2017 Is Here! // A Year In Review


I am so glad 2016 is over, because I’m so excited for the excited new releases that are coming out in 2017! And it’s a perfect setup to start afresh. Globally, a lot of horrible things have happened, and I’m pretty sure everyone in the U.S is happy to say goodbye to 2016! 😅 capture

  • I made it to 200 followers! – I  have 260, as of right now, and I feel so blessed! I’m amazed that people actually read this blog. So thank you to everyone! I’m hoping to get more than 300 by the end of 2017!! If I do maybe I’ll do a HUGE giveaway.
  • I read only 6 books 😦 – I read only 6 books, because things have been so busy this month. My uncle came from Virginia, and our family went sight seeing all around New York! It was fun, but I missed out on reading more books than I could’ve done.
  1. A Shadow Bright and Burning – 4/5 stars. I loooooved this book so much, that I bought two copies (giveaway alert). This is so much better than the old Chosen One story.
  2. P.S I Like You – 4/5 stars. I’m swooning. X (mystery guy) and Lilly are added to my long list of OTP’s.
  3. Along For The Ride – 4/5 Stars My second Sarah Dessen book, and I’m not surprised that it turned out AWESOME!
  4. Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl – 4.5/5 stars While I didn’t write a review, I was thinking if writing a mini-review of it sooner. I’m surprised I didn’t hear of this book till now. It was so good.
  5. Wanderers – 3 /5 stars It was one of those books for me, where I had low expectations about, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. It was an ehhhh
  6. Girl of Fire and Thorns – 3/5 stars

Yearly Review 

Well I accomplished my goal of reading 177 books this year. Actually I read 178 books. For my first year of blogging, and my first year of doing this, I’m pretty proud. So here are the most important things that happened to me (book related with a few personal  facts mixed in)

  • I started this blog in April – April is when I started this blog, and I’m loving it! I had a few ups and downs (blogging slumps, hiatus etc..), but overall I think I did pretty good
  • I Got My First Arc – I was really happy when I received my first print ARC from sourcebooksfire. Although, I didn’t like one of them, I was still excited. Getting an ARC was telling me, that I’m doing something good with this blog.
  • I did about 60 reviews – I want to reach 100, or more by the end of 2016. I feel really angst when I don;t post a review in a long time, because I feel like it defeat the propose of starting this blog.
  • I made a Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram – I had a personal instagram account, but I created one just from posting pictures of books. i really don’t use it that much. But, I would be super happy if you would follow me!! I also made a tumblr, which is filled with anime, and anime edits. It also inspired to make aesthetics. I make them about books, anime and stuff… I never made a twitter before, so this was a first for me. But I met so much amazing, kind people! I totally recommend making social media accounts if you have a website.

Fave Blogs 

I met so much amazing people (like I said above), and here are some of them.


Sparkling Letters 

Clockwork Bibliophile 

Closet Readers – My book club partner!

You probably don’t know me, but I have watched you from afar like the little stalker I am.😆😅

Goals for 2k17 

  2. Reach 300 or more by the end of this year
  4. Reach 50 followers on Tumblr
  5. Post 5 days a week


So thats is for 2016! How did your year go?

5 thoughts on “2017 Is Here! // A Year In Review

  1. I am SO flattered that you mentioned me as one of your faves but whyyy haven’t we talked before?? 😂😂😂 hahaha I also started this blog this year and it’s been an AMAZING experience ever since! 😀 I bought A Shadow Bright and Burning as soon as it was released, read the first chapter and I… got bored 😂 actually I heard it was pretty mediocre so I put it on hold hehe buuut I’m definitely picking it up again sometime because one of my 2017 resolution is to read all of my unread physical copies 😛 anyway, 2016 has been great to me but let’s hope 2017 will be a better year for all of us! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I recently just found out about your blog, and after reading your post :The Secrets of Writing a Negative and Unpopular Review, and some other discussion posts as well, I started looking forward to your posts more and more. Sorry ithat, came off as “stalker-ish”, and weird. 😅😂. You should definitely try reading A Shadow Bright And Burning. Trust me, it’s gets wayyyy better. Anyway, thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahh so glad you like my discussion, that means a lot to me!! 😀 noooo it’s fine I’m kinda stalking other bloggers as well… but aren’t we all? 😂😂 hahaha I plan to soon, I’m trying to read all my unread books before buying some new ones hahaha of course, hope we could talk more in the future! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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