5 Bookish Pet Peeves I Really Get Annoyed!

Books could be the best things in the world. But sometimes they can be the worst thing. Today, I’m going to talk about some bookish pet peeves that make me get well… annoyed.

1) Cover Changes

Cover changes. It ticks me off because A) The original cover could look really cool, but then, they change it! I mean why change a really pretty/awesome cover to something that’s less pretty/awesome.

On the left: awesome book cover, featuring an eye who’s crying waterfalls, and growing some branches. On the right: Some girl in a white dress, looking pretty badass.

Please tell me, what do you think is better?

Personally, I think it’s the original one, and found it not exactly appealing when there was a cover change. I think it’s not good for the eyes, and it decreases business. Most of us judge a book by it’s cover, and if we something not suitable to us, we won’t buy it. So if you really like a cover of this book you should keep it!

2) Ridiculous Descriptions

Have you ever read a book that has some crazy descriptions? I have. A lot. And now every time I read one, I get really confused + really annoyed because half of those lines make sense. Most of these have to with food like

His eyes reminded me of ripe, plum mangoes (This one if for you, May)

or   Her hair was like the sun setting, a mixture of orange, red, yellow, and loveliness 

OR His face was like a Christmas tree. His eyes were green like kiwi , and his hair was as dark as chocolate.

BTW, these are examples I made up from my mind. Buut, my point is that THESE DON’T MAKE SENSE! How does a human body part remind of you food? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! How are teens managing to be so descriptive, but when I see a face… I just see a face?!

Another thing is the “crooked smile”.  I never seen one in my life, and when I googled it, I got this picture


No offense to the old man, but is this  WHAT PEOPLE FIND “HANDSOME/SEXY”

3) “You’re Not Like Other Girls”

Okay for this, I don’t find it just annoying, and eye rolling worthy, but it kind of makes me mad (#feministalert). What do you mean “not like other girls”. What are “other girls”? And how do you define those “other girls”? What makes the other girls, so different from that girl? Do  you see why I have so many questions?????



I hate stickers on books because no matter how I try, I can never get the left overs. I especially don’t like it when the sticker is smack-dab in the middle  of the blurb, or in a persons face. It really is annoying, and ruins the cover/back-cover. his ‘fit in

5) Dog Eared Pages

I HATE dog eared pages, because they ruin the quality of a page in the book. This usually happens when I borrow a book from the library (I, would never commit such an atrocious crime), and I feel like that person should never experience reading a good book. If you’re dog earing to keep your place in a book, USE A BOOKMARK! They cost like 50 cents! Or even use a peice of paper! I can;t tell you how many times I used a reciept, and one time a paper towel to hold my place in a book.


Those are some of my pet peeves. What are some of yours? Do you feel the same? Do you not feel the same? Tell me below!

19 thoughts on “5 Bookish Pet Peeves I Really Get Annoyed!

  1. AHAHAHAHA I SAW MY NAME AND WAS LIKE WUT ABOUT ME??? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG??? And then I saw mangoes and was like HAHAHAHAHAHA SILLY BALIE. XD ❤ And lol I imagine crooked smiles sort of as a smirk, but I can see what you mean. XD And YES. WHAT DOES "OTHER GIRLS" MEAN??? WHY DOES "OTHER GIRLS" EVEN EXIST??? CAN'T I BE MY OWN GIRL???

    And omggggggggg. I. HATE. DOGEARED. PAGES. I have some friends who read a lot and dogear pages and I'm like WHAT THE HECK THE BOOKS ARE PRECIOUS HOW DARE YOU RUIN THEIR PERFECTNESS??? Even when you fold it back and smooth it all out, YOU CAN STILL SEE THE MARK. Books are sacred. TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. *cries* (I feel like I'm going to write a post on this. XD )

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    1. Every time I see someone dogear, I gasp internally! Your right about treating books with respect. They’re someones life’s work, and you mark it up like nothing. Such perfect pages, RUINED!! And the “other girls” saying is so messed up, why does it even exist?

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  2. I’m guilty of dog ear-ing my books… Mostly because I’ve forgotten or lost my page tabs…

    The description thing gets me too. When I see someone, I rarely stop to think about their description beyond acknowledging that they have a face. My partner and I actually make ridiculous descriptions now just because they show up in books and we like to make fun of them.

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    1. *gasp* dog earing pages??? I am dissapointed. jk, I understand that sometimes you just have because you lose your place if you don’t. And a bookmark can be too far away… 😀 Yea it is really funny how authors use elaborate descriptions, when in reality all you see is eyes, nose, and lips.

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  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one peeved by stupid descriptions. I think it’s writers trying too hard to be poetic or different, and they have it hammered into them that in order to be a “good” writer, they need to flourish and write majestic prose. Personally, I’m a straight forward writer and reader. Don’t tell me what something is like. Tell me what it is.

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  4. I’m a completionist so missing part of a series drives me crazy. I don’t tend to buy anything that says its a part 1 of 3 or whatever until the whole set is out. Mostly because too many authors don’t finish that epic adventure, fantasy, sci-fi and I’m left with an incomplete story and feel for the poor character who just got shoved out an air lock at the end of part 2 with part 3 nowhere to be seen.
    I’m not so anti-dog-earing however stickers on covers drives me crazy.
    The other thing I dislike, and I know it is petty, but I hate hard cover books. They are too heavy, too inflexible, and they don’t feel good to hold and read. Plus, when you fall asleep reading one they really hurt when they land on your head.

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  5. The thing about the ”other girls”!!! I’ve been bothered by that too! Like WTF! :S
    If we happen to relate to the female character, is that supposed to make us feel superior or inferior towards other females?? Should we really be comparing ourselves even more than we already are? 0_0

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  6. Ugh, stickers! Especially because publishers love to stick them on practically every book and some are a pain to remove! I work in a book shop, and imagine having to remove a ton of these stickers while trying hard not to damage the book, because all of them are gifts!

    And yeah, changing covers. Especially if they do so halfway in a series!

    The “other girls” thing never ceases to bother me, either.


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