Annoying Characteristics in Books, That Make Me Want To Chop Some Heads

Books are essentially a gift from the heavens. Buuut, sometimes the “gift” can be a pain in the butt. Here are some characteristics in books that get me pissed/annoyed/ and a whole bunch of other negative emotions.

1) Love Triangles

A love triangle really depends on how the author plans it out, and I only read one book that has a decent love triangle. That book is P.S I Still Like You by Jenny Han, and if you read my review you know that this book’s love triangle was well thought-out. However, most are horrible! 😦 I roll my eyes, each time I am introdeced to one because I can almost always tell who’s going to end up with who. The girl/boy starts acting dumb, because they’re “torn” over which on to choose over. And it get’s on my nerves! I’d wish the MC would pick someone, and get it over with, becuase there are more things to be worried about, than love.

2) People Trying To Be Funny

This is makes me cringe. The author tries too hard on a character too be funny. My reaction is: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH no. This doesn’t really happen a lot in books, but sometimes there’s only that one character who just is not funny..

3) The “Emotionless” Boy/Girl

This is probably me, but in every book theres that one boy/girl who went through a hard past, and refuses to show their feelings. Those types tend to have black hair, and almost black eyes. At first, I was happy. I liked characters who had an air of mystery around them, and were not what they see. However, after a while they seemed a little repititive, and I can always tell the reason why they are so “emotionless”

4) Best Friend Falling In Love

I really hate this because it usually is played out like this

Boy: I’m in love with you

Girl: Oh too bad, I’m in love with this jock, who is really popular. Sorry

* things get akward afterward*

Girl: *sometime later* Sorry, but the dude who I was going out with is actually a jerk, I see our special connection blah, blah, blah

Boy: Although, it took you about 5 years to realize that I still will take you in, and love you, and other stuff blah, blah, blah

5) One-Cut Characters

By “one-cut” I mean characters that are one-sided and have no depth to them. Some authors don’t seem to get that a person could have a million sides to them. A mean girl can be a real nerd underneath. 

Sooo that was my list of annoying tropes. What’s yours? Can you relate to any of these? TELL ME 


12 thoughts on “Annoying Characteristics in Books, That Make Me Want To Chop Some Heads

    1. YESS! When that happens in a book, I usually do a huge face palm. The probability of that ever happening, is less likely than me hating books. If it were true thousands of disease would be cured already. And this usually happens with teenagers (around 18) and HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE!!

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    2. I totally agree! I particularly hate the trope of the depressed character who is magically healed by “true love.” Sure, falling in love is great and can make you temporarily happy, but it doesn’t really solve anything when it comes to serious mental illness. When these tropes appear in YA, it’s like telling sad kids that all they need to do is fall in love and everything will be fine.

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