Still Here – Or Should I Say “Leaving This Weird Called Here”

27774481Title: Still Here

Author: Lara Vapnyar

Blurb: A profound and dazzlingly entertaining novel from the writer Louis Menand calls “Jane Austen with a Russian soul”

In her warm, absorbing and keenly observed new novel, Lara Vapnyar follows the intertwined lives of four immigrants in New York City as they grapple with love and tumult, the challenges of a new home, and the absurdities of the digital age.

Vica, Vadik, Sergey and Regina met in Russia in their school days, but remained in touch and now have very different American lives. Sergey cycles through jobs as an analyst, hoping his idea for an app will finally bring him success. His wife Vica, a medical technician struggling to keep her family afloat, hungers for a better life. Sergey’s former girlfriend Regina, once a famous translator is married to a wealthy startup owner, spends her days at home grieving over a recent loss. Sergey’s best friend Vadik, a programmer ever in search of perfection, keeps trying on different women and different neighborhoods, all while pining for the one who got away.

As Sergey develops his app—calling it “Virtual Grave,” a program to preserve a person’s online presence after death—a formidable debate begins in the group, spurring questions about the changing perception of death in the modern world and the future of our virtual selves. How do our online personas define us in our daily lives, and what will they say about us when we’re gone?



4 Russian people – Vica, Sergey, Vadik, and Regina- have been best friends since they have met in Russia, when they were 16. Now all of them are in their mid-thrities, and bearing the American Struggle. Lif is not great to Sergey, and Vica – husband and wife. Instaed, of using her medical training to the proper extent, she is working as an ultra-sound technician at a hospotal. Instead, of Sergey getting the job he really deseves (he is a genuis after all), he has no job at all. Regina is married to a rich guy named Bob. But she is starting to feel insecure. And Vadik is lost looking for the love of his life.

Pro’s of The Plot 

  • Intresting – This book made me think about the world, and people around me. To sum up this book into a cliche phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” . Like I said earlier, everyone is struggling, however, it doesn’t seem like that to the rest of their friends, and famliy. This book makes me think about how many people are masking their true self.

Problems of the Plot 

  • No Plot – The word pathetic is going to be mentioned A LOT throughout the rest of the review. This book ahd no plotline, storyline WHATSOEVER! I was waiting,and waiting, and waiting for something to happen, BUT NOTHING HAPPEN! I was just given facts about how pathetic these peoples lives are.  They weren’t even about important stuff. They were mpstly extreme cases of lvoers quarrel.
  • Lack of Interest – If there wasn’t any ploltine, you can expect bordeom from this novel. I was about to DNF this book at 55%. I really didn’t care about, what’s wrong with who’s life.


I didn’t like ANY OF THEM! 

I found all of them bratty, pathetic, and hated Vica.


8/10 that was a very decent writing style.



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