Half-Blood Mini Review

9680718I didn’t particularly enjoy this, but I didn’t hate it either. I was hoping that Jennifer L. Armentrout’s book made a lasting impression on me, but it just reminded me of Vampire Academy. I did not like that book. Alex was still better than Rose. Less sassy, less of a slut, and more funnier. She was the perfect main character for me. What I did not like was the romance of this book. In the book, Alex says, that Aiden hardly smiles. WRONG! Every single training session, he’s smiling or trying not to smile. The author did a bad job trying to make Aiden look like a tough guy. Even Dimitri sounded better than him. SO MUCH SIMILARITIES TO VAMPIRE ACADEMY. I would’ve liked it more if I read Vampire Academy before Half-Blood. But I didn’t #sorrynotsorry. The plot in this book was getting boring toward  the end. It didn’t really give me action, it was just how everyday Alex trains with Aiden. It gave us a lot of romance, which I strongly disliked. Aiden and Alex had horrible chemistry. I really didn’t get it. In all I give it 3 stars. Maybe, I might continue the second book, but I’m not sure. Rating: 3 stars


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