Girls In Books // Reality Portrayed in Books V.S Reality, Reality.


Hello everyone 😀

Today I’m going to talk about girls in books. This will be discussing how girls are portrayed in books, but the situations are actually very different IRL. The way books see us, differs to what we really are.



Books – All the nerds hang with each other, and end up getting bullied. The outcasts band as one, and have lunch behind the trash cans. All above it is the most popular girls who are the meanest, but super well dressed. Usually dating half the football team.

Reality – I’ll admit a school is not a school without cliques. But they are not as strict books, and movies (like Mean Girls) portray them. I even have a personal example. My group of friends have multiple personalities per person. We have me, a bibliophile, but also loves sports, and trying on new clothes. And another one of my best friends love both fashion, and books. We fangirl a lot together.

And the “popular girls” in school aren’t hateful towards any other person. Just don’t be on their bad side, but I think that goes for everyone.



Books – There’s one girl who is super quiet, one who is super loud, trying to get the former out of her shell.

Reality – Wrong again. Like stated above, there are so many personalities in one friendship. They can both be quiet, and nerdy. Or be both loud, and outgoing. And it doesn’t even have to be two girls. You could have a 3 or even 4 best friends!


Books – Sleepover, school dances, and lot’s of shopping. Fan girling over guys.

Reality– This is really common in books. Girl bonding usually happens when they are shopping, or something. This, of course does not happen in the real word. It can happen anywhere, and be about anything (not just romance). We talk about serious thing too, like family matters.


Books – Average, quiet, sensible, sometimes prone to gossiping, sometimes badass, but only in fantasy novels.

Reality: Uhhh, we’re human, people. We all have flaws, and we’re all different. I don’t see a lot of that in books. For some reason Cait from Dreamland sounds exactly the same as Alice from Windfall. They are to different books, written by two different authors, but they sound almost the same.


That is my long/not so long post about the common misconceptions about girls in books. I feel like authors don’t really get how teenage girls lifestyle are. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Would you like to add-on? What are some more misconceptions girls face? 

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10 thoughts on “Girls In Books // Reality Portrayed in Books V.S Reality, Reality.

  1. Girls are definitely misportrayed a lot in books! On the topic of popular/mean girls, I’ve read books where I’ve been like, “Wow, is the bullying THAT bad???” I don’t think I’ll never know if it’s realistic or dramatic because 1) I’ve never experienced/seen/heard of bullying like that before in real life, and 2) even if I did hear of bullying be that dramatic, I wouldn’t know if it was that common.

    BUT ENOUGH ON THAT. They always think that popular girls are mean??? But for me, they aren’t. They can be like a little rude, but they’re not explicitly mean. And duuuude, my friends and I don’t even talk about boys together. (I honestly don’t know what we talk about. XD ) I mean, sure, I guess some girls do, but not every girl! Great post, Balie. 🙂

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  2. Girls are definitely still misportrayed, but I’d argue the same thing happens with boys, too (stereotypes such as the gamer, the nerdy one, the jock, etc.) The popular / mean girls trope has to go. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in real life and that you can’t write about them, but at least make them three-dimensional. Like you said, everyone has different sides to their personality.
    Great post!

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  3. I agree with everything here!!! Mean Girls cliques ARE WAHEY to extreme, but I think that’s what made it hilarious. I think sometimes you hang out with some people, and sometimes you mix with other groups. We’re not so strict with friends! Loved this post.

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  4. Wow this post is really good! Sometimes even we think about the wrong portrayal of girls in books and we totally agree with you. Often the authors go too far to put the female lead in spotlight. XD
    Yours A-fiction-ately
    Nandika and Tanishka

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