Top 5 FREE Websites That Boosted My Blogging Game EVEN MORE!

Blogging seems all fun, and games until you actually start blogging. Soon you have to worry about how your blog looks, how much stats your getting, and how many days your publishing.

Stressful right?

Well, today I’m sharing 5 websites that helped me redesign my blog, and shape it into what it is today! I’m also leaving link to posts that can help you for YOUR blog, with redesigning, posting, and more!

So here we go!

1) Picmonkey

When I first started out blogging, I used Picmonkey for all my graphics, and still do! Picmonkey is the best (at least in my opinion), because A) it was super easy to use B) there were so many pretty fonts,  and options to choose from C) IT’S FREE! 

Picmonkey helped my blog in many different ways (from graphics, to headers), and I’m sure it’ll help yours

Helpful posts


  • Canva >> I use this the most after PicMonkey. It has a lot more fonts than PicMonkey
  • BeFunky >> I use this mostly for making my aesthetics, but it has free graphics so you won’t have to upload a lot of images.
  • Pixlr >> The photo editor is GREAT! But the graphics designing is meh. I still would recommend this.

    2) The Blog Stylist

    This isn’t something  that you can create something from, but rather learn from. The owner Bree, gives helpful tips on how to make your blog look better, useful, and how to publish more content. Her cheat-sheets helped me out a lot.

Helpful Posts

> Blogging Cheat Sheet
>> 32 Popular Blog Post Ideas

3) Creative Market

Are you looking for graphic details? Own fonts? Then you should defenitley check out Creative Market! It sells everything digital from fonts to overlays, and everything in between. However, those do cost money. If you want something FREE, Creative Market sells 6 things that are free each week!

Helpful posts

>>Free Goods
>> Themes

4) Pexels

I hate having to look for free images, because they’re not really pretty. In pexels it’s free, and pretty. Bloggers want free photos, because there’s less chance you’ll get coprighted soon.

Helpful Posts


>> Freepic – **you have to credit the owners**

5) Google Apps

If I were too make a list of all the google apps that helped me this list would go on forever. The google apps are very helpful in blogging, here are some of my faves

  • Google Calender – This saved my life, because I forget everything. If you set something up it will remind you, if you log onto your gmail. This way I never forgot posts to publish, or book tours
  • Google Docs – If I ever can’t access WordPress for some reason, I draft up my posts on google docs then copy, and paste it onto WordPress. I also can work on it, when there’s no wi-fi
  • Google Excel – Google Excel helped me keep track of the books I read, where I got it form, and my rating. I find it essential to keep track of these, to see my progress, and help me take the 2018 survey!
  • Google + – Google plus, keeps me updates on the blogging world, and provides another platform I can post posts on.

So those are some of the websites that helped me blog more better! What are some websites helped YOU a lot? List some below, and I’ll check’em out.



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