Struggles We Go Through as Book Bloggers Because Life Is Cruel

“Bookworms have it so easy, they just read, and talk about books all day” – fellow blogger who I will not name, because I’m nice, even though that person is not. 

Whoa, lady slow down there. You do not know  the struggle, that we (book bloggers/worms) go through because of this brick we call a book. You do not know the pain. You do not the know THE PAIN!!



The struggle with the feels.

I’m pretty sure that is so common, and I bring it up every time. But getting your guts ripped out, and being repeatedly stomped on is a big deal ‘kay?

My daily conversation with my brain on sad books

Me: Okay, this is a sad book, can you not go over-emotional on me?

Brain: lol

Me: What’s so funny?

Brain: I don’t know, maybe the fact that you’re acting like a desperate woman, or that I don’t care.

200 pages of sadness later…

Me: *sniff* *sniff* I though we wouldn’t do this

Brain: LOL, I told you I don’t care.

That’s how I also roast myself in the process.

A sad book, or just a book that gives you a major case of feels, is bound to make someone depressed. And that is not good, because if I were acting very despondent who would be here to make your day wonderful (cause let’s face it, you can’t survive without me)?


The struggle of over packed schedules.

I know it may seem surprising, but I actually have a life. *Collective gasp*. Yes, I have friends, and I don’t spend every waking moment on this blog (lol). I actually have a bust life. I have school (that diploma won’t be achieved by itself), yearbook, and in order to actually run a blog about  books, I have to read books (*more gasps*). And then I have to study.

Maintaining a blog in between is hard work. I’m lucky if I manage to get post something a week.


The struggle of writing  

This is probably because of my personality (it’s awesome, with only a few flaws), but I find it really hard to say something, or write something.

“But wait isn’t it the whole purpose of your blog, expressing how you feel towards a certain book, and to do that you must know how to write?” the world wonders.

Well worms, it is. BUT IT SO DAMN HARD.

I can’t say what’s going on in my head to the keyboard.  I have to take time, or the posts will end up saying nonsense, with a lot of Naruto references.

My typical way of writing something

Mind: *Thinks up some profound saying about a book*

Keyboard: hjagkiiwyoareauryhdsiuwotyobvtui

Mind: *concentrates* Don’t do it, don’t do it

Keyboard: qwertyuiosdfghj, m,mkm narutoisendinghelpmesomeone

Mind: *concentrates even more*

Keyboard: *types in* hello,


It took so much time just to say one word. But, at least no one can tell. IRL, I choke on my own spit, when having to talk to someone.


The struggle of reading bad books, and writing about them 

This kind of is related to the struggle above this one, but I find it extremely hard to write a review about a book, that I think deserves 2 or 1 stars. I mean, it is so hard. How do you talk bad about a book, without sounding like A) your bashing the author, and B) a ruthless bastard.  It’s even worse when you know the author is looking forward to your review.

Then all sorts, of horrid questions pop into your brain. What if the author hates me? What if the whole world hates me, because I hated that book? When is the next real episode of Naruto coming out (seriously, I’m getting tired of those fillers)?!

If this ever happens to you, calm down worm, there is a cure. No one will (hopefully) hate you, and the author will be glad for this constructive criticism (hopefully).

“Why don’t you use the same thing for yourself, Balie? The world wonders again.

Lol I don’t even know. capture

The struggle of thinking.

Thinking is already hard for me on a regular basis (just kidding, I’m the smartest person ever), and to think some new content for a blog is impossible.

“So how do you run this blog” the world wonders yet again. 

I just look at the computer screen very intently, and hope that something pops into my brain.


The Struggle of making your blog look “right”

My blog has gone though a lot of changes (and do I feel guilty? No. Maybe. I don’t know tbh) because none of the themes fit my needs. But then I wonder, does it fit other peoples needs? Do people actually find my blog… attractive? Should I change it? I DON’T KNOW! And because I’m to poor to pay for self-hosting, I have to go through days, looking for the right theme. Which is frustrating, because I’m also trying to do my math homework in between,


Well folks, now you have seen the true pain of our insecure minds.What struggles do you go through, to maintain a blog? How do you maintain a blog? And how does my blog look like, because I’M DYING TO KNOW?



7 thoughts on “Struggles We Go Through as Book Bloggers Because Life Is Cruel

  1. This is so accurate it hurts. I hate writing reviews that are even semi negative, it takes me three times as long to write them then I have this mental debate over posting it. In the end they usually sit in my draft box for a weeks.

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  2. The misconception that we can make a review in the speed of light is shared by millions of people. That’s a struggle, too: to write a book review or start reading a new book. It happens to me all the time *rofl* but these days my struggle is to find the time to write book reviews while developing the plots of my own novels. *facepalm* let me echo you: THE PAIN!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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