March Wrap-up // One of My Best Reading Months Yet!!


I know almost everyone says this, but hasn’t March passed by so fast? I was really surprised to learn that March 31’st was today! Since this month ended it means another wrap-up!!


Book I Read 

I read a total of: 13 books/ 2 book reviews 

I’m really happy with my progress as a reader, and have better hopes for my reviewing. I have to do one review a week (except this week because of the wrap-up)

Favorite Blog Posts (My blog)  

Favorite Posts Around The Blogosphere

Upcoming Posts

  • Different book who take place somewhere OUTSIDE of the U.S
  • Books written by Asian-American authors (DIVERSE BOOK RECS)
  • My Personal Aesthetics/How  To Create Aesthetics
  • How to not freak out when you see an author 5 feet of you.
  • Book To Movie Adaptations: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

CaptureImportant Stuff!

  • Got a new design (second time), and I switched back to my old header, but added new elements to my side bar.
  • I updated my Instagram! I’m adding more pictures, and would be pleased if you followed me back (@nerdinnewyork)
  • I’m getting close to 400 followers! If I do, there’s a big giveaway planned!!

CaptureThat’s it for my month! How was yours? How many books did you read? What do you have planned April? What’s on your TBR?

13 thoughts on “March Wrap-up // One of My Best Reading Months Yet!!

  1. Ahaha, thank you for linking to my post! And *gasp* are you Asian American??? Cuz you talked about it twice in this post and I’m Asian American so I was just wondering… Also omg thirteen books; you make my eleven books look bad. (Okay so I thought I read less than eleven but whatever.) AAGGHH I NEED TO READ ALLEGEDLY!!! And I agree — this month was an awesome reading month for me as well!

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  2. Congrats on all the books you read this month! That’s awesome! And thank you so much for sharing my post, and the others! Do I have you on bookstagram? I’m bookslayerReads over there, too! Also, loving the redesign!!

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  3. Wow, you read a lot of books this month! That’s incredible and I wish I could read that many. I’m usually lucky if I read three because I’m a terribly slow reader lol. And thanks so much for sharing my post! I hope you have a great month in April!! 💕😊


  4. Hi Balie, This is a lovely blog! I do love the hand lettering over watercolor graphics.

    It looks like you flew through the series by Pittacus Lore. I’ve not read it yet. One day… Congratulations on a great reading month!

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