3 Most Underrated OTP’S That Should Be Put Out There More!

In books, and a lot in YA romance sometimes plays a BIG part in the story. Of course, everyone fangirls  about the main characters love interest, but what about the ones from the side? Some of my favorite OTP’S are from the side characters. And I feel like they should be put out there more! Here are my top 3 underrated ships.

1) Sizzy (Simon x Isabel)



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I mentioned that Clace (Clary, and Jace) as one of my faves OTP’s, but can we take a moment to appreciate Simon and Isabel from The Mortal Instruments? 

Things I Love About This Ship 

  • How their chemistry is nothing too intense as Clace
  • Their love for each other is super deep
  • Their an unlikely pair (Isabel: Badass, Simon: nerd)
  • How they met
  • How their relationship progresses.
  • Izzy



2) Jasper (Jason x Piper)


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Am I the only one who likes this ship more than Percabeth? I looove everything about this relationship, and this is totally one of the most under-rated ships EVER!

Things I Love About This Ship ❤ 

  • Jason’s love for Piper is enough to make anyone swoon. The fluff between these two is soo cute!
  • How they understand each other even though, they’re completely different.
  • How they met (which includes loss of memory, and a shoe)
  • Piper
  • How Jason put’s Piper above everything else, and vice-versa

3) Hinny (Harry Potter x Ginny)


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Harry Potter is, and will always be my favorite series, and this ship will always be my favorite. Always (see what I did there).

Things I ADORE About This Ship 

  • Ginny will always be there to help/support/console Harry (as seen in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child) 
  • Harry and Ginny are a super unlikely pair, and I’m pretty sure no one saw them together, coming.
  • Harry will be officially be part of the Weaselys
  • Harry protecting Ginny (or trying too because we all know, she doesn’t need it)

I am so upset that moments between these two were barely mentioned in The Cursed Child. They kissed only twice. The only way I can console myself is reading fanfictions.


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