Mini Review: The Glittering Court

Hello everyone, today I’m going to do a short mini-review on The Glittering Court. 


27272506I couldn’t help compare The Vampire Academy Series to The Glittering Court both by Richelle Mead. It’s like the same kind-of high school type. There was mean girls, drama, basically, your typical high school drama. But yet, it was so different. First of all, it’s about a countess wanting to be free from her grandma, from arranged marriages to boring men, and free from the despairng atmosphere that has been caused from going bankrupt. She boards on The Glittering Court a buisness that’s like a finishing school, and helps women from common places into the next noble wife. Of course, she hides in disguise. There she meets Cedric Diggory   I mean Thorn (I always think of Cedric from Harry Potter). And their chemistry is undeniable. I love the scene between them during The Stars of Advent, it was cute. I really liked this book, but I really didn’t like the character. I don’t think I even picked up her name during the book. It’s listed as fantasy, yet it’s not close to fantasy! 

Rating: 3 stars


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