New Monthly Releases: April Edition!

Hello everyone, welcome to a monthly feature called New Releases (I’ll think of a better name)! This is basically where I write up a post talking about the new releases coming out in X month. This may not cover all books, just a few I’m excited for.

                                                                   April 4th

Perfect (Flawed #2) by Cecelia Ahern – I loved the first book, and am eager to know what’s coming up next for our main character Celestine.  Goodreads 

Letters To The Lost by BRIGID KEMMERER (!!) – I’m excited for this because it includes LETTERS, and LOVE. If this is like a darker version of P.S I Like You count me in!  Goodreads

Gem and Dixie by Sara Zarr – This sounds like a really good story about sister, love, and friendship! Goodreads

                                                                   April 11th

Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray – This book has been hyped a lot! But I’m scared to get my hopes  up, but then I’m really excited?! (#booknerdproblems) Goodreads

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer – This isn’t that hyped, but the synopsis sounds really interesting! It’s like a Sleeping Beauty retelling, and I’m all for that 🙂  Goodreads 

Fireworks by Katie Cotugno – The premise of this book sounds really good. I wonder if I can relate to it? And it’s set in 1990’s Orlando, and everyone knows that they were realy party people back then.  Goodreads

                                                                   April 18th


The Adjustment by Suzanne Young – *flails* *fangirls* *pops confetti* SHE IS BACK WITH ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT THE PROGRAM, AHHHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!! Goodreads


What are some books releasing in April? Are they on this list? What are some books coming out this month that you’re the most excited for?  Do you agree with the books I chose? Tell me below!


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