Girl Portrayal In Books // #GirlPower

Today, we are going to talk about girl portrayal in books. This topic is important to me because A) I’m a girl, and I don’t want to be underestimated because of my gender, B) Who wants to get judged on their gender? That’s morally wrong. C) Because I’m a feminist, and this is basically why feminist became feminist???

So bibliophiles, I’m going to show you my top 3 positive portrayal of girls in the YA universe! These are girls who left a mark on me, because of their awesome qualities.

  1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.


Okay, long ago (when I first started this blog) I wrote a whole post dedicated to Hermione’s awesomeness. If you do want to check it out, here is the link.

Hermione was a great inspiration to me growing up because she was just so smart, and brave enough to take on Bellatrix Lestrange herself. One thing I really admired about her was how she put her closest friends in front of her, rather than herself. She punched Draco Malfoy in the face!! And she went as far as to erase herself from her parents memories. All for her friends. She made me realize that not all things come easy, not even to the brightest witch of all her age.  

2) Six from I am Number Four series

Six was one of my favorite characters from the series, because she was just so awesome, and kickass. She lost her Cepan, at the age of thirteen, and has continued to survive on her own, even though there are alien monsters after her. She is also practical in anything she does, not letting the urge of violence let her go out of control. Well most of the time.

3) Lara Jean Song Covey from To All The Boys I Loved Before series

You might be thinking what is Lara Jean, a girl who loves baking, and vintage clothes doing in this list. Well, Lara Jean is one of my favorite girls on the list because if how girly, and realistic she is. Lara Jean might be one of the most relatable characters I ever read about. She’s not perfect, and she knows it. She alwyas thinks for others, and realys an important message to all girls: don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything. 


So what are your favorite girls in  from books? Do you agree or disagree with the characters I chose?  I’m sure it’s a lot more than three! Tell me down below 🙂




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