somehow I’ve been able to keep up! I post reviews 3 times a week, memes 3 times a week and a tag/discussion post once a week. But it’s quite a lot of pressure, as sometimes it’s hard to read 3 books a week! I think I might lower my schedule to 5 days a week soon 🙂


  3. I CANNOT.

    I don’t do blogging schedules because the last time I tried I was writing up the most horrible posts and feeling SO STRESSED! I do want to give it another chance though! I’d probably do 2 days a week, even 3 would stress me out! I write kinda long posts (1k words) so perhaps that’s why?!


  4. Before this school year I posted three times a week + my weekly wrap up on Sunday, so I’m hoping to go back to that, but after barely posting this school year I’m just happy with one post per week haha. I admire people who manage to post every day. Where do you get all those ideas and that time?! I envy them, I really do

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  5. I post daily and sometimes I think I’m trying to kill myself slowly 😂 no matter what your schedule is, there will always be stress. Is it enough? Is it too much? What will I do next? But having set days to post is so important to get into the routine and keep things going

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  6. I used to post every single day of the week because I participated in 2 memes, posted reviews and had other posts inbetween! But it got more and more exhausting and stressful and I had absolutely no motivation to keep up with comments! I just kept forcing myself to do it and it was draining instead of it being fun!

    So now I am trying to post less times a week and have more qualitative posts up! It’s tough now because of exams and stuff but I am hoping to have a regular schedule soon! Loved this post! 😊

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  7. This is a great post, and I’m glad to see you back in my feed!

    I recently upped my posts per week from 3 to 5 and I’m already seeing a difference in my stats. I’m fortunate, in that I was unemployed for a while and now I only work part time, so I have time to write up posts way in advance. For me, staying ahead of schedule takes a lot of the stress out of it. I know that if something came up, I’d still be able to stay on track. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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  8. I loved this post!!! XD I love being organized too, it really pays off in the end!!! XD XD I think my ideal schedule is twice a week cause it’s not few posts but it’s not a lot either, IDK, sometimes I post everyday so LOL XD 😛

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  9. Oh, no. As much as I love your blog, I don’t expect you to post 5 times a week! I only post about twice a week because 1.I want to give each post time to be read, and 2. I don’t have extravagant computer time. My stats are low though, so nobody listen to me.

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  10. WHY. AREN’T. YOUR. POSTS. SHOWING. UP. IN. MY. READEEEEER. *screams* What?? May isn’t having a freak-out what???

    Anyways, I love this discussion! I post three times a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and DUDE I LOVE MY SCHEDULE. Idk why I like it so much??? But it’s so great. XD I think 3 days is good because I usually write 1K-word (used to be about 1.5K) posts, and that adds up to about 3K words a week… which is exhausting. I really love having a schedule though because it SO helps me keep organized — I plan ahead for what posts I’ll write for the month.

    BUT. I am in awe of people who post 7 times a week. (I accidentally said 7 times a day. 😬) I have this thing where my posts have to be TOP QUALITY (about 1K words) and to do that each day… *freaks out*

    But you bring up a good point about stats. I personally feel that if you post more — you’ll have more stats (maybe??? idk???) but not as many comments. It’s exhausting to comment on 20+ posts a day (hmm I don’t do this at all???) and then to comment on one person’s posts EACH DAY is so like… AGAHAHGAHA. Which is why you may get more page views or likes (actually you may not actually view the post), but not comments. But that’s just my opinion! That’s also why I like my schedule because it leaves enough but not too many days in between each post and right when people are waiting for me to post, I post. (Or maybe they don’t want me to post at all… 😥 XD)

    SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT!I just like this topic a lot. XD

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    1. Yea, I know your schedule is pretty awesome. I was also planning to do the whole 3 days a week thing, but I was so used to 5 days I didn’t want to change it. And I do get a reasonable amount of stats for a blogger who has been blogging as long as I have (one year, but I still feel like a newbie). And May, you need to relax yourself, girl! Take a rest, and blog hop whenever you want. 😀

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