3 Ways To Get Out of A Blogging Slump // My Comeback Post!


Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I have been actually writing, up a post because I recently fell into a hiatus. This was because of the dreaded blogging slump.   

I really hate blogging slums btw, for the following reasons

  • It gives me the worst feeling ever
  • I feel extremely guilty
  • Ugh, it also makes me bored.

You get me????

So for today’s post I’m going to talk about how to conquer this dreaded sickness. But first let’s talk about the symptoms.

  • Not wanting to write anything
  • staring at the computer screen for 2 hours straight
  • instead of replying to comments, and reviewing your watching funny cat videos.

If you experience the following symptoms YOU maybe falling into a SLUMP!

Now let’s talk about how to get OVER a blogging slump!



1.) Wait it out

I’m a firm believer in letting things wait out, because I don’t want to end up resenting it. Especially with blogging, which was never meant to be chore. It was just went to be an outlet to express your ideas!


  • It actually works
  • less stressful


  • it takes too much time
  • boring

2.) Get Inspired

If you think waiting it out is wayy to much time than let your world inspire you!  You could come up with another post disscussion post based on what your reading. Or you could go to Pinterest, We Heart It, Bloglovin’ for more inspiration. As a third option, you could get inspired by other people’s blogs. However, make sure not too copy!!


  • Fresh new ideas!
  • Sparks up discussions


  • I don’t get inspired easily

3.) Get Organized

One way I got out of my blogging slump, was get organised. Now I could write a whole post about the importance or staying organized, and how to do it, but the basics are

  • Keep your priorities in check – Don’t allow blogging to take over your life. Make sure family, friends, school are first. Than other things
  • Set up a schedule – I think keeping a schedule is good, and all. But keeping a schedule you know you can keep, and fits to your needs is the best. Set up something that you know you can follow, or it will be a waste.
  • BUJO SON – Ask anyone who owns a bullet journal. It’s the best. It’s suitable for YOUR NEEDS, and customizable.


  • More easier to keep track of things
  • It helps you in other areas of life.


  • LAZY.
  • too much time.




What are some ways you use to get out of a blogging slump? When was the last time you feel into one? How did you get out of it? What was your favorite method to get out of a blogging slump? AND DO YOU LIKE MY NEW DIVIDER!!! 


15 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Out of A Blogging Slump // My Comeback Post!

  1. Keep your priorities in check – Don’t allow blogging to take over your life. Make sure family, friends, school are first. Than other things


    I’ve been putting blogging over school lately, and while I’m actually getting better grades than I did last quarter (!!!), I’m more stressed. I’m just like AHGAHGHAHGA. It’s actually been causing me to think about taking a blogging break — but nah. XD Besides, school is over for me! next! week! *cheers*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LUCKKKY! We high school students in New York do not get time off from school until 2!! Months!!! Don’t stress yourself May, it’s not obligatory to comment on everyone’s post. Although, I’m pretty sure people will be sad that your not spreading your words of wisdom on their posts! 😀 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! Seeing u after a long time😊
    Nice and organised come back post and lovely tips… we al need them sometime..
    When I’m in a blogging slump, I usually do tags, they help me get back on track…
    Speaking of tags, a fellow blogger and I just created a book tag called the high school book tag… the link is right here: http://teenmemoir.com/2017/05/15/the-high-school-book-tag-original/
    Let me know if you r interested.. I would love to tag you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back!!! 🙂
    I haven’t actually been in a blogging slump yet! I’ve been blogging pretty consistently since I started my blog but I think your advice to get out of one is really good! Definitely remember your priorities and make sure that blogging doesn’t take over your life 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bujo is like a short term for bullet journal, because I can bee too lazy to write the whole thing. I think the one that worked for me was to wait it out. I thought I was going to be on a break for a long time (like 2 weeks), but I ended up taking a break for a few days instead.

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