Book To Show Adaptations // Some of The Greatest Hits!

As you all know, the show 13 Reasons Why streamed on Netflix, and the book community was talking all about it. This made me think of all my favorite book-to-show adaptations, and I composed a whole list!


The Good – T.V shows from books that were really good! 

In this section, I’m listing some really good T.V shows that came from book, and my thoughts if I watched it.

  • The 100 – *FLAILS LIKE A SEAL* The 100 is one of my favorites T.V shows EVER!! I’m so hyped ever since Season 4 came out. It’s almost like the books, with a few twists. AND I SHIP BELLAMY, AN CLARKE SO MUUUUCH!!


  • Game of Thrones – OMG this show is soo epic, and intense. I didn’t read the books, but I did binge watch the seasons AND I LOVED IT!!


  • Sherlock – Me, and some of my closest friends are obsessed with this show! It’s plot-driven, has a really good cast, and a good story.



  • Pretty Little Liars – This show is something that I’m sure EVERYONE will love! It’s so dark, brutal, and mysterious, and that’s s enough to grab anyone’s attention.





Those are some my favorite shows form books. What do you think of this list? Do you agree? Do you disagree? What would you add to this list? What are some t.v shows you’re excited for? AND SHOULD I WATCH 13 REASONS WHY?? 


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