May Monthly Wrap-Up // A Chaotic Month + New Button Design!

May is over, but I didn’t realize it until I saw other people posting THEIR warp-ups. I’m stuck in time people, HALP!

Just kidding, so a lot of things happened in May, and not all of them were good, but I’ll talk about it in this monthly wrapup!



  • Books read: 6 Books Reviewed: 1 

Well, I’m pretty happy with the amount of books I read even though, it isn’t my usual. However, I only reviewed one book! That is really bad because, my review count is so low (like only 70 books)

Books read

– A Stranger at Fellsworth
– Windfall
-Does my Head Look Big In This
– The Eye of The Minds


  • I got a new blog design! – Maybe you haven’t noticed (but if you didn’t what is wrong with you) I redesigned my blog. I changed a variety of things, but the most drastic change was the font!

My old font used to be Playlist Script, and I loved it a lot, but I came across this new font. And I was like


This new font is called Watermelon Script, and it was downloaded from They have amazing fonts!

So I also changed my theme color from teal to red. So I loved the tealish, but my theme header was red so it made sense to change it.

I also got a new button! My old one was like this.


and my new one is like this.


Why is the code not popping up, someone help, pls.

So please replace my old button with this, fellow swappers!



That’s it sadly, I haven’t been on the blogoshpere a lot *cries*


Here are some upcoming posts for June!

  • Feminism in Fiction (I promise too do this for sure! I couldn’t it do this month because of a hiatus, I took)
  • Book Review for The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
  • How blogging changed my reading
  • Book Blogging perks
  • Bookstagram: Pro’s and Cons
  • and maybe Anxiety in Books (I’m getting my research still done)


How was your May? How many books did you read? What’s your plans for June? What are you planning to read next? Did you have an eventful month?

16 thoughts on “May Monthly Wrap-Up // A Chaotic Month + New Button Design!

  1. FEMINISM!!! Also I’m super happy right now because I JUST got back from the library where I got seven new books to read in June and like half of them were on my TBR??? YAS. XD Thanks for linking to my post, and YAS, feminism in fiction!!! I’ll totally update your button, and I love the new design! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HEYYY, I love your new blog design ❤ I'll change your button probably tomorrow? THANKS FOR LINKING to my post!!! I'm so excited for the upcoming posts, especially FEMINISM!
    May for me was so exciting and wonderful! I read about 9 books so I'm pretty proud! Plans for june: celebrate my birthday, get back into the school routine and blog way more. I'm currently reading A Darker Shade Of Magic so that's ALSO GREAT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Mahriya!! Your post is amazing (as always) so of course I had to link up too it. I know I saw your wrap-up for May, and you read some of my favorite books (Holding Up The Universe was soo good). OMG Happy early (I’m guessing) birthday! I hope you eat lots of good cake. ADSOM, FINALLY IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO JOIN THE FANDOM, GIRL!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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