5 Reasons Why I Would Follow A Blog


Lately, I have been following a lot of blogs (not just book blogs, a variety of them) and I have seen that most of them have a lot in common. So today I’m writing about the things that me follow any blog! This can help you improve your blog, and give you some ideas.


1.) Pretty Designs

The first thing a person does when they click on another persons blog, the design usually is the first thing they see. If they don’t like what they see, most likely they will close that tab. Some key essentials in a blog design, I look for are:

  • Specific Theme Color – Colors that show up in the blog, that accent each other (ex: purple and gold)
  • Header – I usually think the header is really important in a blog because it represents their their website. If it’s really pretty, or classy I’m more prone too look for the follow button
  • Sidebar – Another important factor. A sidebar should have a neat spacing, showing things like SOCIAL MEDIA, and THE FOLLOW BUTTON. Also, goodreads if they are a book blog.
  • Featured Images – Featured images that have a consistency, meaning they have sort of a same style. While some people might think: “that’s not original, that’s boring!” I think it shows that the blog is professional in it’s designs.  Oh, and it also has to match the theme of the blog as well.
  • Fonts – I usually like the brush/script fonts, and I know a lot bloggers do too.  I love scripty fonts soo much, and love blogs who have them too!

2.) Content

Of course the main part of a blog, is what they WRITE in a blog! After seeing the design, I go on too just reading what him/her is posting about. I like blogs that delve into unique topics that are not widely talked about in the world.

  • Discussion posts should be interesting, and organized
  • Regular posts should also be interesting/organized with a writing, in which I get to see the personality of the blogger. It should also be able to teach me something (but this doesn’t have to be all the time).
  • ALSO in the end of section, I like it when there is a commenting prompt, as it encourages me to comment.

and speaking of comments…

3.) Comments

I really like it when bloggers have a strong relationship with their  . I really get that bloggers are busy, and won’t have much time to reply too comments, but it’s not impossible. It’s also important to this in case, someone has questions.

4.) Easy Navigation

Some blogs have no widget/menu option that takes you to the ‘home’ place where there latest posts are. Usually there is a welcome post, but there is no last posts page. How am I supposed too know what they wrote, and such?

5.) Consistent Posts

I don’t expect a full on schedule, but I like blogs to at least post 2 times a week. I used to be very strict on my schedule, but I got really stressed about it. So now I try to post as consistnetly as possible. Using book memes like, waiting on wednesday helps.

Soo I like blog who also posts consistently, because who likes an absent blogger?




Soo that’s what I look for in a blog. What do you look for in a blog? Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree? How many blogs do you follow? Why do you follow my blog? What’s an important factor to you when it comes to follow a blog? 

28 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Would Follow A Blog

  1. Yas, I totally agree! I also hate when people expect that when they follow your blog, YOU’LL follow THEIR blog. It’s just like no??? I have requirements??? XD I definitely look for a good design — an unaesthetically pleasing blog will make me cringe! 😛 I don’t know about sidebars though. I’m thinking of getting a new design without a sidebar, because I don’t like how it makes the content not centered. #perfectionist And omg SOME BLOGS DON’T EVEN HAVE A “BLOG” button and I’m just like where do I go to see your latest posts??? HOW DO I EVEN LIVE LIFE.

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  2. I’m not too concerned about appearance as long as it isn’t ugly or hard to read (plain background under the text please, not images that make it impossible to read without squinting at the page). Mostly it is content (topic and quality) and regularity of posting that will have me following another blog.
    Great post and thanks for sharing what you look for.

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  3. I think you have pretty much covered all of the main reasons I will choose to follow a blog 🙂 The most important of these being content and interaction for me.

    I really struggle when I follow someone and take time to share and comment, but yet I never receive a response or occasional comment back. I know it cannot be expected all of the time, but I need to know the blogger is involved.

    Content in terms of interest is my other huge one. I can easily forgive time lapses in post (my own illness causes this, so I get it), but it has to be topics that I feel are relevant or important to me. I want to be able to trade thoughts and share.

    Fantastic post 🙂

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  4. I am actually different in that I prefer a clear and easy to read font over a fancy looking one. I usually read blogs in between reading books or in my lunch hour so I like to be able to read them fairly quickly.

    I also choose blogs of similar content or based on my other interests… So content is the big win for me. I also like to get inspiration from other people’s blogs, such as finding new books to its no use following people that don’t publish anything!

    My blog concentrates on book reviews and you mention linking in goodreads. I haven’t done this so far – do you think this is something I should be doing?

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    1. I also prefer a easy font to read too, I just meant for their headers, and graphics (I should clear that up, lol). I think that putting a goodreads is not THAT important, but I would like it in a blog, so I can see their goodreads. I love your blog design, but I think you don’t have to do it. Hope this helped! 😀

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  5. Great post! I agree with everything on your list here, and I’m definitely looking for bloggers that have some kind of interactions with their readers. I often take a lot of time commenting on other blog posts and I’m always happy whenever I get an answer and can actually engage in a conversation with said blogger 🙂

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  6. I agree with all of these! I can always appreciate a pretty blog, but it’s so much more important to me if their content interests me. I’ve started unfollowing blogs the last couple of months because they just don’t connect with me, whether that’s by their type of content or their lack of interaction. I want a blog to have personality and to actually feel like there’s a person there who’s taking their time to post and respond to their followers, not one that feels like it’s on autopilot!


  7. Yes I completely agree with everything on your list. I’m actually a little bit obsessed with how my blog looks and I’m always thinking I can make it look better. I’ve actually just switched from blogger to WordPress today so my blog doesn’t look quite how I want it to at the minute and it’s so hard not to keep tweaking it all the time 😂! Hopefully I can make it more how I want it when I get to grips with WordPress. Great post 💖

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  8. YES! I agree with all of these! I love pretty designs and graphics in posts because it’s just more aesthetically pleasing. But I also don’t like it when a post is cluttered with images (yours for example is perfect). Content is a big deal to me too, I usually follow bloggers who have a similar interest (so mainly YA book blogs). Replying to comments is a big deal to me too because a part of the reason I blog is so I can interact with other bloggers. I’ve recently had to unfollow a few blogs because they never reply to their readers’ comments.

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