Things I Do Instead of Reviewing Books // Guilty Pleasures of Bibliophiles Everywhere

Nowadays, I hardly find time to read books. And then when I do (I finished like 6 books this month) I almost NEVER REVIEW THEM!! It really aggravates me because I feel like book reviewing is the heart of book blogging. It’s also kind of the reason why I started this blog anyway, so if I’m not reviewing it defeats the purpose. I notice that when I do have time to review, I do something else.

Listening To K-POP

Here’s a little fun fact about me: I love watching korean dramas, listening to korean music, watching anime, and listening to J-POP.  A lot. I’m actually listening to it right now (Playing With Fire by Blackpink is one my faves). You are probably thinking why I can’t I just listen to music, and review books. I can’t because

  • I’m usually trying to find other songs to listen to next
  • I’m always belting out the lyrics in my horrible voice, and I need the video for that
  • I just want to, don’t judge okay?
  • Watching people dance in the MV’S are just much better.

Going on Social Media

I am ADDICTED to social media! Now, I’m going on instagram a lot, but before I was on pinterest, tumblr, and before that it was twitter. I don’t have any friends, but I usually stalk k-pop singers. I also spend a lot of time creating aesthetics on tumblr, and maybe I’m getting better at it?


I’m in my senior year at my school, so I have regents, tests (I have one tomorrow, about MATH!), homework, and,community service to take care of. Aaaaand then I have younger siblings to help with their tests, homework. I’m a pretty busy person at home, and I also manage to remain social with my friends. Instead of taking out a YA book, I usually spend my time with a calculus textbook.

Writing Other Posts

I’m supposed to be writing a review for one series (5 books), and 3 books. That’s eight books I have to take care of. Instead, I’m writing a post about why I’m  not doing things I’m  not supposed too. I get a lot of discussion post  ideas, and sometimes it gets really good that I end up erasing what I have for a review, and begin on that instead.

What I’m Doing To Encourage Myself

  • Setting up a playlist – I’ll make a playlist with all my favorite k-pop songs, and listen too that while I’m reviewing.  
  • Take me phone way and force myself not to visit social media for a limited tim 
  • Get a planner
  • Set a schedule for myself


So have you ever done something like this? What was your solution? Is this relatable? Do you know where to get a planner???

12 thoughts on “Things I Do Instead of Reviewing Books // Guilty Pleasures of Bibliophiles Everywhere

  1. Haha, yes! I totally get you. For me, it’s all the things I do I should be doing while procrastinating in the blogging world. And HAHAHA I HAVE NO SOCIAL MEDIA SO I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. XD I mean, I really want Pinterest, but my mom only said that I can use her account, which is cool, but not at the same time. XD

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  2. I do love KPOP and JPOP and I use them as an excuse to study different languages lol I’m drawn to Cross Gene and ONE OK ROCK. XD

    I can totally relate to this post because there are moments when I ask myself whether I am a reader, a reviewer, or a writer and the voracious reader in me will just keep on reading and reading unless an idea strikes me fancy and the Writer side prevails. Then again, maybe the pressure is too strong for you since this, like what you said, is a book blog.

    You’re quite busy though! So, good luck and may the force be with you!

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