Since You’ve Been Gone Mini Book Review #yalit @morgan_m

since-youve-been-gone-9781442435018_hrHello bookies!! I’m doing another mini-review on Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. Everyone on goodreads has been saying that Morgan Matson is such a good author, so I had to try at least on book out. I tried out Since You’ve Been Gone, with my expectations set really high. And, this book was perfect! I loved this book so much. It was just a perfect summer contemporary read! Emily’s best friend Sloane is missing leaving nothing but a list, of what I like to call “dares”. Emily is determined to complete evreything on the list, hoping that it will lead back to Sloane. With the help of Frank Porter, Emily sets out on a crazy summer, on finding Sloane, finding love, and who she really is. I really didn’t have any problems with anything. Emily, and her journey was so unexpected, and crazy! It did not get boring at all ( I kind of did expect it to get boring). The story starts out slow, then sets itself too a fast pace, that I enjoyed. I kind of disliked Emily, because I felt like she was being a huge baby about Sloane being missing. But I’m really glad that she changed into a more confident character. And OMG Frank’s and Emily’s chemistry was undeniable from the start! I’m so glad Morgan Matson went down the “realistic” side, and not do the whole “love at first sight thing” with Frank and Emily, because I wouldn’t have liked it so much. It was even more interesting how Dawn and Emily met. But, the twist in the end surprised me the most! It was shocking, and quite unexpected! I give this 4 stars because it really was a great book!


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