This or That Book Tag!

It’s been sooo long since I did a tag! Today, I’m going to do the This or That Book Tag, which I was tagged by Nikki @ The Night Is Dark And Full of Book (Game of Thrones reference). Thanks for tagging me in this, and sorry I didn’t do it sooner (for some wordpress reminded me right now, even though you posted it in the summer 😦 )

1. Reading on The Couch or The Bed?

Bed for the automatic win. I prefer reading on the bed than the couch because I can fall asleep right away.

2. Female or Male Character?

I would choose female character because I think it’s far more easier to relate, and connect with. With a male character, I don’t get all the complicated friendship stuff (yes, I find guy friendships more complicated than girls). I don’t mind reading in a male P.O.V though.

3. Sweet or Salty Snacks While Reading?

I don’t really eat food while reading, but if I had too choose I would say sweet. If I had to be more specific, oranges.

4. Trilogies or quartets?

How about none? I don’t like series because A) I might have really expectations for one of the books, but it fails to live up to them and B) they take really long to finish… But if I had to choose, trilogies. Just like Nikki, the less books the better.

5. First person or third person P.O.V?

First person for sure! It feels like I’m relieving the events of the book, and gives me a sense of the readers feel. Which essentially makes me feel closer to the narrator.

6. Reading in the night or morning?

This is actually a tough one. I like reading in both times, and it doesn’t make a difference. But if I really had to choose one, I’d say in the night.

7. Libraries or Bookstores?

Libraries for sure, because for the obvious reasons. It’s free, and usually gives me enough time to finish a book. Some people say that books from libraries are dirty, and disgusting. I disagree because we bibliophiles, would never treat a book like that. And if the book is dirty thelibrary usually replaces it with a better copy.

8. Books that make you laugh or cry?

Laughing for sure. Crying for a book is really depressing, and would leave me with a book hangover.

9. Black or White Cover Books?

White covers because they always look elegant to me. Although, it doesn’t really matter too me.

10. Character or Plot-Driven

Plot driven for sure because a boring storyline, but really good characters does not appeal to me. Who would want to read something with no plot line? I really think that the plot is really important to a story, because it makes the story, a story. 



That’s it for this tag! What do you think of my answers? Do you agree? Do you disagree? How about you answer them for yourself?

9 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag!

  1. I basically agree with you on everything except for first person vs. third person (third person FTW!) and character- vs. plot-driven. Characters are THE modt important thing to me. I mean, I guess you’re right about a boring plot and good characters, but the same applies to boring characters and a good plot. The characters are what make you care about the story and the plot. That’s just my opinion though. 😉 Thanks so much for tagging me, and I had a lot of fun reading your answers! 🙂

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