The Mini Review File #01 – The Reviews That Never Happened (But Needed To)

I am guilty for not reviewing these books since  FOREVER! And I didn’t post a full review because A) I was too lazy  B) I was reading or C) I was watching Naruto. Probably, all three of them.

The Wicked Will Rise Mini Review 


Going to give you my rating right now, 3 stars. I didn’t hate his book, but I didn’t like it either. Not as much as the first one anyway. The book started off from the last book, jumping quickly to all action. I have to admit those parts got me really excited. I was anxious, and rooting for Amy the whole time! The action scenes were a little rusty, though. They had a same design to it. The story is unpredictable, and that ending was OMG!! This book was less on the romance. But when it did, I was not happy. I don’t see Amy, and Nox’s chemistry at all. I find Nox annoying, and ignorant. I  liked Pete better. The story felt kind of rushed (just like this review), and short. Amy was a wonderful protagonist. I love her way of narrating the story. She could have a sailor mouth, but it seems to lighten up the mood. She tough, and smart, and a little soft-hearted, and so determined. I also love the setting of Oz. Aside from all the killing,and war that’s going on Oz sounds like a great place to be!  I will be reading the next book, hoping it will be better. ★★★

Everything, Everything Mini Review 

AHHHH THEM FEELS, THEM FEELS!!!! I loved this book so much. I finished it all in one 18692431sitting, because it was that good. The way this story was written, and composed of was awesome. This is not the first book I read that is written in diary, letters, notes, but it’s one of the best. The concept of this book was also great. It had everything you need for a slightly twisted contemporary book. I say twisted because it was twisted. The ending is one I would never expect! It just made me sit down, and look at the wall. I connected with the character Maddy so much. I cried with her, laughed with her, and OMG the feels are coming back. This is one of the reasons why I love reading. We get to connect with the characters, and I’m going to stop now. Anyway, the plot, and concept of the plot was amazing!!!  4 stars ★★★★




Witch Child 

6513594I want to smack myself for not reading this sooner. This has been on my TBR shelf for so long. This book had drama, fantasy, and excitement! The structure and flow were perfect. This historical fiction novel, first starts in England. This is during The Salem Witch Trials, so lots of killing. The plot had a lot of unrealistic, and puzzling events. The way we found out about Mary’s powers were unsettling. It just came out-a-nowhere. Like BAM! Here’s your powers. And why couldn’t spend more time with her mom? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS I liked Mary’s character development. She goes from a weak, shy person to a strong, confident, person. 3 stars ★★★


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