Crosstalk Book Review

crosstalk-book-coverI DNF’ed it at 70% because of everything. I was so close to finishing, but it became too much for me. This is the first DNF ARC I ever did. First off, it was a little too boring for my taste. I don’t really think that this should be shelved not as YA. After all, the main characters are adults. The pacing of this is so slow. I felt like it was going in slow motion. If it went faster, it would’ve been better. Also very   predictable.The characters wasn’t too great either. They were really under-developed. I was sure the author could do a way better job. I found the main character very annoying, and ignorant. Her love interest was way too smart for  her. And I felt like the love interest deserved more than our main character. I like the setting of the book which was placed in the future. I didn’t like the whole “love-telepathy” thing either. Although, that was pretty much the important thing in he books, I found it  stupid. My rating is a 1 star.I was sent a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

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