Taking on a Challenge //#BeatTheBacklist Challenge


Today I was feeling a little inspired, and crazy enough to join the Beat The Backlist Challenge created by, novel knight. I know, crazy, but I guess it’s worth a try because A) It’s Harry Potter related, B) I really need to finish some books, and C) It’s Harry Potter related.

This challenge is basically a TBR pile challenge, in which you try to finish as much books as you can (from your tbr pile),. It runs from January 1st – December 31, 2017 So that’s  basically one year, to complete half/or all of out big pile of books!

An extra fun, mini challenge is the competition for 4 of the houses. If you join as your Hogwarts house, you’ll earn points (see below), and your house might even win the house cup. I’m joining as Slytherin (#slytherinpride), and JOIN ME ON THIS SPECIAL JOURNEY. Please, we’re on a tie with Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw is in first place! WE HAVE TO BEAT THEM!!

How To Earn Points! 


Check out my TBR shelf on goodreads! And join the challenge!


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