Along For The Ride Book Review




  • Story – So I liked the plot line in general. It followed the “One Summer” plot, which is common, but the author changed a few variables. One of them was the whole “step-mother” thing. Most authors make people hate/dislike their stepmothers, but Sarah Dessen changes it up. In this story, Auden is actually finding her step mother bearable, and her mother not so bearable… It was kind of similar to Saint Anything, but I really enjoyed that book, as well.
  • Feminism – A big message that I feel like is that you never know who you really are, because you, yourself could be full of surprises. I could write a whole essay on this, because it’s common, but subtle throughout the whole book. For instance, Auden never knew that she was a whole different person inside. Feminism also plays a great part of this book. Maggie who seems, pink, and preppy, actually likes riding bikes.
  • Romance – The romance was a kind of thing I liked, but then I disliked it too. Some parts that I liked was the weird relationship Eli, and Auden had. Then it evolved into something more, and meaningful. And that was another aspect, that was a great part of the relationship between them. Eli, meant more then “just her man” to Auden. He was a representation of a disastrous past, a changed summer, and finding who you really are inside.


  • Romance – So like I said above, the romance was great, but it really wasn’t that great. I felt like there were still some parts that needes improvement. Like, how I NEEDED MORE FLUFF BETWEEN THESE TWO! There were little moments between them, and it really wasn’t enough. I SHIP THESE TWO, okay. SHIP, But, although, I’m bummed out, I understand (like said above) ,the story wasn’t all about romance. It was also about the importance of friendship too.


Auden – I hated that she always wanted her moms attention, and I felt bad for her. Her parents are always caught up somewhere, and they don’t really look into her interests. And what kind of parenting is that? I feel like she’s lonely with no one to turn too,. I’m really happy when she actually made friends with Maggie, and reached out! She had a lot of character developmemnt, and that was the turing point. But before that,I thought she was a prick. A person, who thought she was superior because of her intelligence. But what can I say? She grew on me. When she finally changed, I liked the new Auden. Strong, social (it may seem like a small matter, but it’s not. Seriously, the girl need FRIENDS!), and humble.

Eli – ASDFGHJKL, HE SOUNDS SO PERFECT, OMG! Why do all the guys in Dessen’s book always have perfect guys in them. I’m not even lying. He was such a great supporting/boyfriend, for Auden. He played an important role in Auden’s “quest”. And he understood the importance of being a child.

Auden’s Mom – So I can’t really remember her name because A) I don’t remember irrelevant, cold-hearted people, and B) She doesn’t deserve to be in my memory.  I hated her. She was such a  She’s the type of person who thinks, that everything is going to put women down. For example :


and I was like,



AND AUDEN IS USED TO THIS! She describes this as “familiar” She just made me so enraged! And  I actually have to compliment the author on that. She shaped the characters real good.

Maggie –  Maggie was at first, Audens “enemy”, because Auden hooked up with her ex-boyfriend. But gradually, they started warming up to each other, and Maggie was a wonderful friend. Seriously, she got Auden’s back through, and through.


10/10, because anything Sarah Dessen writes is gold, and because it was actually good.


4 stars!!

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