Reading Challenges – Friend or Foe?


Hello everyone <3!

For today’s discussion post, I’m going to talk about reading challenges, pro’s and con’s, and my stance on them! This post was inspired by Marie’s post about readathons and other challenges , you should definitely check it out because it’s such a interesting, and well-written post 🙂 .

Before we go onto the discussion, let’s talk about what a reading challenge is.

A reading challenge is basically a challenge in which you try to read the most books possible for a certain read (for instance, to conquer your TBR). These can come in many different forms like

  • Readathons – Reading a huge amount of books in X amount of time.
  • Bingo – Every time you read a certain book that fits in with the bingo’s topic, you earn a mark. It’s like regular bingo, but with books (soo sorry if my explanation is trashy, I’m not familiar with book bingo 😅)
  • Reading Challenge – Just a challenge to read the mist books as possible (like the Goodreads 2017 reading challenge)



  • Brings a competitive spirit to everyone – Challenges like Beat the Backlist challenge, can bring a sense of competitiveness to you, and others.


  • Actually works – Sometimes a challenge to conquer your TBR, WORKS!
  • Spread different types of books – Challenges like, #AsianLitBingo encourage more people to read diverse books, with an Asian character! This can spread awareness, and lead to discoveries of more books. And who doesn’t like a good book?
  • Reading!! – Reading Challenges, bookish bingos, readathons are all their to encourage reading! And who doesn’t like reading?


  • Too much pressure – Along with a competitive spirit, comes with a lot more pressure. The reason can vary, but it’s mostly because one can’t feel like it can’t get ahead. And too much pressure can also lead to a reading slump, and that is never a good thing.
  • Not enough books – Sometimes there are not enough books revolving around the topic your reading challenge. Even the TBR takedown challenges, because you have too have those books on hand. Sometimes that’s not possible. You could go to a library, but for some of us a library is not always there. Buying could be out of the question because money is an issue.
  • Not enough time – Time is also another factor in reading challenges. As a student, and a person who has a, *gasp* a social life, I don’t have all the time in the world to read a bunch of books. I know, bibliophile problems ya’ll.


My stance on reading challenges

To be honest, I’m on the no side of these challenges. I find them really time-consuming, and while not a hassle, still a lot of work to do. I know all you have to do is read a book, but there is a time-frame, and WOULD IF I DON’T WANT TO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!! And then there is sometimes the point system, which I can be too lazy to do.



Capture what’s your opinion on this reading challenges? Would you do it, or are you rather a moody reader (like me)? Have you participated in one before? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? 


22 thoughts on “Reading Challenges – Friend or Foe?

  1. I really love to see people doing these challenges, I think it’s super fun, but to be honest they aren’t for me, I don’t like to feel pressured to read, anyway one day I would like to try an easy one, but for now I admire those who take the risk 😊❤

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  2. I dislike reading challenged because of the pressure. If I don’t meet the goal I set, I will feel like I’ve failed. I set my goal on Goodreads to a low number on purpose to save myself from the stress, lol. However, I like the idea because it gets people to read more, like a book club.

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  3. I think challenges can be fun! This year I’m doing the Around The Year in 52 books challenge where each week you have to read a book that correlates to the topic. I’m doing pretty well so far and I find that it helps me choose what to read next, since sometimes I have absolutely no idea! I’ve never really done a short reading challenge or readathon before, I’m not sure I would enjoy it as much due to the pressure. But I’m thinking of doing the around the year in 52 book challenge again next year 🙂

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      1. I haven’t really gotten behind since I read around 3 books a week. And the topics are pretty vague so a lot of the time a book will fit in a category even if I didn’t mean for it to. I’m also not super strict with it, like I’ll jump around with the weeks. I’ve never felt stressed when doing this challenge, it’s quite fun 🙂


      1. Right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve switched books because I “wasn’t feeling it” at the time, which is completely normal. I’d hate to have to sit through something I’m not really into when there are so many other books to read 🙂

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  4. I like readathons every once in a while to quickly read a lot of books that I hadn’t had time for before, especially since they usually come with a community. So far I’ve only participated in a few readathons, but usually, they have chats or discussions and that makes it so much more fun. I don’t set my stakes too high though, last time I set it at 2 to 3 books for 5 days, which is not that much for me. So yes, I like them, but not too often.

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  5. I really like readathons and challenges I think they get me motivated to read when I’m having a horrible time picking up a book. They make me intentionally look for books that I might not of found. Diversity Bingo, Around the year in 52 books , and Asian Lit Bingo are my favorite. My favorite part of an challenge thing is the community I love that we can all be doing the same thing at the same time and being able to talk about it it!

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  6. Lovely post! I’m so glad you were inspired to write your own post after reading mine, thank you for the mention! 🙂
    I agree with you on everything here – if I love seeing these kind of challenges around, I’m not participating for now in any of them because, well, I’m sort of a mood reader, I definitely need more time and everything else that goes with it to do well in these challenges 🙂

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  7. I do the GoodReads challenge where I set an amount of books to try to read that year and try to read them. But that’s it. I like the idea of readathons and challenges, but ultimately, they’re not for me. I’m very much a mood reader, and if I put such pressure on myself this way I’d get into a reading slump really fast.

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  8. I absolutely love readathons and challenges as long as they are a bit open. The bingos, or challenges that are very specific (genres, cover, etc) I like less as I feel that adds pressure. Themes is usually okay once in a while (Like I love the horror ones in October) but when it is things like reading books in order from your goodreads TBR I cant do it. As you said, I might not have access to the book. Or even books on my shelves, what if I am missing a book from a series? If I feel pressured like it takes I lot to find books that qualify or I have to spend money to make it happen, I don’t do them. But things like Dewey’s Readathon, or Bout of Books, those I love to excess.

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