Book Blogging Tips That May or May Not Determine If You Are A Demigod

Helooooo people of the universe.  I have a whole stack of  homework waiting for me, and a lot of books requiring  my attention. But I don’t care, because I have a more important mission to get to.

My blog.

Nerd In New York, is soooo boring, nothing but reviews, reviews, and more reviews. And more reviews. But they have these huge time-gaps, and it irritates me. My blog views have gone down, and I’m hardly posting.

So what was I doing these past few months?

The usual. Reading books, being too lazy to write a review, reading another book, and then crying over the feels Angel Beats has caused me. Then reading Harry Potter. Then dying because the feels are coming too me.


(That was me rubbing my head against the keyboard because I was hit by the feels train)

So here are tips on how to be not like me.


Make sure your blog is easy to navigate 

Making sure your blog is easy to navigate can impact you so much. Publishers who want to give you books want to see how many reviews you put, and it will be rather frustrating to look through endless posts to find one single thing. Set up things like “Review Directory” or “Review Policy”, so publishers know how much reviews you post, and what are your specifics.

Also set up, archives listing posts from a certain month (an archive basically), so if you were to go to a specific post, from a specific month it won’t take forever.


Post fun content!  

Nobody wants review, after review, after review (basically my blog). Do some fun memes like Manga Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday (check out Closet Readers directory on memes). Or just post lists that have nothing or something to do with books. Write a full-blown rant on the American election (we’re all doomed btw). Just don’t make it soooo boring.

Or you can change the way you write reviews. If you think your review style is to serious, add a few jokes, or go with the former.

You could also have guest posts from other bloggers, or authors, or do a collab. Then take the collab further by starting a book club. Then take it further and rule the whole world!!  There are no limits, because it’s your blog.


Update regularly 

This is important because more posting, means more people are viewing your content, which means more books, which means more happiness! Do not have huge time gaps between posts, because that will mess up your mojo.

If you have homework, exams, or life is hitting you very harshly take a break. Don’t take to much of these breaks because it will discourage people from reading your content. Always leave a little warning when you are going to take a hiatus. And don’t try to make it more than 3 weeks.

If laziness gets the best of you, fight it. Fight it, like you fought those feels when you were reading Harry Potter, or books by Rick Riordan, or Cassandra Clare, or Jennifer Niven.






I cannot stress this enough. Reply back to people who comment on your posts. It will make them feel like they are being  heard, and noticed by their fellow peers. And each comment feels like a gift from the blogging heavens. I guarantee you, when you got that first comment (and maybe still do) on your post you were like people read my stuff? People care? People hear? People know? PEOPLE!

Then you faint because you feel like your senpai noticed you.



Keep your posts on the right path 

I don’t know about you, but I self-diagnosed myself with ADHD. I have a pretty short attention.My normal day is from book-blogging too OMG, I should but that book, OMG I should watch that manga, Omg- well you get it.

If this is you do not fret because you may or may not be a demigod, and because that’s how we are. It’s the way we work.

BUT, if it’s getting in the way, do not worry because THERE IS A CURE (gasp). Basically, block any other websites that you think  you might stray on.


Keep your posts on the right path pt 2 –Do not stray from what you already were going to write. If you are talking about Veronica Roths books, don’t also start talking about other stuff (like how Harry Potter destroyed your life).


I KNOW IT SEEMS SMALL! But that’s it for today because these are the opposites of what I do. Most of them anyway. Let me know if they helped, or tell me your own in the comments below!!



5 thoughts on “Book Blogging Tips That May or May Not Determine If You Are A Demigod

  1. Love this! Your blog is beautiful. (: I try to interact with all the people I follow. I sometimes feel bad when I don’t think I have nice enough comment besides “nice post!” so I don’t bother posting at all. I don’t want them to think I didn’t read it in the first place, but then I feel bad for not commenting at all. It’s like an endless cycle of guilty haha. But I agree about blogs being easy to nagivate. There are so many blogs where the URL is “” and it goes to the about me section and I’m like, “how do I find the actual blog post? Why can I only see their about me section?” I don’t even bother staying around to find the post. It’s frustrating. Great post!

    Happy Reading!

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

    Liked by 1 person

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