Anime Inspired Dream Crate

Hello worms! Today I have a very exciting post to share for you all. Loot Crate has asked me to create my very own “Dream Crate”.  Loot Crate  is a monthly subscription box that delivers awesome pop culture merch right to your door. If you want to find more about this  company click here (it’s great I promise you).

So what would my dream crate hold? Well when I first thought about it, the only two choices that popped right into my head were Harry Potter, and Anime. But I’m leaning towards the anime side. My theme is “Human To Weapon”


  1. Noragami Poster  – Yato can turn Yukine into a sword
  2. Soul Eater Maka Funko Maka’s scythe Soul is also human 
  3. Guitly Crown Sweater – Shuma can make weapons out of people’s soul (!!)
  4. Bleach Necklace – Ichigo can wield a weapon from his soul
  5. Mirai Cosplay Glasses – Mirai can use her blood as a weapon 

If there was a theme like this, Loot Crate/Anime would probably come up with way better merchandise with this.


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