Notes From The Midnight Driver Book Review

547866Title: Notes From The Midnight Driver

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

Blurb: From hot new talent Jordan Sonnenblick, a “Tuesdays with Morrie” for teens.

16-year-old Alex decides to get even. His parents are separated, his father is dating his former third-grade teacher, and being 16 isn’t easy, especially when it comes to girls. Instead of revenge though, Alex ends up in trouble with the law and is ordered to do community service at a senior center where he is assigned to Solomon Lewis, a “difficult” senior with a lot of gusto, advice for Alex, and a puzzling (yet colorful) Yiddish vocabulary. Eventually, the pair learn to deal with their past and each other in ways that are humorous, entertaining, and life changing.




  • Funny, and super sweet – This is my fourth Jordan Sonnenblick, and his stories just never get old. I loved the plot-line in this story, because it was original, and funny. But those are aspects you find in every single  Sonnenblick book. The thing about this was one, was that it was really sweet, and focusing on the meanings of youth, friendship, and music. I love how everyone bonded over one cranky old man.
  • The ending – The final scene, and ending in this book maybe the worst, and the best thing about this book. It took my heart out, and beat it in too the ground, but no worries. It was melancholy, and the way the author just transitioned into it was flawless
  • Creative – WARNING SPOILER AHEAD! So, Steven, and Annette from Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie showed up, and played a major role in the story. I was kind of surprised, but happy because it spiced up the story a lot more.


  • Romance – This was the one thing I hated. I really don’t like cliche romances (unless they are really, really, really sweet). This was about two best friends falling in love. And it was sort of thrown in there. I felt like the romcance was very plastic, and could use a lot of  work.


Alex – Alex was this goofy, geeky fun character that had a lot of growth throughout the whole story. The author did a great job telling from his P.O.V. I did enjoy his humur, and creativeness., but he was also kind of boring. He reminded me of every single male, main character this author ever wrote about. The only thing that was different was his “story”.

Laurie – I loved Laurie, because she was such a great supporting character, and she was so bad ass. She was important to Alex’s development, and I was glad when she “made the move”, that kind of changed the whole course of the story.

Sol – Sol was so funny, and such a great character. That’s all I have to say.


10/10. It was so funny, sad, and beautiful



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