I Share My Fantasies on Tumblr To The World // Tumblr Aesthetics I Created About Books

Hello everyone! As you all know I have a tumblr (@potter-roses), and I make aesthetics about books. A tumblr aesthetic is basically a collage of pictures, that all relate to the book./show/song or whatever. I would like to show some that I made.


This is for all the people in the Ravenclaw house! Here I made an aesthetic surrounding the house Ravenclaw, from the urban fantasy series: Harry Potter. I used blue letters, and books to represent their love for books. Blue hair, and a flower crown because blue is basically the color for Ravenclaw. Dark waves, to show  that Ravenclaws are fierce. Birds because… that’s what their house symbol is (specifically a raven). The blue henna is showing diversity among this house.


SLYTHERIN! 😆 I’m probably biased, but I liked this the most. Slytherin is my house, although I’m not as cruel people imagine them to be. So of course, green is a big color around here, but I did this aesthetic more centered around the wizarding world. In the above aesthetic I centered more around today’s time (2017).

So the slytherin crest, against green floral background stands for the girls/and boys in it. Girls would be the flower, and boys the crest. It doesn’t really make any sense does it? The next picture is Draco’s hand is Salazer’s Slytherin locket. I liked this picture because the locket is only in color, while everything is black and white. It is another symbol of the Slytherin house. The green snake is also another symbol of Slytherin. Green fire, sort of represents the fierce spirit in the house. I feel like this also represents that Slytherins could be so beautiful, but get too close and you’ll get burned. Cactus are probably slytherins “flower”. Spiky, and everywhere 😂😂 I’l ruin you posts is not mine, but it shows that Slytherin are cunning.


This aesthtic is from the book Hush Hush. The book revolves around angels, and is intense, and dark (my review is here). So the main color for this is black. The first section is feather, and angels mostly to represent angels and the “dark side of the light”. Next column is a picture of Nora, and Patch. Now that I look back on it, I should’ve chosen a better picture for Nora. Oops! 😅The next column is Nora, and Patch calles her “angel”, so I couldn’t help but put that. Another pair of angel wings (omg I’m getting tired og the angel wings now”. Lastly, there’s a quote from the book “He was the worst kind of wrong”. Then an old rollacoaster signifying a scene in the book.


This is obviously about Clary Frary from The Mortal Instruments series. Red is her hair color, she has the power to create runes, and she’s an artist. That picture is actually from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but I felt like it really fit in. Clary also struck me as the converse type of girl, and white was the classiest. In the series, I don’t think she’s much of a bookworm, but I included it because she still does read. And lastly, the mortal instruments symbol, the angel rune. .I think this one was pretty good, and fit in perfectly.

Talk, Worm 

Soooo what do you think? Should I continue, because these were so good? Should I not because they’re sooo bad? Do you even care?  Does it EVEN MATTER??


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