A Brief Hiatus // Taking a (temporary) Break From Blogging.

I think I’m having one of those mid-life crisis.

Except it has to do with blogging, so maybe a ‘blogging-life-crisis’, I don’t know. The thing is I’m going to go on a brief temporary break from blogging. I don’t exactly know the reason for this, but I think it’s because of exams, and also I recently fell into a blogging slump.

Aaaaaand it’s the worst think ever, but I’ll promise I’ll be back with fresh ideas, book reviews, and a whole buncha other stuff!

Also I’ll still be commenting around the blogospere, and taking part in Mahriya’s Typewriter Project! You should all join, like right now because IT’S WONDERFUL! There’s WRITING INVOLVED! If that doesn’t make you rush over to the link then,  you’re a very boring person.



have you ever been in a blogging slump?? Isn’t it the worst? PLEASE TELL ME IT GETS BETTER!?? What did you do to combat that horrible feeling? See you in two weeks! 


14 thoughts on “A Brief Hiatus // Taking a (temporary) Break From Blogging.

  1. I’ve been in plenty of slumps and Seuss was right when he said, “unslumping yourself is not easily done.” It’s just one of those things that you’ve got to take, let it run it’s course, and bounce back a little stronger than you were before.

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  2. I have a feeling that I am just about to be hit with a blogging slump! Uni has just started and things are getting very stressful and I often don’t have the time or the energy to write blog posts!

    That being said, take all the time you need! School is obviously more important than blogging which is basically just a hobby (but feels like an actual job lol)!

    Also I just discovered your blog through May’s blog (yay!) and I think it’s LOVELY! Your posts are awesome and I love the overall look of your blog ❤

    Can't wait to read more of your posts when you come back – but don't pressure yourself and take time to relax and catch up on school things! 🙂

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  3. I’ve definitely been in a blogging slump before. It’s weird – people think that bloggers don’t have them but THEY DO. It is literally the worst but taking a voluntary break is bad and good in a different way. It DOES get better but patience and also you HAVE TO START FORCING YOURSELF a little bit. Me?
    I just carried on commenting around and made myself write a post to get back into the groove. Sometimes it’s just natural. Gonna miss you and your wonderful posts.

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  4. There’s totally no shame in needing a break! Real life gets complicated sometimes. I also firmly believe blogging should be at least partially fun, and when you’re in a slump without any ideas, it just becomes stressful. I haven’t experienced this quite yet (I’ve only been really blogging for a few months), but this is my opinion.

    I hope it gets better soon! Don’t beat yourself up 🙂

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  5. It helps to take a step back and just enjoy other things. Don’t let blogging be your only hobby. That’s how I got burnt out last year and I was gone for about four months before I even wanted to think about blogging again. Do something you love, but I found at the same time to keep a little list of things and passing thoughts that you want to talk about when you do come back. That way you’ll have some fresh ideas to pull from and some to hang onto when you loose motivation.

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