Muslim Representation In Books


On March 2016, I did a post on diversity, and the importance of it, and now I’m going to delve into a small, yet important sub section of this topic. 

Muslims in books. 

I identify myself as a South Asian Muslim, and I haven’t been able too see myself in other books at all.  In the few books there are with main characters that are Muslim , they don’t really describe my lifestyle (a Muslim-American).  

Representation By The Numbers.

  • There is more negativity about Muslims than alcohol, drugs, and cancer according to 416 Labs.  


This could affect the smol 8 million (from Americas 313.9 million) Muslim-Americans.     




  • With recent events occurring in the United States [See Trump’s travel ban], Muslims are considered derogatory terms, that seem to alienate them. I think, it’s possible that literature can demolish that feeling. Seeing yourself reflected in another person, fake or real can make someone feel less… alone. While people might think that’s not important, I disagree. Loneliness can often lead to depression, which can often lead too suicide. 
  • There is about 8 million Muslims in the world. As a population that big, you would think that there would be more books revolving around Muslims in the western countries.  We are still part of this world, and our lives/stories deserved to be told in a positive way that reflects us TRULY. 
  • A regularity of Muslim appearances can help other people understand more about our religion, and banish many misconceptions.  Sooo many misconceptions. Sharing our stories can show that we are just like any normal person. 
  • MORE!! DIVERSE!! BOOKS!!  More diverse book means more diverse stories.  
  • I don’t want to be seen as a terrorist, and I’m sure others don’t either. Many people believe 



These are some of my favorites!


I want too see new breakthroughs in literature where…. 

…Muslims in books are a regular thing.
… Muslims being part of book that’s about romance!
…Muslims from ALL OVER the world (Wouldn’t a white Muslim be awesome?!)




This may have been the shortest serious post I’ve ever done. But I think this topic is important. What do you think? Don’t you think Muslims in books are important, given recent events? What are some REALLY good books you have read with a muslim character? What’s your opinion on this? What else ethnicity/race should be put more in books?  

10 thoughts on “Muslim Representation In Books

  1. A white Muslim would be awesome! I think it’s awesome that you’re Muslim. I myself am Buddhist (parents are Thai but am #American), and while I would like to see that, I don’t think it’s as “important” (I say that very loosely) as Muslim rep, because of all the stigmas going on right now. Also I’m gonna say this really quick but I STRONGLY DISAGREE with and STRONGLY DISLIKE Trump. His discrimination towards Muslim is based off of a stereotyped reason — which is why we need (CORRECT!!!) Muslim rep in books. Love and agree wholeheartedly with this post, Balie! ❤

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    1. Thanks May! You have a really valid point, but I do disagree with you. I actually think that Muslim rep are more needed BECAUSE of the stigmas. Many people misunderstand our faith, and I think that a Muslim rep in a book will clear things up a little. But yeah, Trump was not my ideal candidate for a president. I honestly thought he was going to lose. I also don’t agree with his ideals (he thinks global warming is a myth 🙄), for obvious reasons. But thank you for commenting, and the support (again)

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  2. This is a really important topic, and I’m glad you brought it up! It’s always important to have greater diversity in the books we read these days for people to gain a better understanding of others.And the Forbidden Wish is on my TBR!

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  3. I’m a Muslim too, though I don’t speak about it too much because I’m still remaining kind of anonymous and the internet can be a really hateful place. Also, my blog isn’t too personal. I seriously think that we should get more recognition. Like people having Muslim friends AND THAT’s NORMAL.
    Also, some books that do have Muslim rep just don’t um…represent us well. British and American Muslims are usually alienated.Like, there’s romance, we don’t JUST have Muslim friends, we aren’t all these peaceful and always preaching people, we have flaws, we don’t blab about religion all the time – we’re the same as anyone else with a religion. I feel like it shouldn’t be a big deal if a Muslim is included – such as the blurb shouldn’t advertise ‘IT’S GOTA MUSLIM IN IT’ when mentioning the character, because that just adds to the awkwardness? You should read ‘My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece’. it deals with Islamaphobia and shines a lot of light on Islam to other readers. It’s more of a Middle-Grade novel but very different.

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  4. That’s a beautiful post. I personally haven’t read any book that revolves around a Muslim character. I agree about everything you said about clearing the misconceptions and all, but I truly feel like Muslims in the USA are the least abused ones. Unlike in Europe, where a Muslim person could truly feel like an outsider. I’ve been to both the US and France, and although my encounters with people there was totally normal where everyone was so nice and sweet; I couldn’t help but feel a bit like an outcast in France.


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