Reading as a Reader Vs. Reading as a Blogger // Is There A Difference?


Before book bloggers ever started blogging, we all read, because we ENJOYED reading. And we wanted to take a step forward, by making a blog. Has our way of reading changed, because we started reviewing books in a more professional way? Today, I’m going to talk about my reading when I’m planning to review, and when I’m just… reading. 



While reading book to review I:

  • Pay attention to things that will be in my review. Things like character, and plot twists are important
  • Look for any themes, or problematic statements I would discuss.
  • Think rationally
  • Think objectively (or as much as I can)
  • I try not to let reviewing get in the way of enjoyment. Reading is a hobby, and I wouldn’t want anything to ruin it.


  • I get more passionate into the book, and start writing in caps lock. Or communicate in gifs.
  • I don’t really delve into the book, but I still pay attention too important factors (like characters, writing style etc…)
  • I read the words, and devour them
  • I read books because I want too (but I guess that can go for reading as reviewer)

So Ultimately…

To answer the question in this posts title, I say no. I think both my sides are rather the same. There isn’t a dramatic change between both of my sides. Most of the time, my sides mash up and create the structure I use in my reviews today.


How about you? Do you change when you read to review V.S enjoyment? Do you see things differently because of these two different point of views (if you could call it that)? And also, what are you currently reading (because I need recs)

15 thoughts on “Reading as a Reader Vs. Reading as a Blogger // Is There A Difference?

  1. This is an interesting topic! I think I’m the same way, my two sides aren’t very different. I don’t usually know what I’ll write in my review until I finish the book and think about it.

    I just started reading Vicious by V.E Schwab but I haven’t gone very far ☺ .

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  2. I don’t usually decide if I’m going to review a book or not until after I’ve read it. So unless I’ve decided ahead of time that I am for sure not going to review it I pay close attention to whatever I’m reading. I will sometimes take mental notes of things like foul language used (since I include that in my reviews), any plot holes or scenes I like, characters, quotes I like, the usual. I also like to use little sticky flags to mark pages that include something I really liked.

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    1. When I pick up a book, I also don’t know if I will review it or not. The book usually has to have an impact for me for me to review it (if it’s not an ARC) or not. That’s an interesting method, Natalie. I think I might use it as well! 😀


  3. I will admit, when I watch an anime for enjoyment with no intention of reviewing I tend to watch on TV and won’t mind pausing, talking ot someone, eating while watching and a range of other behaviours. When I watch an episode with the intent of review I watch at my computer with a notepad and I tend to shut my door so that I am not distracted by others. I focus far more on background details and mkaing links then when I just watch for fun.
    That said, my opinion of the anime is much the same regardless of whether I watched for fun or watched for review. Watching for review just makes it easier to justify my opinion but my opinion probably would have been the same regardless.
    Its an interesting question though.

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  4. I tend to do the same. I read a book and if I’ve fallen in love with it or I had even mixed feelings on it.. I can write a review about it, it just depends if the book had an impact on my emotions really.

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  5. I normally don’t decide if I’m going to review a book or not until I’ve read it. Unless it’s an ARC and I know I have to review it. I do think I read in the same way as before I started blogging though. I’m definitely more critical of books now and I always look out for problematic issues to inform people about. I do try to not let it affect how much enjoyment I have when reading though, I think if it was affecting my enjoyment too much I’d stop reviewing books. I don’t want reading to feel like a chore so I try not to be too analytic with it. Really great post ❤️

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  6. Hi Balie! I’d say that reading to review (something I’ve only started doing recently) has actually enhanced my enjoyment of books! Since I’m thinking about what I want to say, I can really think about WHY something did or did not work for me, which makes me appreciate more things about a book and also helps me to find other books that I’ll also enjoy! I feel like I get more out of the books I’m reading and am able to remember them more easily (usually I forget everything about a book a few weeks after finishing it). It’s also great to be able to connect with fellow readers. 🙂

    Great post, it’s definitely something interesting to think about!

    (P.S. your sidebar says Baile, but your display name says Balie–I wasn’t 100% sure which was correct!)

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