Giveaway! Win ARC’S, Posters, and More

My very first giveaway! It’s not a special day or anything, but I need to clear out my shelves for some new books!! So their are a number of giveaways happening all by me. Unfourtanently, it s U.S only. Sorry, but those shipping costs are quiet expensive!

Instagram Giveaway

So if you already didn’t know I have an instagram (@nerdinnewyork) And I’m hosting a giveaway. U.S only of course. So I’m giving away Vampire Academy book 1 + Movie Poster!

Rules are posted   here


So this is going to be different. Since, I don’t have a lot of ARC’S One winner in the U.S will be able to choose which ARC they want. They will choose one of the following:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Bela’s Letters
  2. Charlotte Aurora
  3. The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett
  4. The Assassin’s Game

Up For Trade

I’ll trade these books for more books.

  1. All Fall Down by Ally Carter
  2. Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mcourt

Of course U.S only.  Hurry and sign up!!

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